100+ fascinating pirate names, their meanings and origins

100+ fascinating pirate names, their meanings and origins

For decades, perhaps centuries, pirates have been associated with vagrancy, courage, and adventure. These attributes possibly explain people's fascination with these rogue seafarers. Popular films such as Fortune Island and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise are centred around pirate life. Besides their lives, pirates also tend to have very interesting names. What are some of the coolest pirate names, and where did they originate?

cool pirate names
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Are you looking for a fancy pirate name to give your child, pet or fictional character? Here are some top options to consider.

Cool pirate names

Here is a look at some fascinating pirate names.

Cool pirate names for boys

Are you fascinated by the entire world of pirates and would want a nice masculine name from it? What is a good male pirate name? Here is a look at some good pirate names for boys.

  • Nathaniel: Means' given by God.' Nathaniel North was a renowned pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy.
  • Ramsay: Old Norse for 'island.'
  • William: Old English name denoting 'a resolute protector.'
  • Cael: Old Gaelic for 'slim.'
  • Bartholomew: Hebrew for 'son of furrows.'
  • Bastian: Short for Sebastian, which is derived from the Greek word for 'venerable.'
  • Thoreau: French for 'ruler of the people.'
  • Roger: English for the crossbones and skull flag synonymous with pirate ships (it is called the Jolly Roger).
  • Alistair: An anglicized form of Alexander, denoting 'a defender of men.'
  • Caspian: The term is derived from a tribe known as Caspi that inhabited the region around the Caspian Sea.
  • Horace: Old Roman for 'time' or 'season.'
  • Drake: Old English for 'dragon' or 'snake.'
  • John: Means' graced by God' and popular with the protagonist on the world-famous novel Treasure Island.
  • Hadrian: An Old Roman name meaning 'one from Hadria.'
  • Davy: Means' beloved' and was popularized by Davy Jones Locker in films.
  • Archer: This one is of English origin and denotes a bowman.
  • Finn: Irish for 'reasonable.'
  • Ronan: Irish for 'little seal.'
  • Stede: Derived from the Barbados culture and meaning 'German Pirate.'
  • Edward: Old English for 'fortune' or 'riches.'
  • Edmund: Old English for 'riches' or 'prosperity.'
  • Thomas: Hebrew for 'twin.' The name was popularized in piracy by Thomas Tew, the famous Rhode Island pirate.
  • Theo: Short for Theodore, meaning 'God's gift' in Greek.
  • Percy: An Old English name for a person from the town of Perci.
  • Hugo: Derived from the Old Germanic word 'hug' meaning 'spirit', 'heart' or 'mind.'
  • Oscar: A derivative of an Old Norse term denoting 'God's spear.'
  • Castor: Old Greek for 'to dominate.'
  • Alek: Scottish variant of Alex meaning 'a defender of men.'
  • Tarian: Welsh for 'shield.'
  • Marquis: French or Old English for 'one who behaves like a marquis.'
  • Richard: Germanic for 'hardy,' 'brave,' or 'strong.'
  • Lorcan: This one is of Irish origin and denotes 'little fierce one.'
  • Ace: Middle English for 'highest rank' or 'excellent.'
  • Flynn: A name of Irish origin meaning 'ruby.'
  • Phineas: Derived from the Egyptian term for 'the Nubian.'
  • Emmett: Germanic for 'universal' or 'whole.'
  • Nicholas: Derived from the Greek term for 'victory of the people.'

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Funny male pirate names

funny pirate names
A pirate at sea. Photo: pixabay.com, @thommas68
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Here are some nice funny pirate names for boys.

  • Barbossa: Popularized by one of the characters in Disney's The Pirates of the Caribbean film series. It means 'with many palm trees.'
  • Fenix: Derived from the Greek word 'phoinix', meaning 'dark red.'
  • Benno: Germanic term for 'powerful' or 'bear-like.'
  • Galen: Derived from the Greek word 'galenos' that means 'calm.'
  • Kidd: Old English term for 'frisky.'
  • Fabian: An Old Roman or Latin name meaning 'bean farmer.'
  • Finlay: Gaelic for 'blond champion.'
  • Thane: Scottish for 'clan chief' or 'landholder.'
  • Raleigh: An English name meaning 'from the red or rye field.'
  • Kasper: Scandinavian for 'treasurer.'
  • Gawain: This one has Welsh and Scottish origins. It means 'white falcon.'
  • Laszlo: Hungarian for 'glorious rule.'
  • Thelonius: Old German for 'ruler of the people.'

Pirate names for girls

cool pirate names
A pirate in a hat. Photo: pixabay.com, @jackmac34
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If you are looking for a great female pirate name, here are some options to consider.

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  • Echo: Greek for 'sound.'
  • Bertha: Old Germanic for 'splendid and acclaimed.'
  • Elizabeth: Means' oath' and is associated with a fictional character from The Pirates of The Caribbean films.
  • Marissa: It can also be spelt as Merissa or Marisa and stands for 'of the sea' in Latin.
  • Evalyn: German name that stands for 'desired or wished for child.'
  • Emeraldas: Derived from a fictional character in the anime Space Pirate Captain Harlock and meaning 'precious gemstone.'
  • Aegea: Greek name meaning 'from the Aegean Sea.'
  • Azure: A term of Persian origin meaning 'semi-valuable stone.'
  • Charlotte: English name famous from one of the most famous English female pirates.
  • Apulia: Latin designation meaning 'person from Apulia.'
  • Marina: A feminine version of the Roman title Marinus. It stands for 'person of the sea.'
  • Tia: Means' joy' or 'happiness.'
  • Meredith: A derivation of the Welsh language and stands for 'protector of the sea.'
  • Gilda: Italian for ‘value’ or ‘sacrifice.’
  • Kaia: An Old Greek term that stands for 'pure.'
  • Belle: French for 'delightful.'
  • Ula: This one is Celtic for 'gem of the sea.'
  • Sadie: Means princess and is associated with a 19th-century American pirate.'
  • Rachel: It means 'ewe' in Hebrew.
  • Battista: A Latin name meaning' plunge.'
  • Valerie: Latin for 'staying strong.'
  • Calypso: Derived from one of the characters in Pirates of the Caribbean and meaning 'one who hides.'
  • Jade: Derived from the Spanish piedra de la ijada, which stands for 'stone of the flank.'
  • Nadia: This one is of French and Slavic origin and means' hope.'
  • Oceane: A derivation of the Greek name Oceanus, denoting 'god of the open sea.'
  • Morgana: The feminine variant of Morgan and stands for 'completion.'
  • Isola: Italian name meaning 'island.'
  • Mary: Renowned for a famous English pirate from the 18th century.
  • Beryl: A designation of Greek origin meaning 'precious.'
  • Freeda: A Germanic variant of Frida taken to mean 'peace.'
  • Maris: Derived from Latin and stands for 'of the sea.'
  • Flora: A name of Latin origin meaning 'bloom.'
  • Angelica: From the fictional character Angelica in Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Laverne: This one has Latin origins and means' spring.'
  • Adriel: This one has Roman origins and means 'from Hadria.'
  • Anne: Derived from the popular Black Sails film
  • Ophelia: This one has Greek origins and denotes 'help.'
  • Iona: A designation of Hebrew origin and stands for 'dove.'
  • Hally: This one has Scandinavian roots and means' authority.'
  • Vivien: Latin for 'alive.'
  • Sayyida: Moroccan title denoting 'lady' or 'mistress.'

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Funny female pirate names

pirate names for girls
A one-legged pirate. Photo: pixabay.com, @creozavr
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Here is a nice selection of funny pirate names for girls.

  • Nineve: A name from Arthurian Legend. It stands for 'lady of the lake.'
  • Blackboots: A female pirate name from the book Here Comes a Candle.
  • Arcelia: This one has Spanish origins and stands for 'money box.'
  • Umiko: A name of Japanese origin denoting a 'child of the sea.'
  • Sirene: Come from the Greek language and stands for 'mermaid' or 'enchanter.'
  • Nagisa: Japanese for 'seashore' or 'beach.'
  • Ching: A name with Chinese roots, closely associated with Ching Shih, one of the deadliest Chinese pirates of all time.
  • Teuta: This one means 'mistress of the people' in Greek.
  • Mizuko: A Japanese name meaning 'water child.'
  • Hulda: Derived from the Old Norse language and stands for 'secret' or 'hidden.'
  • Nerina: Greek for 'sea nymph.'
  • Marika: Derived from a fictional character in Bodacious Space Pirates.

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Pirates have lived in seas and oceans in different parts of the world for centuries. The somewhat rogue profession has given rise to characters whose names live on years after their demise. If you are looking to name a child or fictional character, feel free to choose from the pirate names in the above list.

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