Types of drawing in cultural and creative art

Types of drawing in cultural and creative art

What is the place of drawing in cultural art in Nigeria? First, we need to determine what exactly cultural art is and which types of drawing exist. At present, the culture consists not only of traditional forms of arts. Modern ones are also a part of the culture and every means of expression they use should be taken into consideration.

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How many types of drawing do we have in cultural and creative art?

Drawing is an important form of artistic expressions that conveys visual images. Drawing as a part of culture, as a part of arts is a means of communication that transmits messages and voices. There are several types of drawing that involve diverse techniques and materials.

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So, the common types of drawing include the following:

  • Still life drawing

It means that the artist depicts everything she or he sees in the surrounding world. Many people think that drawing landscapes and portraits is something different but, in fact, it’s all the same. Artists see scenes, items, or people that seem to be interesting from a certain point of view and they depict them in their works.

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Sometimes, still life drawings include only static objects but in separate cases, human figures are centerpieces of this art form. Drawing scenes with people has been known since ancient times. In the cultural art of Nigeria (and many other areas) figures of hunters or warriors from some ancient drawings show the importance of visual arts for prehistoric people.

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Still life forms can also be encountered in other cultural arts in Nigeria. They are a part of ornaments, decorations of skillfully made items of everyday life and ritual things. The way artists see still life often determines the way they put it into another art form.

  • Emotive drawing

This means of expression is similar to still life but the focus of this art is on the emotions of people, the atmosphere, moods, and characters. This is a very expressive drawing that’s used in modern times to create an emotional appeal from the art work to a speculator.

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  • Sketching

This is a quick kind of drawing that can, yet, be a separate form of art. Making a sketch – a rough and often not very accurate drawing – an artist captures a certain moment. Sketches are mostly not finished works that serve as a base for something more profound, like oil painting and so on. Still, sometimes, skillful sketches are more expressive and attractive due to their unfinished form than detailed artworks.

At present, sketches can be a rightful part of art, used for caricatures, cartoons, book illustrations, and other purposes. Sometimes, sketches are used in street art like graffiti. Indeed, the art of creation of a good sketch often demands a bigger talent than creation of a big classical oil painting that depicts people as a photograph.

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  • Analytic drawing

This is a type of drawing that focuses on smaller parts of an observed picture. If an artist sees a scene, he or she will most likely make a sketch to capture the action or the position of objects relative to one another, or something like this. Analytical drawings are made to show certain details, smaller parts of a bigger scene. For instance, an artist captures a momentary position of hands of people within a bigger picture or the way an accessory looks against the background of the surroundings.

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Analytic drawing is often used to give a better understanding of a perspective drawing. Such attention to details can often be noticed in comic books and cartoons that use it for a more detailed insight into a certain situation.

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  • Perspective drawing

Depending on what is being drawn, the drawings are able to look quite flat and two-dimensional. This is why artists take advantage of perspective drawing that conveys the depth of the scene, it’s three-dimensional volume, the distance between objects, lighting effects, and so on. All this is captured from a certain point of observation.

  • Geometric drawing

This is a kind of drawing that has merged with science and engineering. Dimensions, scales, sizes, and so on – all these are the objects that geometric drawing depicts. It’s used in technical drawings, schemes and for diverse constructional purposes. This is how such a form of art can become a part of the modern culture of a nation – through shapes and forms of constructions that have once been only a drawing on a sheet of paper.

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In ancient times, geometric drawings of regular shapes and figures were used to create decorative patterns and ornaments that have lived up to present days as authentic ancient pieces of decorative art and ancient culture.

  • Diagrammatic drawing

This is mostly used for research and documentation purposes but sometimes such drawings can also become a part of mass culture. They can easily be used as a part of an advertisement, quickly migrating from a professional sphere to areas where a diagram is also a lovely picture.

From another point of view, diagrams are a visual form of statistic data that’s a part of history.

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  • Illustration drawing

This is a type of drawing that is meant to add expressiveness to a certain document, book, magazine article, news, and so on. An illustration is different from a random drawing due to the fact that an illustration is done in a certain style, character and manner, and finished in certain colors to match the information it is made for.

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These are the basic types of drawing that are typical for the main cultural and creative arts that exist in Nigeria. In most cases, when speaking about drawing, people mean creating pictures on paper with the help of pens or pencils. Today, drawing is often done in a digital form but it’s still the same type of creativity.

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