Cute pet names for husband and wife

Cute pet names for husband and wife

Lovers are accustomed to giving each other curious affectionate nicknames which almost overshadow the real ones in everyday and intimate communication. We invite you to find out the best pet names for husband and wife.

Cute pet names for husband and wife

Meaning of different pet names

Psychologists have identified several types of common pet nicknames that are used by lovers and spouses. The classification is based on the meanings of various objects or phenomena perceived at the subconscious level. This is a group of symbols with which it’s possible to decipher the secret code of communication and understand how a man and a woman relate to each other in fact.

1. Small pet names

These animals have teeth and claws, but in nature, they have a low degree of danger.

  • Kitten
  • Cat
  • Рussy
  • Fox
  • Wolf
  • Hedgehog, etc

Jung gave the largest range of qualities to a cat, from softness, seхuality to a dark "lunar" beginning, cunning, and insidious.

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Name Cat is the source of the deepest seхual emotions and experiences. Therefore it shows the deep, passionate feelings for a loving partner.

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Cat name

Lynx and Fox are more associated with lies and even hostility. However, people are also inclined to experience aesthetic pleasure while admiring these animals, want to touch them.

It is even more difficult to touch a Hedgehog. Such name is a sign of a painful interest in a partner although more emotional than physical.

In general, this whole group of pet names for lovers unites and symbolizes the seхual intentions and desire to establish a close contact.

Happy couple

2. Big animals

These animals have a rather high degree of danger in nature. Sometimes they are frankly aggressive because they are predators.

  • Lion
  • Bear
  • Tiger
  • Dragon, etc

A man who likes his own nickname Bear subconsciously looks for a woman who may pacify his aggression, make him kinder. He is ready to obey her and become "plush" almost like in the arms of a little girl who kisses a bear toy at night and puts it to bed with her.

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Bear toy

In general, the woman hugging an aggressive animal is associated with the conqueror, the tamer. If you chose such sweet names to call your husband, maybe you want to have more power over him.

3. Harmless animals

These animals do not bring any danger. The first emotion they evoke is tenderness, sometimes even pity.

  • Bunny
  • Hare
  • Mouse
  • Hamster
  • Bird, etc

Different types of birds characterize romantic, lyrical relationships or their imitation. "Rodent" is usually psychologically dependent in a couple, needs a patron and a defender or simply forced to be on the sidelines.

Husband and wife

The weaker and more defenseless the "animal" is, the more it causes the desire to protect it, which is not always good. After all, one of the partners subconsciously disguises the desire to become a leader inventing such sweet romantic words. For example, Chicken. Such a nickname will clearly sound like a constant reminder of weakness, dependence.

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Harmless little animals can talk about not equal relations or even tyranny.


Did you look for sweet nicknames typing “romantic words for my wife/husband” in a search engine? Stop tedious searches. Let's talk about the most popular pet names for both genders. Choose one of them and your second half will be nicely touched.

Popular pet names for husband

  • Most of the men are Rabbits and Hares.
  • There are bit less are Kittens and Cats.
  • Guys are lucky. There are Lions and other kinds of animals after the Hares and Cats in their top.
  • Tigers have the same frequency with Hedgehogs.

Popular pet names for wife

  • Feline animals lead among the affectionate names for women. Most of the ladies are Kittens, Рussies, and Cats.
  • Just a little behind are Bunnies, Hares, and Rabbits.
  • You probably think that after Cats and Bunnies should be Birds, Squirrels, and Foxes? No. Name Mouse is extremely popular.

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cat and rabbit

Did you already choose the sweet name for your beloved one? We hope that your relationship will be full of the bright and tender emotions. Love and take care of each other!

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