Birthday wishes for a wife and mother

Birthday wishes for a wife and mother

Of course, birthday is a special day in the life of any person. When it is about our closest people it is very important to find right beautiful words for well wishes and love. We have prepared for you a list of birthday wishes for a wife and mother. Don’t be shy to use these quotes.

Birthday wishes for a wife and mother

Best birthday wishes for wife

  • Congratulations, my second half! I wish you, my dear, good health! May your divine smile always illuminate our life, your tender hands envelop us with care, and your beautiful eyes will never know what tears are. Let life, my dear, delight you with bright events. Be, my dear, successful, self-sufficient and happy woman. And I will always be with you, to protect, love and care for you. With love, your husband!
  • I want to tell you, dear, I'm happy that you are in my destiny! Thank you for your love, for the comfort of our house, for your understanding! Be playful, happy, tender and desirable. Let there will be only pleasure and love in our house, forget about troubles and problems. Happy Birthday my love.
  • My beloved, happy birthday! I thank you that you are so charming, gentle, delightful and beautiful wife. I want you to be the happiest woman in the world. I wish you health, success, fulfillment of desires.
  • I'm a lucky husband - I have a chic woman who has all the virtues. I'm grateful to you for being with me. I promise you to be the best husband. My dear, happy birthday!
Birthday wishes for a wife and mother

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  • Happy birthday, my beloved one! Be always young, beautiful and cheerful! Let the sun always shine in your heart. I wish you health, tenderness and a spring mood. Let each new day give you an ocean of happiness, and positive.
  • My beloved, precious, gentle wife! I congratulate you on my beloved holiday - your birthday. I love you and ask you to remain as sincere, tremulous, beautiful and sensitive woman as you are. Thank you for the cozy family hearth. Thank you for showing kindness and patience even when I'm doing wrong things. Happy Birthday!
  • My beautiful wife, my love and joy, I congratulate you today. Be always as fun, beautiful, kind, caring, beloved and loving, as you are. I wish you to achieve your goals, and I will always support and help you.
  • My beloved wife, I’m happy to congratulate you. My angel, my beloved person, you are the best woman on the planet for me, and I love you and admire your beauty. Let your grace and charm always be with you. I wish you happiness, bright emotions, sincere feelings and unforgettable moments of sweet pleasure. I'm always with you to support and protect. You are my loving family.
Birthday wishes for a wife and mother
  • My only, unique, tender love. It is a happiness to be with you. You are waiting for me at home and this is greater happiness. So may the angel guard you against adversity and disease, and your soul will be open to my unlimited love and devotion.
  • Honey, happy birthday! I want you to be all right, and never be sad. I wish you a good mood, new achievements and positive results. You're the best wife! I love you and wish you happiness!
  • My precious wife, I want to congratulate you and wish a happy birthday! May there be health, beauty and harmony in your life. Thank you from my heart for your caress, kindness and love.
  • My beloved, precious, the best woman in the world! My lovely wife, I’m happy to congratulate you today. I wish you to maintain your beauty and unspeakable charm for the rest of your life. I want to spend all my life with our happy family. My dear, happy birthday!
  • My beloved, you are an incredible woman and a wonderful wife! I congratulate you and wish you not to meet any sorrow and sad thing, you worth to live in pleasure and happiness! I'm so lucky to be your husband.
Birthday wishes for a wife and mother
  • My dear and beautiful wife, let me congratulate you on this wonderful birthday. You are a kind and sweet angel, a stunning and unique woman, a magnificent and the best wife for me. Let your dreams come true at this day, let your soul rejoice in life, and the heart feels the warmth of my love.
  • My dear wife! On this day of your birth, your voice is the music of my soul. For me, you are the closest person. I will say directly, you are an ideal woman, and I thank God for you.

Birthday wishes for a mother

These are the best birthday wishes for mothers:

  • Dear, beloved Mom! Happy Birthday! What a luck to have a mother like you. You always support and help me. You help me with wise advice. Mummy, I wish you be healthy, I wish you spring mood and more joyful events. Thank you for everything you do for me!
  • My mother, I congratulate you today. You are my most beloved and valuable person, you gave me life, and I will be always thankful for you. I really want to say a lot, or rather wish you everything-all the best. Let you have strong health, colorful moments, positive events, more kind people in your life, peace in the house and a long and carefree life in happiness and prosperity.
Birthday wishes for a wife and mother
  • My dear, Mom, I congratulate you and wish you a happy time, the strongest health and feminine beauty. Let you enjoy the most pleasant and lucky moments, good news and good health. I love you and happy to be with you today.
  • Happy birthday, Mom! You are the closest person for me, because you always encourage, help, and support by word and deed. You always believe in me and did not let me give up. I want to apologize if I grieve or hurt you sometimes. Stay always as cheerful, kind, gentle and optimistic. Strong health to you, well-being, more joyful minutes and long years of life.
  • The closest and dearest person in the world is my dear, kind, beautiful and always young mother. I wish you to feel how I love you, let your loving heart joyously be filled with happiness! Let your eyes be filled with tears only because of the good news! Stay as young and attractive as you are now! Love and be loved.
  • Our beloved mother, we are happy to congratulate you. We wish you the most important things – health, love and patience. Sometimes you find it difficult to deal with us, so we ask you to forgive us for our actions and words. After all, only you love us with your maternal warmth. We love you very much, our dear.
Birthday wishes for a wife and mother
  • My mother, thank you for your sleepless nights, for endless care, for such a patience! I bow to your feet and wish you to be the happiest mom on Earth. No words can express my feelings, I just want you to know that at any minute, at any second, when you need my help, or you just want to see me, just say it and I'll be there! Happy birthday, my dear!
  • My lovely mother! Today, on your birthday, I want to tell you Mom, you are my closest and most loved person in my life. It is only you who always understand and forgive me. Only you always support me. Mom, be always with me because I need you so much. Love you!
  • My dear and beloved Mom, the closest and dearest person. Happy Birthday! Be always healthy, happy, beloved, and cheerful. Thank you for everything that you do for me. Know that we love you! Congratulations, Mummy!
  • Mommy, you are the most important, dear and beloved person in the whole world! I wish you to forget about fatigue, problems and sadness. May you be, positive, kind and happy. I love you, my mother.

This is our list of birthday wishes, we hope that it will help you to say beautiful words to your closest people.

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