What is the spider lily's meaning? The flower's spiritual significance explained

What is the spider lily's meaning? The flower's spiritual significance explained

Spider lily, scientifically known as Lycoris radiata, is a flower native to China, Japan, Korea, and Nepal. It is called 'spider lilies' because its petals resemble spider legs. They have a unique and striking appearance. Aside from their physical beauty, several meanings are associated with the flower. Get to know various spider lily meanings and when to use them.

A bunch of spider lily flower heads on a dark background
Spider lily flowers are associated with sad memories, such as last goodbyes or the death of a loved one. Photo: Little Dinosaur (modified by author)
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Spider lily flowers have several other names, such as red magic lily, corpse flower, and equinox flower. They are unique because, aside from their aesthetic purposes, their roots offer medicinal value. They can treat illnesses such as ulcers and swellings.

Spider lily meanings

What does spider lily mean? Merriam-Webster defines it as any of several plants of the genus Nerine. According to Collins Dictionary, spider lily is;

Any plants that have lily-like flowers with narrow petals, such as those belonging to the amaryllis family, such as genera Crinium, Hymenocallis, and Lycoris.

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White spider lily meaning

White spider lily
The white spider lily is associated with purity, innocence and freshness. Photo: Digipub
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The white spider lily symbolises chastity, freshness, purity, innocence and new beginnings. They also symbolise grief or mourning, and so they are often used during burial ceremonies.

These flowers represent a positive outlook on life. So, one can use these flowers to show that they embrace life's positivity despite what is happening in their lives at that time.

If you have a friend or loved one going through a rough time, gifting them white magic lilies can help them have a positive attitude towards life.

Blue spider lily meaning

Blue is the colour of the sky. It symbolises inspiration, wisdom, stability and serenity. It is a calming colour associated with freedom, intuition and imagination. Have you ever wondered what the blue colour of magic lily flowers means? It represents truth and calm energy. It is associated with freedom, stability and inspiration.

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The blue spider lily flower is also associated with transformation, renewal and beauty; thus, many people have blue magic lily tattoos. These flowers are sometimes used in religious ceremonies and festivals.

Black spider lily meaning

Black is a colour that is associated with positive and negative things. It is linked with darkness, death, mourning and evil magic. The colour can also signify power, wealth and elegance. What does a black spider lily symbolize? It can be used to represent the death and mourning of a loved one.

It also signifies growth, resilience and beauty. That is why spider lily stems are used in tattoos; people find beauty in their simplicity.

Red spider lily meaning

A red spider lily flower head and a green background
A spider lily flower is associated with bad luck. Photo: Little Dinosaur
Source: Getty Images

Red is a powerful colour associated with deep love, desire and passion. Many people use it as a symbol of love. However, it also signifies sacrifice, anger and danger. In the world of spider lily flowers, it is associated with death, sad memories and last goodbyes. They are used during funerals to say goodbye to the departed.

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The flower also signifies abandonment, loss and longing. In many cultures, these flowers are found in graves. Therefore, it is known as "the flower of death" because it is planted around and on the grave sites. Giving someone these flowers will signify bad luck.

Red spider lily meaning in anime

It means that death is near. A red spider lily in anime shows that a character will die. The flower appears in anime films before any tragic scene, especially when a character dies or is near death.

The flower shows sorrow, parting and goodbyes. In Demon Slayer, the ending depicts a red magic lily to befit the theme of death and chaos.

Red spider lily spiritual meaning

Red spider lily on a rainy day
Red Spider Lily's spiritual meaning is associated with reincarnation. Photo: DigiPub
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In some cultures, such as the Japanese, red spider lilies are used at the graveside to guide the dead towards reincarnation, the rebirth of a soul in another body. Therefore, these flowers are significant during Japan's Ohigan festival because people believe their deceased loved one would lack a guide towards reincarnation without them.

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According to Japanese legend, these flowers were introduced by Christian missionaries. Christians believe these flowers grow in the graves of Christian martyrs and mark the roads they took on their missionary journey. Therefore, they are called 'Manjushage', meaning "The flower in heaven."

Red spider lily's meaning in love

They are also a sign of love to the departed and a strong bond between the dead and the living.

They represent the eternal promise of love and reunion in the next life. When people take red magic lily flowers to funerals, it shows love to the departed one and promises them, eternal love, despite being gone.

Spider lily meaning in love

Yellow spider lily
Close-up of beautiful yellow spider lily. Photo: Stoickt
Source: Getty Images

Which spider lily symbolises love? The golden or yellow magic lily symbolises wisdom, love and courage. It is also associated with wealth and richness. One can give one a bouquet to show gratitude and everlasting friendship.

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Are there pink spider lilies?

Yes, spider lilies can bloom in different colours, including pink. They symbolise love, beauty, passion, and pride and can also be used to wish someone success.

What do spider lilies mean in a relationship?

Yellow and pink spider lilies can symbolise love towards the other partner. So giving these flowers to your partner can be a great way to express your feelings towards them.

Can you touch a red spider lily?

The flower is toxic, so skin contact with its sap can be harmful. People with delicate skin, especially babies, can be affected.

Spider lilies bloom in different colours, such as red, black, white, and pink. Each colour symbolises a different meaning, so knowing what each colour symbolises is crucial. Knowing the various spider lily meanings will help you know which colour suits certain occasions or circumstances.

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