How is Moki Doorstep doing after the Shark Tank appearance?

How is Moki Doorstep doing after the Shark Tank appearance?

Short people are disadvantaged when reaching for items on top of their cars. For this reason, entrepreneur couple Allysa and Zachary Brown developed a unique invention called Moki Doorstep to help them. They introduced this product in the American business reality TV show Shark Tank in 2019. Did the product impress the investor, and how has it impacted lives?

Moki Doorstep Shark Tank update
Allysa and Zachary Brown are pitching Moki Doorstep in Shark Tank. Photo: Eric McCandless (modified by author)
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Couple Allysa and Zachary Brown appeared in Shark Tank in 2019 and impressed investor Daymond John with their business proposal for Moki Doorstep. Daymond bought the proposal and is currently the owner of the product, which helps short people access their vehicles’ roof racks with ease. Find out how the product has been fairing after Shark Tank.

What is Moki Doorstep?

If you are vertically challenged, you probably have encountered the challenges of accessing your vehicle’s roof rack. To reach your car’s roof rack comfortably, you can fix the product onto the hook of your car’s internal hatch and step on it. It is a metal foothold you step on to access your car’s roof.

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What happened to Moki Doorstep in Shark Tank?

Couple Allysa and Zachary loved outdoor activities and always had their outdoor gear on their car’s roof rack. Allysa, an American nurse, had difficulty accessing the gear while Zachary was away because she was short. As a result, the couple developed the product to help her easily access the car’s roof rack.

Moki Doorstep sales
American TV personality Lori Greiner (in yellow attire) tries using Moki Doorstep as Allysa and Zachary look on. Photo: Eric McCandless
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In 2019, the couple appeared in Shark Tank seeking $150 thousand in exchange for 5% ownership of their company. Even though the sharks were impressed with their proposal, they developed cold feet after hearing about the $3 million valuation and $44.95 price tag. Investor Daymond John accepted the offer and paid $3 million for full company ownership.

Why did Daymond John buy Moki Doorstep? As a vertically challenged person, Daymond thought the product would be helpful for him. Additionally, he was impressed by the licensing deals Zach and Allysa had arranged.

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How is Moki Doorstep doing after Shark Tank?

The company has been in business and has sold numerous products worldwide. The company has partnered with Rightline Gear, which retails a wide range of gear for life’s adventures. After the partnership, the product was renamed the Rightline Gear Moki Doorstep.

How much is Moki Doorstep now? The product retails between $34.95 and $44.95, depending on the retail store. It is available on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

How much is Moki Doorstep worth?

The company’s net worth is alleged to be approximately $5 million, according to Online Biz Booster. The company has experienced gradual growth since it was launched.

Moki Doorstep update from Shark Tank

The Rightline Gear Moki Doorstep was acquired by MacNeil Pride Group, a company that deals in camping and other outdoor gear products. As of August 2023, the product's annual sales range between $500,000 and $1 million.

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  1. What is Moki Doorstep? It is a product attached to a car’s door frame, and people step on it while accessing their car’s roof rack.
  2. Who invented Moki Doorstep? The product was developed by Zachary Brown, an American firefighter and paramedic.
  3. Who is Moki Doorstep’s owner? It is owned by Daymond John, who bought it for $3 million in 2019.
  4. When was Moki Doorstep introduced in Shark Tank? It was introduced by Allysa and Zach Brown in season 10 in 2019.
  5. Where is Moki Doorstep after Shark Tank? The business is still running and retails products worldwide.
  6. Which company did Moki Doorstep partner with? It partnered with Rightline Gear and renamed the product the Rightline Gear Moki Doorstep.
  7. What is Moki Doorstep’s net worth? Its net worth is estimated to be $5 million.
  8. Where can you buy Moki Doorstep? The product is available on multiple online retail stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

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Moki Doorstep is a revolutionary product that helps everyone, regardless of height, access their car’s roof rack. It was invented by firefighter Zachary Brown and was bought by investor Daymond John in Shark Tank in 2019. The company partnered with Rightline Gear and sells its products in multiple online stores. recently published what C in shoe size mean. Shoes come in different sizes, some denoted by other letters. Have you ever wondered what C means in shoe size?

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