Army Rescues 25 More Women And Children - Olukolade

Army Rescues 25 More Women And Children - Olukolade

The Nigerian military has confirmed the rescue of another group of women and children from the infamous Boko Haram hideout, Sambisa Forest.

In a Wednesday statement, Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade, the army spokesperson, said that special forces carried out a successful operation on May 5, freeing 25 women and children.

Olukolade also revealed that seven camps had been destroyed and a number of terrorists killed during the raid. He said four soldiers were injured in the course of the clash with Boko Haram fighters. However, Colonel Sani Usman said yesterday that one soldier had died and five had been wounded.

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"Seven additional terrorists camps were yesterday destroyed as more terrorists also died in the ongoing onslaught to flush them out of Sambisa forest. An additional 25 women and children were rescued in the process.

"The troops who scaled series of land mines in continuation of the assault on the forest bases of the terrorists, captured camps which include the four notorious Alafa camps as well as those in Rogo Fulani, Laraga and others used as training camps in the forest. Various weapons including Rocket Propelled Grenades, Anti-Aircraft Guns and a number of vehicles were either captured or destroyed during the operation. Four soldiers were wounded and have evacuated for treatment.

"The operations are continuing with troops demonstrating high morale and fighting spirit as they search the forests for terrorists, arms and hostages."

Based on the circulating reports the number of hostages recently rescued from Sambisa has already hit 1,000.

Many of the women were impregnated while in captivity. All the victims have a long period of rehabilitation ahead to overcome the trauma.


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