50+ interesting Hawaiian last names/surnames and their meanings

50+ interesting Hawaiian last names/surnames and their meanings

Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As a result of the frequent visits to the island, numerous people have developed a liking for the culture of its native people. This would perhaps explain why Hawaiian last names have gained indescribable popularity and are being used by different people globally.

Hawaiian last names
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There is more to a name than just the meaning. Some carry memories, and others may be an expression of a wish. A name has a significant impact on the holder, and therefore, as you name your child, ensure that it sounds good and carries a better meaning.

Hawaiian last names

While today you may find first or last names of Hawaiian descent, initially, these people did not have more than one name. Most of these names were not gender-specific and were therefore used by both men and women. A look at some of them will give you insight into how they look and the meaning behind them.

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Common Hawaiian last names

Hawaiian last names
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Hawaiian names vary significantly. However, some names appear frequently. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Alama - Earth and eternity
  • Kama - Child
  • Kekoa - The warrior
  • Kahale - The house
  • Nakamura - Middle village
  • Kealoha - The love
  • Akana - Bright
  • Kalama - The torch
  • Kalua - Second one or companion
  • Ka’uhane - The soul or spirit
  • Māhoe - Twin
  • Kamaka - The eye or bud
  • Palakiko - The Hawaiian version of the English for Francis, which means one who is frank
  • Haoa - The Hawaiian form of the name Howard, which means, an exalted protector, chief or chief guardian.
  • Lui - Famous warrior
  • Manu - Bird
  • Kelekolio - The Hawaiian version of the English name Gregory, which means watchful and alert
  • Aka - Noble
  • Kapule - Prayer or magic
  • Aukai - Seafarer
  • Ōpūnui - Big-bellied
  • Lee - Plum or plum tree
  • Kāne - The God of creation
  • Alana - Awakening
  • Kalawaiʻa - Fisherman
  • Iokua - Hawaiian form of the Hebrew name Joshua, which means to deliver
  • Ikaika - Strong, powerful, or determination
  • Hekekia - Hawaiian form of the Hebrew name Hezekiah, which means Yahweh strengthens
  • Havika - Beloved
  • Akamai - Smart, clever, or wise

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Unique and cute Hawaiian surnames

Hawaiians have unique and fascinate surnames that you may be interested in. Most of these names are short and have brief meanings. Below are some of them:

  • Keahi - Fire or flames
  • Kahue - The gourd
  • Kahananui - It means “the hard job” or “the great work”, and was derived from the Hawaiian words “Ka” meaning “the”, “Hana” meaning “work”, and “Nui” meaning “big”
  • Moana - Means sea or ocean
  • Alika - The most beautiful
  • Kahele - To go
  • Akamu - The Hawaiian name for Adam, it means of the earth
  • Halia - Memorial
  • Kalili - It derived from two words “Ka” meaning “the” and “Lili” meaning “jealousy”
  • Kamealoha - The beloved one
  • Likeke - Brave and powerful
  • Kawai - The water
  • Anela - Angel
  • Mana - Spirit
  • Pualani - Royal offspring or heavenly flower
  • Keaka - God's gracious gift
  • Kealani - Clear or white heavens
  • Keawe - Could mean the southern cross or the bearer
  • Keli’i - The chief
  • Keona - Sweet fragrance
  • Konani - Bright
  • Leilani - Heavenly flower
  • Leimomi - Pearl child
  • Mahelona - The Hawaiian form of the Biblical name “Mahlon”, meaning harp or pardon
  • Mahi’ai - Farmer
  • Haukea - White snow
  • Ka’aukai - The swimmer
  • Maliah - Could rebelliousness, a sea of bitterness or beloved
  • Noelani - Heavenly mist
  • Peleke - Peaceful ruler
  • Urima - The fruits of the earth
  • Wailani - Heavenly water
  • Ka’ana’ana - The black magic
  • Inoa - V*irgin Mary
  • Kaleo - One voice
  • Kana - A Maui demigod
  • Anakoni - Worthy of praise
  • Ano - Immaculate
  • Aouli - Blue sky
  • Haku - supervisor or overseer
  • Haulani - Imperial ruler
  • Hani - Happy
  • Healani - Haze from heavens
  • Holokai - A seafaring person
  • Honi - Amicable

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Fascinating Polynesian last names

Polynesian last names
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Polynesia is defined as the islands within the Polynesian Triangle. The triangle is drawn by connecting the points of Hawaii, New Zealand, and Easter Island. A good number of Polynesian names are used across these islands.

Here is a list of some Polynesian surnames:

  • Analu - Manly
  • Luana - Enjoyment
  • Ulani - Cheeful
  • Pilialoha - Beloved
  • Pekelo - Stone
  • Nalanie - Heavens
  • Kailani - Sea and sky
  • Onaona - Sweet smell
  • Nohealani - Beauty from heaven
  • Malo - Winner
  • Malana - Calming and relaxing
  • Mahina - Moon
  • Loe - King
  • Konane - Glows like moonlight
  • Mauli - Dark-skinned
  • Makani - The wind
  • Kapono - Righteous
  • Kamea - Precious one
  • Lolani - Free like a hawk
  • Inoke - Devoted
  • Alaula - Light of dawn
  • Kapena - Captain
  • Iwalani - Heavenly Seagull
  • Elikapika - The God of my oath
  • Aloha - Greetings
  • Kawena - A rosy reflection of the sky
  • Kanoa - Free one
  • Kalei - One who works for the king
  • Keon - God is gracious
  • Aolani - Cloud from heaven

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These are some popular Hawaiian last names. You should always check the meaning to have a better understanding of what the name means.

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