John Dumelo Finally Speaks On Yvonne Nelson

John Dumelo Finally Speaks On Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has revealed what exactly is between him and beautiful actress Yvonne Nelson.

Some weeks ago, the actor and model, who has long had tongues wagging over his closeness with Yvonne Nelson, took to his Twitter page, announcing to his fans that he was ready to take any questions from them. Although Dumelo might have assumed that most of his fans might have been asleep at the time he came on line, he was surprised to see torrents of responses that greeted his request in less a minute.

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Here are some of the questions and answers which were monitored by Nigerian Tribune:

Many people would like to know what exactly is going on between you and Yvonne Nelson. We have continued to hear that there is something more to your friendship than we know. Is it true that you share something you are not telling us?

The truth is that Yvonne and I have been good friends for a long time. Apart from the fact that we are colleagues who take our jobs seriously, we also look out for ourselves like good friends do. I think by now, you should know that we are very good friends. She has come out to deny the rumour several times, so let’s move to the next questions.

So you think things cannot work between you two like she has said?

As I said, she’s been a fantastic friend over the years and a lot of people think that we should date…like she rightly said I don’t think it will last.

Do you have a girl friend?

Yes, I have one.

Can you mention her name?

I’m dating. I will not tell you who the person is. If I mention name, trouble go come ooo.

At what age do you think you would settle down with her?

I believe there is time for everything and I am very confident that time will come when it will come. So, I can only say that I will settle down when it feels right. I am a man who likes to plan before venturing into anything, right now I am concentrating on my career, at the right time, I will settle down. I guess that’s what everybody wants to say or hear now.

Are you pressured to get married?

I think the pressure to get or not to get married comes with age. All will happen in due season. Sometimes, the thought of getting married scares me. The divorce rate these days are just crazy. What’s wrong? People marry for the wrong reasons?.

Can you ever cheat on your wife?

I am not married yet, so I can’t tell you what married men do behind their wives. All I can I say is that I am still single and I hope to get married one day to a beautiful woman and start a beautiful home together. I am still single; when I am married you can ask me this question.

You are a sex symbol, somehow. Do you engage in it often?

Hmmm as for this question…I am thinking…

You have been an actor for some time and you have remained on top of your game, what has kept you afloat?

My passion for acting keeps growing in me every day. The only thing that has been driving me till date is my passion. Secondly, I love my job and I give my all every time. When guys are sleeping, we are moving around working day in day out to make ends meet. That’s the sacrifice we have to make, so I am not complaining. I will rather say I am enjoying my job.

A sex tape was released sometime ago where you were seen making out, what do you have to say about this?

It was not real. As you can see, it was a joke. There was never anything like that. It was a joke and it remains a joke.

Do you see yourself being a movie producer or director one day?

Yes, it will happen this year.  I am very sure of that. I am already working on actualising that dream. I am sure that in no time, people will see my first produced movie. I am going to be doing a whole lot of new stuff this year, so my fans should just sit back and watch my new moves.

Can you remember how much you were paid the first time you appeared before a camera?

That has been long. I can’t really remember that right now

It will be recalled that  Ghanaians recently pleaded with award-winning actress and actor, Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo, to get married, considering their public shows of affection that have accompanied their friendship.


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