How to get water out of charging port without ruining your phone

How to get water out of charging port without ruining your phone

Taking care of a mobile device is top of the list for most cellphone users. Whether you are an Android or an iPhone user, there is a danger that comes with your device getting water or moisture. If you accidentally drop your phone in the water, here is how to get water out of the charging port without ruining your phone.

How to get water out of charging port without rice
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Did you drop your mobile device in the water or spill water all over it? Fret not, as it is easy to learn how to get water out of your charging port. Although most smartphones have some level of water resistance, there is always a danger when charging port is wet. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get liquid out of charging port.

What do you do first if you notice water in the charging port?

Accidents happen, and falling in water is one dreaded occurrence when it comes to mobile phones. A danger is always posed when your phone gets wet, and the charging port is the most sensitive part. It also can be frustrating as you wait for hours to use your phone. If there is water in the charging port, follow these simple steps to avoid damage:

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  1. Remove the phone immediately from the water.
  2. Switch off your device.
  3. Remove any accessories such as a charger, cover and earphones.
  4. Remove the SIM card and battery.
  5. Hold your device upright so water doesn't get inside any further.

How to get water out of the charging port on Android & iPhone

Dropping your phone in water or having your charging port wet is dangerous. Here are the dos and don'ts when you find yourself in this situation.

The don'ts:

  • The first thing you should do is not panic.
  • Do not click on the Emergency Override button.
  • Do not insert sharp objects into the charging port to avoid further damage.

The dos:

  • Tap your device gently to remove excess water to further absorption.
  • Put on gloves since you will be dealing with electric cables.

Remove the moisture

The first step is to remove the moisture visible on the device. This should be done with care to avoid causing damage to the mobile device.

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How to get moisture out of the charging port

Removing moisture is important when trying to get water out of your charging port. This is mainly on the surface of the charging port and is easily visible. Here are some easy steps on how to do it:

  1. Pick a dry towel or a soft dry cloth and cover your device.
  2. Rub the cloth gently on the charging port to soak moisture
  3. Ensure you are not harsh with the rubbing, as the friction can damage the port or push water inwards.

Air dry or let the water evaporate naturally

How to get moisture out of charging port
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Most people use a high-heat hairdryer to dry off their wet phones. However, this is unsafe, as the heat can damage your mobile device, specifically charging port. Air drying is a recommended and effective way to dry your phone. You leave your phone to air dry naturally for a few hours.

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You can leave your wet iPhone or Android phone next to an open window or overnight next to a fan. It is important to keep it upright to allow water trapped inside to evaporate on its own.

Dip your phone in a bag with silica gel

If you are wondering how to get water out of iPhone or Android charging port quickly, silica gel will do the trick. Silica gel is a drying agent that absorbs moisture in the surrounding environment.

You may have seen it as it is usually put in most things such as new shoes, dresses, electronics etc. If you have a few packs at hand, you can put your device in for a few hours, and it will absorb all the moisture trapped inside.

Leave your device to dry for at least five hours before turning it back on

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Being unable to use your mobile device for a while can give you a rough day as a lot of things grind into a halt. Apple recommends drying your phone for at least five hours before turning it on. You also should not insert a charging cable or accessory before the five hours lapse. The same time can be allowed for Android users to ensure the mobile device is completely dry.

Charge with a wireless charger

If you have tried the above methods and your charging cable still doesn't work, you can use a wireless charger. Still, your phone needs to be dried before charging as this will give you inner peace that it is okay.

How to get water out of the charging port without rice

You may have heard people say that if your phone gets wet, you should immediately soak it in rice. Those who have used this method say it works, although it has not been proven scientifically. Rice is also not good at absorbing water.

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The dust and starch from the rice pose the risk of damaging sensitive components of your mobile device. The most recommended way to do this is to let the water evaporate slowly over time.

What you shouldn't do with a wet charging port

How to get water out of iPhone charging port quickly
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Wet charging is risky, and there are things you should not do when your charging port is wet. Here are the don'ts when it comes to a wet charging port:

  • Do not ignore the warning signs. Most smartphones will issue a warning message or pop-up indicating something is wrong. Do not ignore the issue and act on it immediately.
  • Do not charge your wet phone. Charging a wet phone is not only dangerous for your mobile device but for the user as well. Do not connect a wet port to the charger.
  • Do not shake your wet phone. Although you might be tempted to shake off the water from your mobile device , do not do it. This will not only not help, but it could cause further damage.
  • Do not insert any foreign objects into the phone. Things like paper towels, toothpicks or cotton swabs should not be inserted in the port. The object may damage or loosen the port.
  • Never use isopropyl alcohol to dry or clean your charging port. This is because it is mixed with water and can catch fire quickly.
  • Do not use heat driers or cat litter to dry off your charging system. This doesn't work and may cause more harm than good for the port.
  • Do not dry your phone in direct sunlight. Your mobile device may overheat, causing more damage.

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Whether you have a water-resistant smartphone or not, taking care of your mobile device is vital. The charging port is one of the risky parts of a phone to get water. If you encounter such a problem, you must act immediately. The above is a guide on how to get water out of the charging port. published an article about iPhone's pop-up blocker. Pop-ups appear online when browsing; sometimes, you may notice they are not. One reason that could lead to pop up not appearing is they could be blocked. This means you need to unblock them. This guide will give you the steps on how to turn off the pop blocker from iPhone users in the Safari browser.

You may be wondering what a pop-up blocker is. This is a software that blocks unwanted pop-ups from appearing when you are browsing. Knowing how to unblock them is essential so you can see pop-up windows that are not actually ads. Use this step-by-step procedure to unblock them.


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