Types Of Girls, Guys Should Avoid During Valentine Period

Types Of Girls, Guys Should Avoid During Valentine Period

 Elections have been postponed, now Men and women have to be ready for valentine day in Nigeria

February 14th always is internationally recognized day of love , and boys and men all through the nation are busy searching out a present for their loved ones, instead of casting votes to choose a leader.

It is well-known that when there is a legit reason to celebrate a lovely occasion some hacks will try to diminish the occasion.

The kind of people who will screw you over, using the word love to just gain material incentives and leave you brimming with regret.

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This type of girls will leave you after the 14th, when you are there thinking she is finally in love.

Here are some characters to avoid

1. You have been wooing her since the time of Soddom and Gommorah and she has been declining but she finally agrees to date you this week, my bros abeg tear speed ooooo

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2. You jokingly called her your sweet heart but she flared up in anger and stopped chatting with you. This week, she starts up a chat with " sweetpie you just ignored me all this while"... Oga grab race ooooo

3. She called you all of a sudden and started acting like your GF and even uses your picture(s) as DP

4. She starts telling you her bf is bleeping up and she needs a time out. Bro, why must the conincident happen this period ?. Guys, carry bajaj run oooo

5. She agrees to spend val's day with you on the condition that she will not come to your house but an eatery. Guy, tear speed oooo

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6. She has been using monosyllabic replies for you and suddenly becomes a lively chatter and doesn't make use of monosyllabic words to reply anymore. This is just one of those signs that you might just be maggad

7. You have invited her over to your place several times but she wouldn't show up. Now you invited her over and she quickly obliged on the account that you will take her out on val's day. Ooooh boi, abeg tear speed oooo

8. She's a temperamental person and gets angry at slight provocation. You have provoked her in so many ways but she wouldn't just get angry.. Ooooooh boy, no be me suppose tell you say you suppose run oooo

9. You can't remembered when last she flashed you but recently, she called and ask you how you are celebrating val.. My guy, you know what to do next

By Tosyne

Saint Valentine's Day, also known as Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a holiday observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries as a day of love.

Source: Legit.ng

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