Why is life so hard and how can you make it easier for yourself?

Why is life so hard and how can you make it easier for yourself?

If you have ever found yourself shedding tears, wondering, “Why is life so hard?” you are not alone. Everyone faces challenges and hardships on earth. On the flip side, living can also be amazing and wonderful. Challenges always come with some form of goodness, even if it does not feel that way at the time.

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We often walk around complaining about how complicated being alive is. As we grow up, we slowly stop asking, “Why is life so hard?” because we realize that many of the bad things that happen on earth do not actually happen to us, they are just things that happen.

Usually, it is our negative attitude or disposition that turns neutral circumstances into something full of despair and anger, confusion, and frustration. We all have the power to make it easier for ourselves.

Why is life so hard?

Life is difficult because of our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. When life is hard, we have to analyze ourselves to determine why it is so. Below are some of the reasons why you and I may feel that life is so hard.

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1. We are selfish

If you are overly selfish, you might find living a lot more difficult than people who tend to give themselves to others. This does not mean that you should let other people walk over you, but that you should consider others from time to time to take the focus away from yourself.

When you are no longer the point of attention, you realize how good being alive is, and it helps you to be grateful for what you have. Practising gratitude makes living suck a lot less.

2. We are all emotional beings

If we think that something should affect us adversely, it does. As humans, we do not always look for the silver lining when the going gets tough. Instead, we react based on emotions.

Life is not easy when we are in a reactionary mode as we tend to overspend, overeat, over-drink, and overindulge in just about anything.

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3. We center our happiness on other people

Why is my life so hard? It is hard because you have hinged your happiness on others. Happiness is not derived from other human beings; it comes from within.

No person and no amount of money is going to make you happy. You will have to find a way to break free and find the true meaning of living if you want to become happy.

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4. We often fail to realize how much effort things require

Nothing good comes easy. We must labor and toil to achieve happiness and success. Life is hard because we have to put in a lot of effort to see the overall products of our work. Success takes time, but anything is possible and achievable if we do not give up.

5. We are continually battling with criticism

Why do we make life so hard? Life is too hard when we are constantly worrying about what others will say behind our backs. We cannot have a simple and happy life if we are continually struggling with criticism from those around us.

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Shedding this skin is extremely difficult because we are only human. However, we must choose to move past the criticism.

6. We struggle with impending fears that are often overwhelming

We are all afraid of something, and this is natural for every human being. This fear often gives us stress and anxiety and bars us from achieving our goals and happiness.

To truly break free of fear, we have to accept that things are outside of our control. There is a lot of power in our thoughts, so if we think negative thoughts, we attract negative circumstances.

7. We are not as free as we think

Everyone carries an incredible amount of information that is not of their own minds, yet they have adopted it as truth in their lives.

When you evaluate how you think and feel, you might find that your free will has been compromised by a lifetime of information coming from all directions. This makes making decisions and living, in general, more difficult.

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8. People will always suck

The reality of the matter is that no matter how hard you work on yourself, there will always be another human being waiting to burst your bubble. It is difficult to find quality people worthy of good relationships.

We must always remember that we cannot control other people, but we can control how we feel and react to the circumstances that come our way.

9. Ignorance eats away happiness

Ignorance is a significant contributor to the hardships we face. Ignorant people are guaranteed to be miserable.

10. Life is unfair

Why is life so hard for some and not others? The truth is that life is unfair, and it will always be. Those at the top get all the good things while the rest scramble for the scraps.

Since we cannot choose our genetics, the country to be born in, parents, and the environment we grow up in, we must accept its unfairness.

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How to make life easier for yourself

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Does life ever get any easier? Yes, it gets easier if we choose to follow certain tips and practices to relieve us of the daily stresses we face. The bottom line is that life is not hard, but all human beings are complex. We, therefore, tend to complicate our lives.

If you are looking for the answer to why is life so hard, stop doing so now! It is time to discover how to make it simpler instead by doing the following;

1. Find out what your ideal day looks and feels like

When you find out what your ideal day looks and feels like, you determine what simple and happy living means to you. Visualizing the perfect day creates a recurring reality.

2. Define what is most important to you

How can I be happy when life is hard? You can become happy by focusing on the things and people who matter most to you.

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After identifying who and what is most important to you, you should eliminate everything else as much as you possibly can. The simplicity and efficiency of each day depend on the elimination of non-essentials.

3. Limit the tasks you do each day

It is essential to have a to-do list for each day. The focus should be on the most critical activities and cutting out the extras that complicate the day.

You are only human, so you cannot achieve everything in a single day. Limiting the activities you undertake daily ensures that you give your best to each of the tasks.

Once you have satisfactorily finished one task, move to the next.

4. Create a quiet, distraction-free environment for yourself

One of the most effective ways to get things done is by eliminating all distractions for a set time while you work. A quiet, distraction-free environment ensures that you focus on accomplishing what you have set out to do for the day.

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If it means locking your door, turning off your phone, or even disconnecting your internet connection, do it! You will be more at peace when you know that you utilized your working hours well.

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5. Say NO to unnecessary commitments

Why does life have to be so hard? It is often difficult because we refuse to put reasonable boundaries and limits in our lives as we try to please everyone else.

After determining what is most important to you, it is wise to politely decline to take part in things that do not support what is important to you. Doing this will make your days less complicated, and you will feel less overwhelmed.

6. Learn how to do one thing at a time

When we complicate things, we achieve a lot less. It is a lot easier to finish one task before picking the next.

When you do this, you will feel that you are making progress and not stagnating in your projects.

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7. Always practice gratitude

Frustration and stress often come from the way we react, not the way things are. When we adjust our attitude, both frustration and stress evaporate.

The easiest way of doing this is letting every circumstance be what it is in the moment, instead of what you think it should be. The next step is making the best of it.

It is about being thankful for what is, and then working with it instead of against it. Happiness comes when we stop complaining about our problems and start being thankful for what we have.

8. Show compassion to others

We all need the love and support of others to have simple and fulfilling lives. Being compassionate allows us to create mutually beneficial relationships with people who matter the most to us.

A compassionate person feels much better about themselves. Compassionate people value being kind more than they love being right. Peace comes from being in good terms with other people.

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9. Allow some space between everything

Over-committing is the biggest mistake most of us make against living happily. While it is tempting to fill in every waking minute of the day with tasks, it is counterproductive, and it makes you feel stressed up.

Do not overwhelm yourself. Leaving space between activities allows you to catch a breath. Take a few minutes to stretch, take a short walk, drink a glass of water, or even do some simple deep breathing exercises.

Life is simpler when we do not have constant busyness and rushing all over. Mindful contemplation, creation, and connection with people and projects will give you more peace and joy.

10. Have less stuff

We must accept that we live in a consumerist world and that we are often under the impression that more material things mean more happiness. This is not the truth.

Purchasing things that you do not need wastes money, creates unnecessary hassles, and often distracts you from the more essential things. Before buying anything, ask yourself whether it will make living simpler or not.

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11. Become organized

Clutter is one of the biggest sources of stress. Find out an organizing strategy that works for you. When you are organized, things flow more naturally and easily.

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12. Laugh off mistakes at times

If you are human, you are going to make mistakes. Instead of agonizing over the mistakes, laugh them off, and learn from them. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.

13. Communicate within set parameters

In the present-day world, we have mobile phones, email, Facebook messaging, Twitter, Skype, and many other communication means at our disposal. It is essential to be intentional about how much time we spend communicating.

Do not get suckered into the time-wasting trap of checking your messages every five minutes. Always remember that you have specific things to achieve every day.

If you waste time, you will feel overwhelmed by all the pending tasks at the end of the day.

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14. Make your meals simple

You do not have to be a gourmet chef every day. Look at the ingredients you have on hand and use your creativity to come up with a dish.

Plan ahead because this ensures that you have the right ingredients. It is always important to choose healthier food options. When you have good health, you have one less worry.

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15. Savor the simple things

Most times, it is the simple things that make the biggest difference in your day. Do not let them slip away without acknowledging them.

They can be as simple as a hug or kiss from your loved ones, a cup of coffee, or even watching the sunset. Appreciating the little things melts away stress and makes you a happier person.

16. Realize that stress often comes from within

No matter how difficult a situation may be, the way you react to it comes from within. You, therefore, have to stop yourself from stressing out over everything.

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17. Accept that change is uncomfortable

Change will always be strange and uncomfortable, but it is inevitable. Be patient, and wait for change to become the norm instead of stressing about it unnecessarily.

18. Waiting for the perfect circumstances is wasting your life

Most of us do not want to move forward until all the stars have aligned. Unfortunately, the stars will never align unless we move them ourselves.

Start working on your dreams today instead of worrying and waiting for the perfect moment.

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19. Pay attention and learn from others

There is always something new to learn from other people and different circumstances. Have a teachable spirit because every obstacle and every interaction can become your teacher.

20. Do not play the victim

Acting like the victim makes you get treated like one. Stop complaining because life is not fair. Move on from your tragedies, and do not allow them to define your future.

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21. Break bad habits

Habits are the most challenging things in the world to break. Be conscious about your daily habits, especially the negative ones.

Try your best not to continually fall back into toxic patterns, which will always try to come back into your life. The less bad habits to have, the simpler living becomes.

22. Always listen to yourself

Your inner voice is almost always right. You have a right to feel and to be conscious of what you really want. It can be easy to lose track of your true values in all the noise, so make yourself a priority.

Doing what you truly want makes you happier. Life is always easier when one is happy.

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Other quick tips and tricks to simplify your life

  • Do not try to read other people’s minds, and neither should you make other people try to read yours. Communicate your feelings and thoughts instead.
  • Be polite to everyone, but recognize that not everyone will be your friend. Spend ample time nurturing your relationships with the people who matter most to you.
  • You will not always get what you want, and this something we all must accept. We have to work with what we have instead of dreaming about that which is beyond our reach.
  • Good health is good life, so make sure that you do things that promote your health. Eat healthier meals, exercise, and remember to go for your medical and wellness checkups as recommended.
  • Ensure that you get adequate sleep every night. An exhausted mind is a stressed mind.
  • Learn to forgive and let go. People will intentionally and unintentionally hurt you, and you will hurt others as well. Get off your high horse, talk it out, hug or shake hands, and move on.
  • Do not envy others because each human being has a unique journey on earth. The only person you should compete against is yourself.
  • Get rid of things you do not use. De-clutter your wardrobe, living space, office, or any other area of your life.
  • Take it slow and celebrate all your small victories. This will help you realize that things are not as difficult as you previously imagined.

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  • Always ask for help whenever you need it. Life is hard for every human being, but we can make it easier by requesting for help and helping others.
  • Always be honest with yourself and others. You do not want to carry around the stress and guilt that comes with dishonesty.
  • Clean up after yourself, and never put it off until later. When you feel fresh and clean, you become happier and more likely to accomplish all your daily tasks.
  • Be bold enough to follow the desires of your heart. Do not waste your time fulfilling someone else’s dreams and desires. You have a special talent, so make use of it.
  • Spend time with well-intended people who are driven, smart, and like-minded. They will motivate you to work hard so that you can achieve your dreams.

Do you know that living is not as difficult as we seem to believe? If you have been asking yourself, “why is life so hard?” it is time to change your attitude and appreciate the little things. Apply the tips and tricks above make it simpler and happier.

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