Cool gnome names for your DnD character

Cool gnome names for your DnD character

Gnomes were created as a substitute for other races that were already in existence in the Dungeons and Dragons Universe. These other races are dwarves, halflings, and elves. Their peculiarity, curiosity and a penchant for tinkering make them prominent developers. With this in mind, here are a few unique gnome names for your DnD character.

Gnome names

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These creatures are skilled swindlers who do not hesitate to use their minute body structure and witty nature to con anyone. They are curious and impulsive and delight in the small joys of life. We have come up with names that will give insight into the identity of your game character.

20 interesting DnD gnome names

These gnome names DnD are musical and difficult to pronounce, but that's what makes them so perfect.

Male Gnome names

These masculine names are a good fit regardless of subrace:

  • Begnym
  • Jinzic
  • Borwass
  • Snaanbag
  • Labkost
  • Jenkkig
  • Clamdor
  • Bitty
  • Brena
  • Amorette
  • Sarug
  • Erpos
  • Nimin
  • Jorhim
  • Salmorn
  • Vorbar
  • Davdri
  • Valmin
  • Nigrim
  • Davkas
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Deep gnome names

Creatures of this subrace are serious and sour-faced. Here are some cool names you can use:

  • Kulweg Sandfoot
  • Shundell Stonybender
  • Wuttlic Garnetfoot
  • Breilli Smeltmerger
  • Wentri Agatecleaner

Female gnome names

Exciting names you can give to your female character include:

  • Tyra
  • Tawyn
  • Rena
  • Zanitina
  • Tifapine
  • Lyda
  • Satra
  • Lorifi
  • Daphiphina
  • Arila
  • Zanigani
  • Zindira
  • Qiroe
  • Tifaceli
  • Folxi
  • Grentina
  • Heshana
  • Tifamyn
  • Myna
  • Cartra
Female gnome

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Understanding your game character

Initially, these creatures were thought of as the descendants of dwarves and elves. It is common knowledge that interbreeding between these two races was forbidden. Over time, the creatures have evolved to become a crucial component of the game.

The different races in gnome DnD include the surface and deep gnomes. The surface ones are found on the exterior of the earth. Their height is a little over 3 feet while their weight is between 40-45 pounds.

These surface creatures are made up of two subraces. One is the rock gnome, which is the most common and has innate creativity and strength. They reside in tunnels in forested areas. They are the most populous in the gnome D&D world.

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The other subrace is the forest gnome. They are very timid and rarely interact with other subraces. They hide their appearance and recline into concealed spots. These spots are located in a familiar environment in the forest.

What is a deep gnome? This subrace is also known as svirfneblin. They are called deep because they are found way below the earth’s exterior. They have the best eyesight because of living in darkness.

The deep DnD gnomes live in mountainous and forested places. They dwell below the ground and only come to the surface for pure, cool air. They are skilled engineers, gem cutters, or tinkers.

Their other specialty is in doing stonework which is why they are found in mines and large caves. Their good nature is overshadowed by the harsh environment they reside in.

They do not share their secrets and treat strangers with caution. Despite being kind-hearted and faithful like the normal D&D gnome, it takes a long time to familiarize with them because it requires going past their ploys. Their tones are musical, raucous, and have Germanic roots.

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Svirfneblins do not like conflict, so they are always impartial. Their height is between 3-3.5 feet, and weight is between 80-120 pounds.

Most are usually male. The female kind is extremely rare. How long do gnomes live for? They usually can live for 350 to 500 years. Just like adults, they are expected to have settled down by age 40.

D&D gnomes are indeed an interesting race. They love life, marveling at their creations and games. Their miniature frames lessen their ability to make swift movements. However, they use it to their advantage by duping opponents who have bigger frames.

The truth is, D&D is a group storytelling game. One player can come up with a fantasy storyline but it takes a collaborative effort to play the different characters. The Dungeon Master is the most important role as it sets the pace for the entire game.

However, all the creatures are just as important. They enhance the realistic feel of the game. They contribute positively to the legend and open up a variety of storylines for players to explore. By learning about their origin and traits, players have better insight into what D&D is about.

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Now that you have the lore behind these creatures, you should choose the best gnome names for your DnD character. You are likely to enjoy your game more when you are equipped with a fitting name.

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