50+ I’m done quotes for those who just can’t take it anymore

50+ I’m done quotes for those who just can’t take it anymore

Have you ever been through a difficult moment, and despite putting in a lot of effort to change the circumstances for the better in vain? A time comes when you have to call it quits and say you cannot do it anymore and proceed to do other better things. As you sum up that chapter, find memorable I’m done quotes to wrap it up. If you cannot think of the best quotes, you can pick any from this list.

I’m done quotes and sayings
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It is always rewarding to see your impact on certain processes in life or whenever you interact with people. However, it can be frustrating when you struggle to make things work, yet they remain the same or even deteriorate, and you have to throw in the towel. Quotes about being done can help you get over such situations and move on to find other fulfilling things.

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Memorable quotes about being done with life

Life has different phases, and each phase comes with its fair share of challenges. You might be well prepared to face anything that comes your way and overcome it, but you will not have your way in some cases. Done with life quotes come in handy whenever you feel that enough is enough.

  • I’m tired of trying to get others to see into my brain.
  • It’s sad to know I’m done. However, looking back, I’ve got a lot of great memories.
  • When a thing is done, it’s over. Don’t look back. Look forward to your next objective.
  • But I’ve got more to learn, too. I don’t feel like it's all gone or know it all.
  • I’m done with rules that are there to be rules.
  • I don’t stop when I’m tired. I only stop when it is over.
  • Once you give up, you can't do it anymore.
  • I compare my life with a good day’s work. It was done, and I am pleased with it.
  • I’m done with trying to be perfect. A perfect body belongs to somebody else, and it’s not me.
  • I’ve exhausted all my tricks. I’m tired of myself.

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Interesting I’m done trying quotes

Each new day is always an opportunity to try and accomplish your goals. If your efforts do not come to fruition, you can try repeatedly, but how long will you keep trying? Be it a depressing job, toxic relationship, or any other unsurmountable task, these being done quotes can help you put an unregretful end to your numerous attempts to make things right.

Being done quotes
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  • Sometimes it’s just done. Just walk away and move on. No ugly words. No formal goodbyes. Just no more.
  • Getting you to come with me has always been challenging, but I will no longer do it.
  • No matter how I try, you ignore my efforts, so you might as well watch as I leave you.
  • I tried my best, but I was not good enough for you, so let me tell you I am leaving.
  • I cannot be at your mercy every time. I want to take control of my own, so I’m doing it.
  • It's over, and it is the truth. I do not want to do this any longer. I am tired of being that person.
  • I am over my past. The future has plenty to offer and room for change.
  • Whenever I say it's over, I find myself trying again.
  • Even if you are done trying and still want to give your best, you cannot.

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Excellent I’m done with people quotes

Despite being nice to some people, they may never appreciate at all, and when you cannot tolerate it anymore, it is recommendable to tell them on their faces. With these excellent quotes about being done with someone, you will never miss what to say when you do not want to entertain them.

  • I’m done chasing people. I cannot beg them to stay, no expectations, no regrets.
  • I’m done living for other people and being their pleaser. I’m done thinking about what people perceive of me.
  • I will treat people exactly how they treat me from this point on. Some should be glad, while others should be scared.
  • Do not cross oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump puddles for you.
  • I give people more chances than they deserve, but once I’m done, I do not care.
  • To those who try their best to bash me, watch me ignore you with the biggest smile.
  • Prioritizing myself before other people is something I am starting to learn.
  • There are many people who don't deserve me, so I will stop reaching out to them.
  • Do not waste your time making people who have their minds fixed change their minds.

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I’m done with relationship quotes

Finding love is fantastic, but some relationships are stressful, especially if a partner does not adore another partner. Such relationships can mess up your entire life, and therefore, if you feel that you cannot handle it any longer, you can call it quits using any of these being done quotes about relationships.

I’m done trying quotes
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Deep I’m done quotes for him

Is your guy not giving you the attention you deserve? If you are done with him, any of the following quotes will serve him right.

  • When you realize that you still want me to be with you, find me because I am fed up with it.
  • I am just too tired of being the one to pursue, to be the one who finds a way to communicate.
  • I do not want to listen to any more explanations because I think I have given enough chances.
  • I’m done with you. If you want me to stay in your life, do something to make me stay.
  • You do not know me at all. I was done being the girl you thought I was before.
  • I am meant for greater things, but even that has been taken away from me.
  • For now, I am done with you. I would not want to be associated with you.

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Touching I’m done chasing quotes for her

When you have tried to make your relationship work, but it seems your girlfriend is not making it easy, the quotes below can help show her that you are done chasing her.

  • You do not have that special place in my heart like you used to.
  • I wish you knew how much I loved you, but now I have decided to stop these feelings too.
  • I have stopped chasing people around. I want to stop doing that and just be me.
  • Letting go is the best thing I did for myself. There is no reason for sadness.
  • It was not love as I thought because I was the only one giving my all, sad truth.
  • By letting you go, I am allowing myself to heal and be a happier person.

I’m done being nice quotes

How long will you keep pleasing people when they do not realize your great deeds? Use any of these quotes to cut ties with such people.

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Done chasing quotes
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  • Occasionally, I regret being nice, apologizing when I didn’t do anything wrong, and making unworthy people a priority in my life.
  • You will notice that some people aren’t worth it anymore.
  • It is enough trying to keep people in my life.
  • I am not afraid of losing someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have me.
  • Since you don’t listen when I talk, maybe you’ll listen when I walk.
  • I cannot be hurt by someone who doesn’t care anymore. I’m just done.
  • Playing nice has brought me nothing but misery, so I will stop doing that.
  • I am finished with all of you using me for something else.

Sassy I’m done quotes

Looking for sassy quotes about being done with any situation? Here are some quotes that will help you get over a situation and also encourage you to start on a better endeavour.

  • People are tired of seeing the same thing repeated. They want a qualitative change.
  • I am tired of tears and weakness.
  • The fantastic journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.
  • I’m tired of pretending. I’m not special.
  • You will not be satisfied until you are done playing this game. So I’m just working.
  • After all, make sure you are not sad and down.
  • Perfection is walking away from a situation and saying that I did everything I could do right there.
  • Sometimes the most challenging part isn’t letting go but learning to start over.

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What does it mean when someone says I’m done?

It means that the person has completed a task or has given up on doing something after trying unsuccessfully to accomplish it.

What does I’m done mean in a relationship?

In the context of a relationship, I’m done means that the party who said it does not want anything else to do with the other party. Usually, it signifies the end of commitment to the relationship.

What is an alternative way of saying I’m done?

There are numerous variations of saying I’m done. You can opt for; I’ve completed it, I got it done, it’s over, that’s it for me, or I’m out.

Whenever you are fed up with any situation, and you cannot just take it anymore, the above I’m done quotes will help you get over it and make a bold new beginning. Even though you try to make things work, a time comes when you have to wrap it up.

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