Celebrities React To Poll Shift

Celebrities React To Poll Shift

Following the postponement of the elections there has been mixed reactions from Nigerians and NET sought the opinion of showbiz stars that have been part of the electioneering process in one way or the other.

While most of them declined to comment on the issue, others like Ruggedman, Jahbless, Terry Tha Rapman (T.R), Bunmi Davies expressed their thoughts.

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Bunmi Davies (Stand Up Nigeria) ‎

Your question is from the entertainment point of view right? So here goes: Can I plan a mega show on the scale I do within a week? Do the new election dates clash with other events we have been planning for a few months now? More questions than answers but we won’t give up. We are a resilient nation. Whatever the situation, Nigeria is home and we must give our all to make things work


‎I think before the governing body could actually appoint professor Jega, they must have seen some qualities of professionalism and high standard of integrity. I believe postponing the election date is for the best. Let’s be Frank, check the statistics, less than 50% of the entire population has the PVC, look at the unrest situation in the north, don’t forget they are Nigerians too and every Nigerian citizen has the right to vote, even if we can’t make the situation perfect, am sure INEC is trying to make things better, and the extended time is needed. Moreover, election is not cool on a valentine’s day. Shout out to all my female fans. .have a happy Valentine jare!


‎I will not speak as an entertainer but as a concerned Nigerian citizen. I see the postponement of the election as another confirmation of the shabby way Nigeria is being run right now. The reason I say this is because the date for the 2015 elections was fixed years ago, why did they choose the same month particularly a week to the elections to announce a postponement? That leaves room for people to assume foul play. The Boko Haram threat has been going on for years unabated and they expect Nigerians to believe that the same insurgents that have not been defeated in years will be defeated in six weeks?

What happens if the insurgent issue is not under control after six weeks? How are we so sure that the ballot papers on ground will not be tampered with during the six weeks? Our leaders are not helping our great country get any better. God save Nigeria.

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T.R (Terry Tha Rapman)

‎Personally I am disappointed in our government. I mean, it took us four years to prepare for this and now they start pulling this a week before voting day. Something is really wrong somewhere.

It will be recalled that as the news about elections postponement broke out February 7, yesterday, many Legit.ng readers took to Facebook to express their attitude to the decision.

The commentators generally split down the middle on the issue: some supported the move, the others expressed discontent with it.

Source: Legit.ng

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