What are the duties of the Nigerian Navy

What are the duties of the Nigerian Navy

It is always fun to learn something new about our country. What are the duties of the Nigerian Navy? Have you ever thought about this part of our Armed Forces? We wish to talk about the work of the Navy, its main functions, and how you can join it.

What are the duties of the Nigerian Navy

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Nigerian Navy (NN)

What is NN about? NN are two letters that stand for the Nigerian Navy. It’s a part of the Nigerian Armed Forces that are responsible for the protection of Nigeria and the country’s borders.

Eligible Nigerians can join Nigerian Navy since the 1900s. The military organization existed long before that year and was known as Nigerian Marine, but since the mid 20th century it was renamed and reformed into the national marine organization. NN name was given by the Parliament Act of 1964.

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Functions of the Nigerian Navy

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Functions of the Nigerian Navy

The organization created in the 1960s continued to perform the same functions as its predecessor and kept to administer harbours and ports, dredge the buoyage and channels, operate ferries, make sure the navigation is safe, etc.

Nigerian Navy officers also have to train new personnel, develop the infrastructure for future Navy development, etc.

There are basic training courses for those Nigerians who wish to join Nigerian Navy and find a good paying job, stay responsible for the country’s safety and future of the next generations.

What is the work of Navy all about?

What are the duties of the Nigerian Navy today? Well, just as we have mentioned above, the organization continues to perform all the duties with navigation, administration, and operation, and it also helps with enforcement of all the country’s Customs laws as well as with performing all the important hydrographic surveys.

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The tasks, duties, and functions of the Nigerian Navy are described in the official documents. We are talking about the 1964 Act. It explains everything the Navy has to do, including the training of new officers in naval duties.

Here is a list of its most interesting peacetime and wartime duties:

  • To maintain the country’s laws within territorial and internal waters as well as EEZ (this abbreviation stands for the Exclusive Economic Zone).
  • To defend Nigerians from possible enemies in the waters.
  • To perform the military role as noted in the Act of 1964.
  • To negotiate from the position of strength when necessary.
  • To play its diplomatic and policing roles when needed.
  • To train a new generation who wishes to join the Nigerian Navy.
  • To perform all the duties and functions defined by the Constitution.
How to join the Nigerian Navy

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How to join Nigerian Navy?

Officers retire from the Navy every year, and thus it becomes possible for newbies to join this organization through regular recruitment and DSSC.

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If you wish to take the first option, you’ll need to make sure your O’Level exams are at a good level, you have the required certificate and passed the training courses.

If you choose the DSSC option which stands for the Direct Short Service Commissions, you’ll have to be the holder of HND or have special Degree as set by the organization requirements.

Just remember that everything is possible. If you have a dream of becoming a Navy officer one day in the future, chase it and make it come true.

In conclusion

Now you know what is the work of Navy officers like in our country. This is a prestigious organization that plays an essential role in the protection and development of Nigeria, that is why so many young people wish to join Navy and perform the important duties and functions meant to take care of millions of our countrymen.

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