Premier League Table 2019

Premier League Table 2019

The English Premier League is the hottest league in the world! Something exciting is always happening there. Currently, Manchester City and Liverpool are tied on top of the table, with Spurs tagging just behind them. There is also a hot battle for Champions League spots between such giants as Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea. Check out the latest view of Premier League Table 2019, after the match week 26!

Premier League Table 2019
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All the English football fans are rooting for their team to be on top of EPL table because winning the championship or at least ending up among top-5 best teams is very prestigious.

England Premier League table 2019

Here you can check out the latest Premier League table after the teams have finished playing their games for match week 26. It was the round full of passion and unexpected results. You can learn about how every team finished their games this weekend, who won, who lost, and which games ended with a draw.

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Fulham vs. Manchester United – 0:3

This match was full of bright moments for the team from Manchester, while also being a downfall for the Fulham footballers. It was the tenth victory for United and the tenth victory in eleven matches for Ole Gunnar Solksjaer. Only a few weeks ago, Manchester United could not even dream of topping Chelsea in the Premiership table, but now, thanks to their latest victories, they are fourth – one point ahead of the London team. The men of the match were Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba, who carried Manchester on their shoulders and delivered an incredible performance. Now, the footballers from United have got no time to rest – they have to prepare for their journey in the Champions League.

Fulham made attempts to dominate the game at the beginning, but their opponents quickly pressured them. Now, they are 19th in the table and are unfortunately in the risk zone. The fans booed Fulham players away when they left the pitch.

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Huddersfield Town vs. Arsenal – 1:2

It was a crucial game for Arsenal since the victory would help them to secure their place in the top four and become closer to their dream of finishing among the best. The players, motivated by the coach Unai Emery, were looking dangerous for most of the game. The goals of Alex Iwobi (16th minute) and Alexandre Lacazette (44th minute) have secured the victory for the red-white team. The return of Henrikh Mkhitaryan after seven weeks also looked very promising, and the player did his best on the pitch. At the end of the game, the midfielder of Arsenal Sead Kolasinac accidentally scored the own goal, making it one for Huddersfield. Still, this gift from Arsenal could not inspire their rival team to score one more, and the game ended with Arsenal’s victory.

Premier League Table 2019 - Arsenal FC
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Watford vs. Everton – 1:0

There were only one goal and one red card in this game, earned by Kurt Zouma for complaining about the corner that led to the fatal goal for his team. The interesting thing about the match was that Marco Silva, the manager of Everton, previously worked as the Watford manager for the short time before he got sacked. Unfortunately for the coach, he was beaten by his former team, and the goal scorer for the only goal in the game was one of his Watford signings – the footballer Andre Gray. This goal was the only chance that Watford had in the second half of the game, and Everton failed to use their chances to score. Still, the Everton footballers have spoken in support of their manager, saying that they will have to try harder and win the upcoming games. In EPL current table, Watford and Everton are close – Watford is only ahead by four points, and they are in 8th and 9th positions respectively.

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Southampton vs. Cardiff City – 1:2

Both teams are at the bottom of the table, in a dangerous zone that puts them close to relegation. However, this victory was significant for the Cardiff team, who have recently dealt with the unfortunate passing of their newly-signed player, Emiliano Sala. The boss of Cardiff, Neil Warnock, has dedicated the win to the late footballer to commemorate him and mentioned that the players are still dealing with this tragedy, so it is difficult for them to focus on football. This win was Cardiff’s second away win, and it has moved them in the table up to 17th place. Southampton remains 18th, and are only one point away from Cardiff, so they still have a chance to leave the relegation zone.

The game had a truly dramatic ending when, after Sol Bamba’s 66th-minute goal, Southampton’s Jack Stephens equalized when the additional time has already started. However, only two minutes later the substitute of Cardiff City, Kenneth Zohore, snatched the victory for his team. It was a very emotional game in every possible way.

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Crystal Palace vs. West Ham United – 1:1

This game ended with a peaceful result – both teams scored one goal each. West Ham took the lead first when Mark Noble scored the penalty for his team and made the score 1:0. It looked like West Ham is heading towards the victory, but Crystal Palace did not give it up to their opponents so easily. They missed some perfect chances, but eventually, they had their chance to shine. The player Wilfried Zaha, whose participation in the game was questionable until the last second due to his FA ban, was allowed to play after all, and he became the one who saved Crystal Palace from losing the match. He scored the equalizer in the 76th minute of the game.

The current position of West Ham in the table is 10th, while Crystal Palace is 13th. Both teams are solid mid-table competitors, but they still should not relax too much, because West Ham is nine points away from the relegation zone, and Crystal Palace is only three points away from it.

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Liverpool vs. Bournemouth – 3:0

The match between one of the leaders of the EPL table, Liverpool FC, and AFC Bournemouth was quite intriguing from the start. Since the native stadium of Liverpool, Anfield, is widely known for loud and supportive fans, they did not let down their favourite team once again. And the players that they put so much trust in delivered the fantastic performance by beating their opponents with a three-goal difference. Liverpool had two draws before this game, and the fans were hoping that their beloved players will be back on track.

The goals were scored by Sadio Mane (24th minute), Georginio Wijnaldum (34th minute) and Mohamed Salah (48th minute). Currently, Jurgen Klopp’s team is proudly holding the 2nd place, tied with Manchester City by the number of points, but lacking in goal difference. AFC Bournemouth is 11th, with hopes to earn more points and get closer to the first ten than the second.

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Premier League Table 2019 - Liverpool FC
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Brighton vs. Burnley – 1:3

By winning over Brighton, the Burnley team has gained very valuable three points, which secured the exit from the relegation zone. The team’s striker has scored two goals in one game, one in the first half and one in the second. After that, the lead of Burnley was solidified by Ashley Barnes, who scored a penalty. Two minutes later, Brighton fired back with a goal by Shane Duffy, and the fans looked forward to the possible comeback, but it was not so easy to score two goals against the inspired Burnley, so the ending result remained 1:3.

This game, however, did not mean that Burnley managed to overcome Brighton in the table. The teams have 27 points each, but Brighton has a better goal difference, so they are 14th and Burnley is 15th.

Tottenham vs. Leicester City – 3:1

The Spurs are currently doing incredibly well in the tournament, being 3rd in the table with only five points behind the leaders: Manchester City and Liverpool. In their game against Leicester City, they once again showed their resilience and scored three goals. The team from Leicester was in high spirits before the game, but it did not help them against the highly motivated Tottenham. The first goal was scored in the first half by Davinson Sanchez. Leicester tried to equalize the score when they got the opportunity for a penalty kick, but unfortunately for them, the striker Jamie Vardy missed it. Later, Christian Eriksen scored the second goal for Tottenham, and Jamie Vardy made up for his missed penalty by scoring one for Leicester. But it did not help the team to end the game with a good result for them – in the last additional minutes, Son Heung-min scored the third goal for Tottenham and secured their victory. Leicester is currently 12th in the EPL table, not far behind Everton, West Ham, and AFC Bournemouth.

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Manchester City vs. Chelsea – 6:0

It was probably the most thrilling game of the match week – at least for people who are not Chelsea fans. Pep Guardiola’s team showed no mercy to Maurizio Sarri’s side as they beat them by six goals, without a chance for them to strike back. The nightmare for Chelsea started when Raheem Sterling scored a quick goal in 4th minute of the game. Later, Sergio Aguero managed to score a hat-trick, including one successful penalty kick. Ilkay Gundogan also realized his chance to score a goal in 25th minute. The beating of Chelsea ended with Raheem Sterling scoring once again towards the end of the match. So, this game was prominent for Manchester City players because one of them scored a hat-trick, another managed a double, and yet another went away with one good goal.

Of course, this match was a shock for Chelsea, who are now in the 6th place of the EPL table. As for Manchester City, they are leading the table with 65 points, but Liverpool is very close and shares the same amount of points with them (with one less game), so if they want to keep leading, they need to win more games.

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Wolverhampton vs. Newcastle United – 1:1

It was the last match of this week, and also the last one before the break. Newcastle United, who were looking forward to the valuable victory to get further from the relegation zone, had let it go when the team from Wolverhampton scored an equalizer at the very end of additional time. Isaac Hayden, the Newcastle player, scored a goal in 56th minute of the game, and for the rest of the second half, the perspectives looked bright for his team. However, out of a sudden, when Newcastle was already almost celebrating their victory, Wolverhampton's player Willy Boly scored a header in fifth compensated minute to make the result 1:1 and turning the tables.

Both teams have gained one point each, and currently, Wolverhampton's position looks better in the table than Newcastle's. Wolves are in the 7th place, even though they need to work hard to move closer to the top six because they are 11 points behind the 6th placer – Chelsea. Newcastle, on the other hand, is only one point away from the relegation zone – they are 16th and tied with 17th placer Cardiff City by the number of points.

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Premier League Table 2019 - Manchester City
Image:, @mancity
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EPL current table as of 12.02.2019:

  1. Manchester City – 65 points (goal difference 54)
  2. Liverpool – 65 points (goal difference 44)
  3. Tottenham Hotspur – 60 points
  4. Manchester United – 51 points
  5. Arsenal – 50 points (goal difference 50, 53 scored goals)
  6. Chelsea – 50 points (goal difference 50, 45 scored goals)
  7. Wolverhampton Wanderers – 39 points
  8. Watford – 37 points
  9. Everton – 33 points (goal difference -3)
  10. West Ham United – 33 points (goal difference -7)
  11. Bournemouth – 33 points (goal difference -10)
  12. Leicester City – 32 points
  13. Crystal Palace – 27 points (goal difference -7)
  14. Brighton and Hove Albion – 27 points (goal difference -11)
  15. Burnley – 27 points (goal difference -18)
  16. Newcastle United – 25 points (goal difference -12)
  17. Cardiff City – 25 points (goal difference -23)
  18. Southampton – 24 points
  19. Fulham – 17 points
  20. Huddersfield Town – 11 points

The next fixtures will start on Friday, February 22nd. The teams are getting a break to refresh, spend time with their families and get back in shape, but they will return in ten days time. Watch out for the latest EPL news and support your favourite team!

Fixtures for match week 27:

  • West Ham vs. Fulham
  • Cardiff City vs. Watford
  • Burnley vs. Tottenham
  • Bournemouth vs. Wolverhampton
  • Newcastle United vs. Huddersfield Town
  • Leicester City vs. Crystal Palace
  • Chelsea vs. Brighton (postponed, the time is unknown)
  • Arsenal vs. Southampton
  • Manchester United vs. Liverpool

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