Most expensive Lego set: top 10 priciest sets and minifigures

Most expensive Lego set: top 10 priciest sets and minifigures

Since they were first released, Lego sets have continued to be iconic toys, loved and appreciated by millions of fans across the world. Some of the pieces are so iconic that they now fetch insane prices in the market. Some of these sets costing thousands of dollars are collectors’ items and are very hard to come across. What is the most expensive Lego set, and what makes it so special?

what is the most expensive Lego set
A structure made from Lego pieces. Photo:, @Alexas_Fotos
Source: UGC

As you might imagine, the most expensive Lego sets cannot be found in regular toy stores. So if you happen to come across one of these, it will probably be in the hands of a collector who has held on to it for quite a while.

What is the most expensive Lego set?

What is the most expensive Lego set ever made? Here is a rank of the ten priciest Lego sets in today’s world.

10. LECA Automobile (LEGO Inside Tour Exclusive 2005 Edition) - $2,350

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At $2,350, the LECA Automobile (LEGO Inside Tour Exclusive 2005 Edition) is the tenth most expensive Lego set today. Besides the high asking price, the set is also one of the best-looking ones out there once complete.

If you love Lego and are into cars, then this rare set is definitely among the best ones you can have. It is worth noting that the LECA Automobile is one of the rarest Lego sets. Only a few were ever produced.

9. The Legoland Train (LEGO Inside Tour 2014) - $2,750

what is the most expensive Lego set ever made
The Legoland Train set. Photo: @legoyoshi2
Source: Instagram

If your passion lies more with trains than cars in the Lego world, then the Legoland Train set would certainly interest you. The set went on sale in 2014, although only a limited number was produced. Since then, most of those who acquired the pieces have held on to them.

Besides the pieces needed for building the train, the unit also comes with seven mini-figures to make the building experience more interesting—nothing cooler than getting seven passengers to carry with your completed Legoland Train.

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8. Taj Mahal - $2,865

While it is not the most expensive one, the Taj Mahal set is the biggest in the world. With close to 6,000 pieces needed to build the structure, nothing else comes close to the massive size of this Lego set. At $2,865, the unit is the eighth-most expensive Lego toy.

Besides the significant amount one needs to get their hands on one of these pieces, one also needs unwavering dedication to building the structure from start to finish. Once complete, the majesty of the structure is enough reward for the set’s price and the required hours of work.

7. Han Solo on Tauntaun (Miniland Scale) - $3,156

A list of pricey Lego pieces would not be complete without one from the Star Wars universe. The Han Solo on Tauntaun set costs $3,156 despite not being as large or colourful as others on this list. Once complete, the structure has a man riding a mystical creature, presumably one of those from Star Wars.

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6. Grand Carousel - $3,305

The Grand Carousel sets were made in July 2009. Since the unit comes with power functions, the complete structure can swing horses and boats up and down, play music, and spin. The set has 3,263 pieces, nine mini-figures included.

Like most pieces on this list, the Grand Carousel is only suitable for people aged 16 and above. Additionally, the unit contains intricate features and details such as ornaments, making it one of the best-looking Lego structures when complete.

5. Monorail Airport Shuttle - $3,989

what is the most expensive Lego set you can buy
The Monorail Airport Shuttle set. Photo: @monorail_manfred
Source: Instagram

The Monorail Airport Shuttle was introduced in 1990 and came with nine mini-figures, a monorail track, a monorail train, two rail cars, and two-way stations. The two rail cars have driver compartments and are battery-powered. One of the cars has two passenger seats while the other has three.

Players need to construct the first station on ground level, complete with a platform and a curved roof. The second station is usually made on the upper level, accessible via a staircase. The upper station has a platform with three seats.

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Across the street, there is a phone booth, two seats, and two street lamps. There are also pieces to create trees on the island. The bundled Minifigures include a train conductor, pilot, cook, airport worker, and four passengers.

4. Piper Airplane (LEGO Inside Tour Exclusive 2012 Edition) - $4,016

This set comes with pieces to construct the plane, an airport, and even bundles in several Minifigures. The plane boasts a nice-looking white, black, and red colour scheme. Once complete, the plane looks quite slick with an 80s retro feel to it.

Only 53 Piper Airplane Lego pieces were ever made. These sets were given to attendees of the LEGO Inside Tour in 2012, making the Piper Airplanes one of the most expensive Lego sets of all time. The plane model is based on the first airplane the Lego company purchased back in 1962.

3. TMNT Antonio’s Pizza-Rama (New York Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive) - $4,276

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When Lego pieces were first made, nobody ever thought there would be a time the plastic toy pieces would be used to create items resembling food. Once complete, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Antonio’s Pizza Rama unit resembles a pizza piece, complete with the tomatoes on the top.

With this set, you can always brag about having the priciest pizza set in the world.

2. Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon - $4,530

What is the most expensive Lego set in 2021?
A Lego version of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. Photo: @itzpfote
Source: Instagram

You thought the Han Solo unit was the priciest Star Wars Lego set? Well, not exactly. At $4,530, the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon is the most expensive Lego Star Wars set. If you are unfamiliar with the Millenium Falcon, it is among the most popular starships on the franchise and was home to the likes of Chewbacca and Han Solo.

This unit has 5,174 pieces, only second to the Taj Mahal set when it comes to the number of pieces required to complete the structure. In addition, owners get mini-figures of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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1. H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans (2015 Edition) - $7,375

What is the most expensive Lego set you can buy? The answer is H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans (2015 Edition). Only 80 of these units were produced given to Lego ambassadors in 2015. Unsurprisingly, almost everyone who received a unit held on to it, making it one of the most expensive Lego sets to date.

For collectors, getting one’s hands on one of these pieces would be a dream come true. The H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans unit contains two unique pieces, one printed with the words ‘Lego Inside Tour 2015’ and the other with ‘1 MIL.’

What is the most expensive Lego Minifigure?

The most expensive Lego Minifigure is the gold reproduction of bounty hunter Boba Fett from the popular Star Wars film franchise. Only two of these mini-figures were ever produced. Each Minifigure is made of 14-carat gold and is valued at a whopping $11,495.95.

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The two Minifigures were given to two winners competitions during the San Diego Comic-Con and the Celebration V Star Wars festival. Both events took place in 2010.

What is the hardest Lego set to build?

One might think the Taj Mahal set is the hardest to build since it has the most pieces. However, the trickiest unit to build is the Bugatti Chiron 42083. The task involves putting together 3,599 pieces into a 1:8 scale of the Bugatti Chiron.

The unit includes a mini scale of the car’s W16 engine, one of the most sophisticated automobile engines in the world.

What is the most expensive Lego set in 2021?

most expensive Lego minifigure
Colourful Lego pieces. Photo:, @Alexas_Fotos
Source: UGC

What is the most expensive Lego set in the world? At $7,375, the H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans (2015 Edition) is the priciest Lego set in 2021. Besides the price, the units are also in extremely limited supply since only 80 of them exist.

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Getting your hands on the most expensive Lego set in the world is no mean feat. The piece, along with others in the top ten list, is quite rare since only a few were ever produced. Still, it is fascinating to know there is a Lego set out there that costs as much as a functional automobile.

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