How to write a maternity leave application? (with samples)

How to write a maternity leave application? (with samples)

Ladies, do you know how to write a maternity leave application? If you are pregnant and are getting ready for childbirth — the first thing you need is to do is to write a request letter. What format should you follow? Our detailed instructions for writing such a letter with samples will help you to do it properly.

How to write a maternity leave application?
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The chances of a young female employee to go on the maternity leave in the nearest future are estimated by many employers at the interviewing stage when applying for a job. But at the workflow, this issue can become a stumbling block. The woman’s right to be a mother is not always realised freely by her employer.

As a rule, working women worry about how to give birth and raise a child most profitable and convenient for their professional activities.

In Nigeria, the maternity leave lasts four months. A future mother is interested in the longest possible vacation with extremely rare memories of her work duties. On the other hand, an employer often has the opposite point of view. Each company wants a responsible and executive employee who always remains in touch and does the maximum of the assigned duties. The compromise is to find the ‘golden mean’ which is convenient for the woman and suitable for her manager.

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Why is the break in the job process needed? With all the love for her baby, a woman can attend the idea to cope with pregnancy without leaving her job for a long time. But, as a rule, she is mistaken. At the beginning of her pregnancy as well as on the eve of the childbirth it is difficult to assume the course of pregnancy, newborn temper, and health.

The purpose of this break is the prevention of pregnancy and childbirth complications and further newborn care. Its use is a voluntary female right. In this case, the woman’s application is required to start the procedure for the leave issuing.

Maternity leave application

The law does not establish the application form. The maternity leave application format is free. It can be written by hand or made with a computer at the woman’s discretion. Its filling is determined by the requirements for its providing and general paperwork rules.

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Maternity leave application writing
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A simple maternity leave application is addressed to an employer’s top manager, or other officials authorised to consider the letter.

Application for maternity leave step-by-step

  1. Write your full name, position, and data including the address and contacts.
  2. Indicate the date of the letter.
  3. Specify the full name and position of your boss with the company name and its address.
  4. Name the subject: ‘Request for maternity leave.’
  5. Use the formal salutation.
  6. Write the opening paragraph. Express your intention to move on maternity leave. Indicate its terms, dates of leaving and returning to work.
  7. In the main paragraph, reassure your employer in completing all your tasks before the break in your job. Specify who will keep your duties while you are away.
  8. In conclusion, provide with your contact details for the emergency contact with you and indicate the attached medical documents.
  9. Write that you are happy to work in the company and appreciate your job. Thank your employer for understanding.
  10. Write your name and sign the letter.

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Writing tips for maternity leave letter format employee

  • Be sure to underline that you want the return to the company with your position;
  • Specify the maximum terms of maternity leave (if everything is OK, you can always move to your job earlier);
  • Do not delay the date for submitting the letter to your boss (make the application in the middle of pregnancy);
  • Be sure to attach the medical details confirming your pregnancy and gestational age.
Maternity leave application in process
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The maternity leave application letter for office can be written both in the letter and email format. It is not difficult to write it using a sample.

The list of the maternity leave letter samples:

A correctly drafted and timely submitted maternity leave application helps to comply with all the formalities when applying for a leave.

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