A fun list of things to do in Minecraft when you are bored

A fun list of things to do in Minecraft when you are bored

Minecraft is a world-renowned sandbox videogame created by the Sweden-based Mojang Studios. The game started as one of the studio’s side projects but quickly flourished into a multi-million-dollar franchise that includes books and toys besides the game. For players who have already spent numerous hours on the game, there is always a desire to discover fun things to do in the game when bored. What are some fun things to do in Minecraft?

things to do in Minecraft survival
A scene in Minecraft Survival mode. Photo: pixabay.com, @Chickenonline
Source: UGC

A player can use a wide range of materials to create intricate, astounding worlds, gadgets, and structures in the game. The game has two modes, Creative and Survival. While in Survival mode, players seek to create defences against monsters and ghouls. In the Creative mode, the player can create anything their mind perceives.

What are the top 10 things to do in Minecraft?

Here is an amazing Minecraft to do list that every fan of the game should try.

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Fun things to do in Minecraft Survival

In Survival mode, a player battles mobs and ghouls, builds structures, collects resources and explores the world with the sole purpose of thriving and surviving. Here are five fun Minecraft survival ideas.

Make a farm

what to do in Minecraft survival
A farm in Minecraft. Photo: pixabay.com, @Dsloan79
Source: UGC

While farming is not a requirement in Minecraft, it is quite helpful to have resources in the form of crops. In the game, one can farm a wide range of crops. These include pumpkins, melons, and wheat. To create a farm, you will need to identify an adequately lit area with grass or dirt.

When making a farm in a dark area, start by crafting some torches. You will then need to create a gardening hoe and till your farmland. This is then followed by the planting of seeds and irrigation using a nearby water source. You can water plants by right-clicking while holding a bucketful of water.

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You can then fence your farm to prevent animals from destroying your crops.

Trap players and mobs with soul sand and ice

Traps are quite common in Minecraft and are widely employed to kill mobs and other players. While in Survival Mode, a player can work with others to fight mobs, explore, build, and survive.

There are numerous traps in Minecraft, including explosive traps, water traps, pitfall traps, capture traps, and lava traps. The different traps vary in complexity and material requirements. Some, such as the ice traps, are quite easy to create.

To make a soul sand and ice trap, a player needs to source soul sand from the alternate realm known as The Nether. Soul sand makes other players extremely slow. Adding a block of ice below the soul sand multiplies the effect greatly, slowing down one’s enemies even further.

Create a pyramid

Minecraft to do list
A pyramid made in Minecraft. Photo: pixabay.com, @minecraftbuildlegend
Source: UGC

You can build a pyramid on sandstone, or desert biomes and then put your beacon on top of it. If you would like to maintain an Egyptian pyramid theme on your pyramid, consider decorating its exterior with sphinxes, columns, and even pools.

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While it may sound complicated, building a pyramid is actually one of the easiest things you can do in Survival mode. To create one, make a huge square and then place progressively smaller squares on top of each other until you get to the tip of the pyramid.

Put collars on your tamed dogs

This is perhaps one of the most useless tricks in Minecraft Survival mode, but a fun one nonetheless. You can tame some wild animals; wolves can be tamed into dogs, ocelots into cats, and horses into tamed horses.

If you have tame dogs, you can put collars on them and change their colours. A player can choose from 16 possible collar colours. The change is so subtle, which probably explains why most Minecraft gamers never bother to put the collar on their tamed dogs.

Cure zombie villagers

If you are wondering what to do in Minecraft survival when bored, why not try curing zombified villagers. This is inarguably one of the fascinating things to do in Minecraft survival with friends. Zombies are inarguably some of the most annoying, troublesome foes in Minecraft.

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While they are slow in movement, their relentless pursuits can result in poisonous bites that continue affecting a player’s health even long after killing the zombies.

Villagers are typically found in settlements scattered all over the map and occasionally have goods a player can purchase. At times, villagers can become zombified. However, unlike regular zombies, these zombified villagers can be cured using potions.

A player will require a golden apple and the necessary ingredients to make a splash potion of weakness. Once a player brews the potion successfully, they will need to throw it on a zombified villager and then use the golden apple on them. In a few minutes, the villager is completely cured.

Cool things to do in Minecraft Creative

Here is a look at some amazing random things to do in Minecraft Creative mode.

Build a city

fun things to do in Minecraft
A city built in Minecraft. Photo: pixabay.com, @Egnez
Source: UGC

In Minecraft creative, you do not have to incessantly lookout for mobs and ghouls. This gives one ample time and space to explore huge projects, and what better than building an entire city? However, keep in mind that the amount of time and landscaping needed to build a city often deter players.

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To start, select an era on which the city is based, choose an appropriate texture pack, and build! Remember that creating an urban metropolis will take longer than building a town in a rural setting.

Build a library

You can create a building with stained glass, coloured carpets, wood, and numerous bookshelves to serve as your enchanting area. For more fun, use pistons to create hidden passages behind bookshelves.

Libraries are the perfect structures for placing potion brewing stands and enchanting tables. If you are not into large structures, feel free to build a small library, just big enough for your tables and stands.

Build a computer to play Minecraft in Minecraft

Yes, you can build a computer in Minecraft that allows you to play Minecraft. Fascinating, isn’t it? You can build a functional, rudimentary computer using Redstone and some additional related components. For example, objects such as the game’s magical crimson dust and some of its interactive components make it possible to build basic electrical circuits.

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Combining the electrical circuits with input devices and sensors allows the creation of numerous useful gadgets. Use the interactive blocks and Redstone circuits to build a binary computer if you have time on your hands.

With the functional computer, you can then program a 2D version of Minecraft into your Minecraft computer.

Build a treehouse

You can build a treehouse on a jungle biome in Minecraft. Alternatively, you can build your own giant tree and then build your base inside the tree. However, you will need to watch out for fires since a single fire can raze down your entire base.

Once you build tree houses, go a step further and build wooden bridges linking all your houses.

Create a perpetual water source

things to do in Minecraft creative
A water source in Minecraft. Photo: pixabay.com, @SkyeWeste
Source: UGC

When it comes to Minecraft Creative, creating an infinite water source is the epitome of practicality. All you need is a hole in the ground, a bucket, and an existing water source. The activity takes advantage of the game’s somewhat peculiar physics.

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Dig a hole measuring one block deep and three blocks long and pour water into the left, right, and middle block – in that order, and voila, you have an infinite water source! While it might sound boring, having an infinite water source actually come in quite handy for a player who wants to venture into potion-making.

If you have been playing Minecraft for quite some time, you might feel like you are out of interesting things to do when bored. However, you can choose among different things to do in Minecraft Creative and Survival modes with the above guide.

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