Pastor with stolen car says it's God's blessing

Pastor with stolen car says it's God's blessing

-Titus Onwuchekwa was paraded alongside other suspected car thieves

-The pastor claimed he thought it was God's blessng

-He came from Abia state to buy another cheap car before he was nabbed

A pastor, Titus Onwuchekwa who was arrested by the police for being in possession of a stolen car claimed he thought God had brought him a blessing.

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The Punch reports that he 32 year old pastor who came from Umuahia, Abia state was paraded alongside Felix Osas who sold the vehicle to the pastor and an accomplice, Ndibe Samuel.

Pastor with stolen car says it's God's blessing
Titus Onwuchekwa Image/The Punch

The notorious car thieves reportedly sold a Mitsubishi Pajero worth about N2 million to the pastor for a mere N350,000 and the unsuspecting latter claimed he thought the give-away price was a blessing from God.

Onwuchekwa said he had come to Lagos to attend a Christian programme when he sighted the 2005 Mitsubishi Pajero in Alaba area of Ojo, Lagos and he dialled the number of the seller pasted on the car.

“He gave me the price of N500,000 but I told him that I could only afford N350,000 and after we haggled a little, he agreed to sell the car. He said he would sow the car as a seed into my life for that amount provided I pray for him regularly.

“He said he needed regular prayers and I paid him N350,000 with a promise that anytime he needed prayer, he could call me and I would always pray for him.”

He claimed he thought the cheap bargain was God’s doing and that he had even gone to give testimony of his good fortune.

A few weeks after, Osas reportedly called Onwuchekwa to come and buy a 2001 Toyota Camry for N250,000, a vehicle which under a normal circumstance, he would have sold for at least N900,000. The police were waiting to nail the pastor as they insisted that he would not have come back if he didn’t know he was buying stolen cars.

Osas said: “I don’t think he actually knew that he was buying a stolen vehicle. If he did not come back for more, the police would not have arrested him along with us. I don’t steal these vehicles myself.

“In fact, I don’t know where they came from. I got them from one of my friends, who told me to re-register them in my name. When I asked him where he got them, he confided in me that they were stolen.

“I bought the Pajero I sold to the Pastor for N300,000. I have only bought two vehicles from him before. I also bought the Camry from my friend for N300,000. It is the same one the pastor wanted to buy for N250,000.”

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Samuel on the other hand claimed he bought a car from his in-law and that he was not a dealer. The car ended up being a stolen vehicle.

“He told me that the 2001 model was fairly used and I bought it for N700,000. All the documents bear his name, so I did not suspect it might have been stolen. I am just a medicine store owner, not a criminal,” he said


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