30+ lovely sunshine quotes that will make your day brighter

30+ lovely sunshine quotes that will make your day brighter

Everyone loves the sun. Apart from the fact that the sun is responsible for all life on earth, there is also a certain Je ne sais quoi that sunlight emits, one that cannot be matched. Here are some sunshine quotes that will definitely brighten your day.

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Check out these awesome quotes about the sun.

Heart-warming sunshine quotes

Here are some of the most famous sun quotes guaranteed to lift your spirits:

  • Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.- Helen Keller
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  • Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine.- Charlotte Brontë - Jane Eyre
  • The sun,--the bright sun, that brings back, not light alone, but new life, and hope, and freshness to man--burst upon the crowded city in clear and radiant glory. Through costly-coloured glass and paper-mended window, through cathedral dome and rotten crevice, it shed its equal ray.- Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist
  • Think of the day alive with sunshine, not the dismal days of rain. - Robert E. Farley
  • A sunny disposition is worth more than a fortune. - Andrew Carnegie
  • A good laugh is sunshine in the house - William Makepeace Thackeray
  • Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Laughter is a sunbeam of the soul. - Thomas Mann
  • There is nothing more beautiful than a rainbow, but it takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.
  • Faith is the virtue of the storm, just as the happiness is the virtue of sunshine. - Ruth Fulton Benedict
  • To be happy, you must be your own sunshine. - C.E. Jerningham
  • May sunshine surround you each new day. And may smiles and love never be far away. - Catherine Pulsifer
  • When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine.

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  • It's the artist's business to create sunshine when the sun falls. - Romain Rolland
  • If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm. - Frank Lane
  • If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine. - Morris West
  • The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but the wide world's joy. - Henry Ward Beecher
  • A compliment is verbal sunshine. - Robert Orben
  • Inspiration comes in ordinary packages, from the glimmer of sunlight through a forest of shadows to the innocence of a child's smile. - Emilee Day, The Complete Book of Inspirational Quotations
  • I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house. -[Notebook, Oct. 10, 1842]- Nathaniel Hawthorne, The American Notebooks
  • What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.- Joseph Addison
  • Some people seemed to get all sunshine, and some all shadow…- Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
  • If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun. - A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  • A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition. - William Arthur Ward
  • It is eternity now. I am in the midst of it. It is about me and the sunshine. -Richard Jefferies
  • Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine. - Jack Ma
  • Some days you have to create your own sunshine. - Sam Sundquist

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  • To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. - David Viscott
  • Love comforteth like sunshine after rain. - William Shakespeare
  • Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
  • Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch.- Walt Whitman
  • I used to cover my windows in heavy curtains, never drawn. Now I danced in the sunlight on my hardwood floors. - Kimberly Novosel, Loved
  • Sunshine and happiness go together like fish and chips! - Catherine Pulsifer
  • Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows. - Robert Green Ingersoll
  • Don't let the shadows of yesterday spoil the sunshine of tomorrow. Live for today. - Nandina Morris
  • Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. - James M Barrie
  • Just living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. - Hans Christian Andersen
  • Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. - Anthony J. D’Angelo
  • A flower needs sunlight to grow and develop. Learning is like sunshine to us, helping us grow and develop. - Catherine Pulsifer
  • Sunshine state of mind. - Unknown
  • Get off the track of doubt and gloom, get on the sunshine track – there’s room. - Anonymous
  • Humor – The sunshine of the mind. - Bulwer-Lytton
  • Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth. - Roman Payne
  • Look forward, in the direction of sunshine. - Lailah Gifty Akita
  • A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. - Max Muller
  • Make hay while the sun shines. - Miguel de Cervantes
  • Love and work are to people what water and sunshine are to plants. - Jonathan Haidt, The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom
  • We all want to see Sunshine after Moonlight. - Jan Jansen Easy Branches
  • Friends are the sunshine of life. - John Hay
  • Even on a cloudy day, the sun is shining somewhere! - Unknown
  • Look at the sunny side of everything. - Christian D. Larson
  • Got that sunshine in my pocket. - Unknown

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  • If you dance like raindrops, there will always be sunshine. - Curtis Tyrone Jones
  • Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink. - Lilly Pulitzer
  • Bring sunshine into the place you enter. - Latika Teotia
  • Sunshine is the best medicine. - Unknown
  • Make use of the sun while it shines. - Danish Proverb

Short quotes about sunshine

Check out this list of short quotations on sunshine:

  • Don’t let anybody steal your sunshine.
  • Stay on the sunny side of life.
  • Awaken the sunshine within you. - Asad Meah
  • After rain comes sunshine.
  • Scatter sunshine all along your way.
  • Let the sun shine on your soul.
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  • Create your own sunshine.
  • Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them. - William Arthur Ward
  • Even when it’s raining, the sunshine is still there. - Clare Josa

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Goodmorning quotes on sunshine

Here are some sunlight quotes that you can use to wish someone a good morning and a great day ahead:

  • To say good morning, is a hope for a new sunshine in a cloudy winter. - Nabil Toussi
  • Sending you a day full of sunshine, a heaven filled with rainbows, and a pocket full of dreams. May the future ahead of you be as wonderful as you are. - Judith Wibberley
  • Good morning is not just a word, it’s an action and a belief to live the entire day well. Morning is the time when you set the tone for the rest of the day. Set it right! - Fain Blak
  • May the sunshine of comfort shine through the gloom of despair. - Irish Saying
  • When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. - Marcus Aurelius

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You are my sunshine quotes

Check out this list of quotes about sunlight that you can send to your significant other:

  • You are not just a good friend of mine. You are my sunshine. I think of you and all the memories we have had all this time and I wish this relationship continues as long as I breathe. Have a wonderful day.
  • You are not just a girlfriend. You are my morning sunshine. I think of you and all the fun we have had all these years and I hope this friendship continues as long as I live. Have a great day! - - Jermaine Morris
  • You are my sunshine after a heavy rain. My one medicine for every pain. The only contact I wanna ring. The only song my heart wants to sing. You are my soul mate to share things with. You are my life, and that’s true!! - Aparna Dubey
  • Whenever I’m going through a bad time during the day. All I need to do is to look up beyond the clouds and enjoy because you’re my sunshine and you give me energy I need to get through the day.
  • Sweetheart, your love is the only thing that I need to survive, just the way we cannot do away with sunshine. You are my sunshine and I will always cherish you. I love you my sunshine.
  • Ooh you’re the best friend that I ever had, I’ve been with you such a long time. You’re my sunshine and I want you to know that my feelings are true. I really love you. Oh you’re my best friend. - Queen Elizabeth I

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  • You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray you’ll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.
  • My past lover made me feel like I’ve witnessed the worst storm in my life. But as the storm passed, the sun came out. I saw you, my sun, and I found hope.
  • You brighten up my day in my darkest time, sunshine.
  • You are my very own sunshine that lights up my whole world.
  • The sun’s sunshine makes the day beautiful and bright, like how your existence makes my world seem beautiful.
  • You are the sunshine of my life, you take the clouds away and make me a rainbow every day. You’re in my heart where you’ll forever stay. I love you,sweetheart.
  • Now you are her, shining like the sun, the light in my dark even with all the stars in the universe can’t outshine my one and only sunshine.
  • You’re like the sun. You are beautiful even from afar, bright and marvelous. I know you’re out of my reach, but I will still continue to appreciate your beauty from a distance.
  • You are my sunshine, sweet blessing, drop of joy and the snuggle pad of my life. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything without you. I love you.
  • As I sit alone in the dark space of an empty room, I saw a beautiful ray of sunlight the moment you walked in. You really are amazing, my sunshine.

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  • You are my sunshine, sweet and lovely, drop of joy and the light of my life. I wouldn’t have been able to do things without you in my life.
  • You make my wrong right, like the sun shine make my dark bright you up my downside in so many ways. You bring me hope, you make my life roll.

Sunshine poems

Check out these beautiful poems:

You Fill My Soul With Sunshine - by David Harris

You fill my soul with sunshine

my heart with tender care.

You fill my world with happiness

knowing that you are always there

Every waking hour

is filled with your love

that I feel I’ve been blessed

with an angel from above

There are no words enough

to express the way I feel

knowing that this heart

will never feel no ill.

This old world may go on,

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being crazier every day.

However, I have the inner warmth of knowing

you fill my soul with sunshine each and every day.

A Whisper Of Sunshine - by Sandra Fowler

We drink the evening in a frosted glass.

Nothing about the music is profane.

Your eyes hold all emotion very quiet.

Fey Shadows stretch landscapes beyond belief.

A whisper of sunshine behind the hill

Keeps back a little winter for the soul.

Smoke from the old house writes our names in space.

Just by a breath our time is blown away.

The boat of twilight is ephemeral.

One fragile touch destroys its frail, blue sail.

The fate of longing is a memory.

Friend, flesh and blood cannot inherit dusk.

A Draught Of Sunshine - Poem by John Keats

Hence Burgundy, Claret, and Port,

Away with old Hock and madeira,

Too earthly ye are for my sport;

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There's a beverage brighter and clearer.

Instead of a piriful rummer,

My wine overbrims a whole summer;

My bowl is the sky,

And I drink at my eye,

Till I feel in the brain

A Delphian pain -

Then follow, my Caius! then follow:

On the green of the hill

We will drink our fill

Of golden sunshine,

Till our brains intertwine

With the glory and grace of Apollo!

God of the Meridian,

And of the East and West,

To thee my soul is flown,

And my body is earthward press'd. -

It is an awful mission,

A terrible division;

And leaves a gulph austere

To be fill'd with worldly fear.

Aye, when the soul is fled

To high above our head,

Affrighted do we gaze

After its airy maze,

As doth a mother wild,

When her young infant child

Is in an eagle's claws -

And is not this the cause

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Of madness? - God of Song,

Thou bearest me along

Through sights I scarce can bear:

O let me, let me share

With the hot lyre and thee,

The staid Philosophy.

Temper my lonely hours,

And let me see thy bowers

More unalarm'd!

Which of these lovely sunshine quotes did you love the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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