50+ male and female barbarian names for your new character

50+ male and female barbarian names for your new character

Dungeons And Dragons is one of the most famous role-playing games in the world. Players are required to select and name their characters. Unfortunately, selecting barbarian names for new characters can be tricky for most people. A look at some of the names you could use would be of significant help.

Barbarian names
Agnis Crownsilver, Female Wood Elf Druid (Circle of Wildfire). Photo: Dungeons & Dragons
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The barbarian level in Dungeons And Dragons is an exciting one. You get to choose a variety of characters and give them either barbarian female names or male ones.

Barbarian names

In the game, the barbarians are known for their brute strength and warrior-like skills in battle. Therefore, the barbarian tribe names you choose should reflect exactly that. Here is a list of the most common names you can identify your characters with.

Unique female barbarian names

There are various barbarian names female characters could be identified with. You can pick a female barbarian name from the suggestions below.

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  • Alessia (Latin origin) - Defender
  • Casey (American origin)- Brave in battle
  • Cassandra (Greek origin) - It means a man’s defender
  • Emersyn (American origin)- Bravery or powerful
  • Alexandria (Roman and Celtic origin)- A defender of humankind
  • Amira (Celtic origin)- An imperial
Female barbarian names
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  • Valda (Germanic origin) - It signifies a battle heroine
  • Veerle (Germanic origin) - To travel to battle
  • Audrey (Germanic)- Of noble strength
  • Maia (Maori origin)- It means a brave warrior
  • Marcella (German origin)- It denotes warlike
  • Marcheline (German origin) - This French pick means a warrior
  • Martina (Maori)- A warlike
  • Maude (Celtic) - Battle-mighty
  • Meredith (Celtic origin)- The protector of the sea
  • Carla (German origin) - A free woman
  • Lenna (German origin) - Lion’s strength
  • Louisa (German origin) - A renowned warrior
  • Zelda (Germanic) - Means a grey fighting maid
  • Lulu (Berber)- It denotes a famous warrior
  • Morgan (German origin) - A sea warrior
  • Moxie (Celtic origin) - It means boldness and strength of character
  • Myla (Berber origin) - A soldier or one who is merciful
  • Nikita (Berber origin)- An unconquered one
  • Valentina (Celtic origin)- Strong, vigorous, and powerful
  • Bathilda (German origin) - Battle
  • Clotilda (Germanic origin) - One who is famous in battles
  • Herewith (Saxon) - Strength of the army
  • Rosabella (Germanic) - A noted protector
  • Shamara (Arabian/Berber origin) - Ready for battle

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Good barbarian names for men

If you are looking for a Barbarian name for your male character, the list below will be helpful. It contains numerous human barbarian names from different origins.

  • Aloysius (Latin origin) - It means famous warrior
  • Amastan (Berber origin) - It denotes a protector
  • Attila (Central European origin) - One of the most feared ancient barbarians. He pillaged and plundered the European continent when he was at the peak of his powers.
  • Berenger (Germanic) - It means a warrior who fights with a spear
  • Boris (Slavic)- It means to fight
  • Cadell (Celtic)- Battle
  • Cahir (Celtic/Gaul) - Battle man
  • Donnacha (Celtic)- Brown-haired warrior
  • Duncan (Celtic/Gaul)- Dark warrior
  • Einar (Viking)- Bold warrior
Male barbarian names
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  • Evander (Celtic) - Strong man and bow warrior
  • Gautier (French) - Ruler of an army
  • Genseric (Germanic) - This name belonged to the Vandal's king during the fifth century CE, one of the most feared barbarian clan names.
  • Gundahar (Germanic)- Gundahar was a famous Burgundian king known for his battle skills.
  • Gunnar (Viking)- Bold warrior
  • Harold (Viking) - An army ruler
  • Hartwig (Germanic)- Courageous in battle
  • Harvard (Celtic)- An army guard
  • Ludovic (Roman and Celtic)- It means famous warrior
  • Luigi (Roman and Thracian)- Renowned warrior
  • Luther (Germanic)- Army people
  • Tanguy (French)- It denotes a warrior
  • Tew (Celtic)- A warrior God
  • Igor (Russian)- Means a warrior
  • Izemrasen (Berber) - means powerful
  • Junaid (Arabic) - It denotes a warrior
  • Kavan (Saxon)- Means battle
  • Koa (Hawaiian)- Means a warrior
  • Levent (Turkish)- It means naval soldier
  • Lothar (Germanic and Viking)- A famous army
  • Troy (Celtic) - A foot soldier’s descendant
  • Viggo (Viking) - The name implies war
  • Villard (French)- It means battle fortress
  • Walter (Germanic)- An army ruler
  • Werner (Germanic)- A protecting army
  • Werther (Germanic)- A worthy warrior
  • Marceau (French)- A little warrior
  • Marcello (Latin)- A young warrior
  • Marcus (Latin)- Warlike
  • Mordecai (Hebrew)- A follower of Marduk
  • Nikostratos (Greek/Thracian)- Army of victory
  • Ojore (South African)- It implies a warrior
  • Oscar (Celtic)- a champion warrior
  • Ptolemy (Greek/Thracian)- It means an aggressive one
  • Ragnar (Viking)- It means warrior
  • Rainer (Germanic)- The name means a wise army
  • Satriya (Indonesian)- A knight
  • Swain (Saxon)- A knight’s attendant

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D&D barbarian names that are unisexual

While playing Dungeons And Dragons, there are unisexual names you can use to identify your characters. Some Barbarian names D&D gamers could use on their characters include;

  • Armani (Latin) - It means a warrior
  • Callan (Celtic)- It denotes rock and battle
  • Casey (Celtic)- This name means brave in battle
D&D barbarian names
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  • Clancy (Celtic)- A red-haired warrior
  • Connery (Celtic)- A warrior-lord
  • Dustin (Norse)- Could mean Thor’s stone or a brave warrior
  • Harlow (Celtic)- It means army
  • Kelly (Celtic) - It implies war
  • Martia (Latin)- This name has its roots in Latin and Spanish and means “warlike.
  • Milo (Germanic)- It means merciful and soldier
  • Murphy (Celtic)- A sea warrior
  • Owen (Celtic/Gaulic)- A young warrior
  • Payton (Celtic)- It is a name that means fighting man’s estate
  • Sacha (French)- A defending warrior

These are some of the barbarian names for your male and female characters. You could identify them using any of the above-listed forms of identities.

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