100+ cool water names for boys and girls to make your child unique

100+ cool water names for boys and girls to make your child unique

Since time immemorial, parents have opted for water names as they name their children. Not only are these names unique, but they also represent a certain closeness to nature. Names that mean water make for great monickers for children as they are deemed to be cool, unique, and furthermore, they represent love for mother earth.

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Have you been looking for names meaning water? Are you a new mom who still hasn't figured out other words for water that can be used as names for your baby? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in luck, as we have compiled a list of water names for girls and boys that you will definitely gain from.

Remember, even as you choose to give your baby any of these names for water, make sure you thoroughly research the origin of the name in order to avoid giving your baby a name they will come to regret later on. What names mean water or sea? Check out our compilation below.

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Cool water names for boys and girls

There are many names for water in different languages, hence the existence of myriads of aquatic names that you can give your child. Here are a bunch of awesome boy and girl names that mean water.

  • Anahita: river goddess
  • Anat/Anath: spring
  • Aqua: Latin word for water
  • Adair: shallow place in a river near oaks
  • Aphrodite: Foam
  • Aalto: wave
  • Ara: brings rain
  • Brooke: Brook
  • Bayou: a small stream
  • Beck: Stream
  • Como: stands for a lake
  • Calder: stream
  • Coral: underwater skeletal deposits that form reefs.
  • Cherith: Stream bed
  • Cordelia: daughter of the sea
  • Darya: Iranian baby name, meaning ‘sea’.
  • Douglas: Dark river
  • Delta: an area of land in which a river is divided into smaller rivers
  • Dylan: son of the sea
water names for girls

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  • Evian: the Lord is gracious
  • Ecthelion: of the water
  • Fen
  • Guadalupe: River of the wolf
  • Guinevere: White wave
  • Hali: the sea
  • Hydra: aqua
  • Indra: possessing drops of rain
  • Hlynn: waterfall
  • Hurley: sea tide
  • Imma: one who pours H20
  • Ingemar: of the sea
  • Irvette: friend of the sea
  • Irving: green river or sea friend
  • Itsas: sea
  • Jaladhi: ocean
  • Jaleh: dew
  • Jarita: an earthen water jug
  • Jeevika: H20
  • Jennifer: white wave
  • Jharna: a small brook
  • Jidlaph: he that distills H20
  • Jurmala: sea shore
  • Madison: Darryl Hannah’s character from Splash.
  • Makara: a Hindu mystical creature of H20
  • Masika: Egyptian for "born during rain."
  • Maurea: after a sea shell
  • Mazu: Chinese goddess of the sea
  • Mizu: What is the Japanese name for water? Mizu means H20 and it is of Japanese origin.
  • Moray: After the beautiful but dangerous animal of the seas.
  • Nahla: Arabic for “drink of water.”
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water names for boys

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  • Oceania: ocean
  • Pavati: Hopi for "clear water."
  • Samudra: Indonesian for ocean.
  • Sedna: Inuit goddess of the sea.
  • Slender: after a tuna species.
  • Tasi: means "ocean" in Chamorro language.

Most of these are other names for water that can be used as water names for boys and girls.

  • Ula: sea jewel
  • Umiko: Japanese for "child of the sea."
  • Varuna: the Hindu god of water and oceans.
  • Zale: Greek for "strength of the sea."
  • Eric: after Eric the Red
  • Fram: a Norwegian ship used in expeditions
  • Fraser: a yachting company
  • George: after a U.S. aircraft carrier
  • Harlequin: after the HSM Harlequin, a British Royal Navy schooner from the 1700s
  • Jacques: after the French ocean explorer Cousteau
  • Killick: small anchor
  • Lahloo: name of a clipper ship in 1800s
  • Leander: a light cruiser that served with the Royal New Zealand Navy during World War II
  • Liberty: time when sailors are allowed to go ashore
  • Magellan: Portuguese explorer
  • Mary Rose: after the ship wreck
  • Radar: used to detect other ships
  • Rudder: used to steer the ship
  • Rusty: ocean saltwater can destroy metal quite fast
  • Sonar: sound technology used to navigate ships and communicate with other ships
  • Talbot: HMS Talbot
  • Trigger: The USS Trigger was a U.S. Navy submarine
  • Kai: sea
  • Kailani: sea and sky
  • Kawthar: river in paradise
  • Kelby: place by the fountain
  • Kelda: fountain
  • Ken, Kendra, Kenn: clear H20
  • Kevse: a river in paradise
  • Kishi: beach, seashore
  • Kishiko: child of the seashore
  • Kolora: freshwater lagoon
  • Kyle: channel or strait
  • Lach: lives near aqua
  • Lag: from the sea
  • Laguna: body of H20 separated by a coral or reef
  • Lana: afloat
  • Laraine: seagull
  • Thuy: H20
  • Tishtar: angel of rain
  • Torlan: from the river bank
  • Trent: gushing H20
  • Tulia: heavy rain
  • Tyna: river
  • Vivien: the lady of the lake
  • Wade: cross the water
  • Washington: town near the water
  • Waverly: meadow of quivering aspen
  • Wiley: well-watered meadow
  • Winnifred: white wave
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Another amazing thing about water names is that most of them are unisex.

Amazing water names for dogs

water names for dogs

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You may not have a baby on the way, but if you have a dog, that makes you an instant parent. Here are some cool H20 names that you can give your furry friend.

  • Widgeon
  • Sedge
  • Surf
  • Brook
  • Canal
  • Canoe
  • Captain
  • Castaway
  • Catalina
  • Catch
  • Catfish
  • Cattail
  • Chaise
  • Marsh
  • Loon
  • Storm
  • River
  • Skeeter
  • Scout
  • Yukon
  • Hunter
  • Shasta
  • Hemp
  • Sweep
  • Trigger
  • Smoke
  • Buckshot
  • Bunny
  • Moose
  • Clover

Have you found the perfect name from this cool list of water names? Let us know which one you picked and why by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

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