DELSU cut-off mark in JAMB for all courses in 2024

DELSU cut-off mark in JAMB for all courses in 2024

Delta State University (DELSU) is a reputable institution in Nigeria. Established in 1992, it has since grown to become a prominent university in the country. The main campus is situated in Abraka, Delta State, with additional campuses in Oleh and Anwai-Asaba. DELSU offers a diverse array of programmes across its eleven faculties, providing students with opportunities for higher education in various fields of study.

DELSU lecturer during graduation
DELSU offers a range of programmes from the full-time to part-time programmes. Photo: @official.delsu (modified by author)
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DELSU is committed to providing quality education and research opportunities to its students. It has grown significantly since its inception and has become one of Nigeria's leading institutions of higher learning. DELSU's campus has modern facilities and resources to support academic and extracurricular activities.

DELSU cut-off mark in JAMB

Delta State University Abraka's cut-off mark is 150. However, this is just the general minimum requirement. In addition to the JAMB score, DELSU has departmental cut-off marks, which vary depending on the programme.

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DELSU departmental cut-off mark

Departmental cut-off mark vary by programme. The table below shows all DELSU courses and their cut-off marks.

1. Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture has eight programmes. Below are the cut-off marks for each of the programmes.

ProgrammeUTMEDirect Entry
Agribusiness Management 4040
Agric. Economics4040
Agric. Extension4040
Animal Science4040
Crop Science4040
Forestry & Wild Life4040
Soil Science (Agronomy)4040

2. Faculty of Art

The Faculty of Arts has ten programmes. Below are the cut-off marks for each of the programmes.

ProgrammeUTMEDirect Entry
English & Literary Studies4542
Fine & Applied Arts4040
History & Inter. Studies4845
Linguistics / Urhobo 4040
Religious Studies4040
Theatre Arts4840

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3. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences has several programmes, and their cut-off marks are as follows:

ProgrammeUTMEDirect Entry
Nursing Science6762
Anatomy and Cell Biology5045
Medical Biochemistry5045

4. Faculty of Clinical Medicine

The Faculty of Clinical Medicine offers several programmes, and their merit cut-off mark is as follows:

ProgrammeUTMEDirect Entry
Medicine and Surgery7065

5. Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education is one of the most popular faculties in the institution, with over 10 programmes.

ProgrammeUTMEDirect Entry
Agric. Education4040
Biology Education4040
Business Education4040
Chemistry Education4040
Computer Education4040
Early Childhood Education4040
Economics Education4040
English Education4242
Fine Art Education4040
French Education4040
Geography Education4040
Guidance & Counselling Education4040
Health and Safety Education4040
History Education4040
Home Economics Education4040
Human Kinetics, Recreation and Sport Science4040
Integrated Science Education4040
Library & Information Science Education4040
Mathematics Education4040
Music Education4040
Physics Education4040
Political Science Education4040
Religious Studies Education4040
Social Science Education (social studies)4040
Technical Education4040
Educational Management (Econs.)4040
Educational Management (History & Int. Std..)4040
Educational Management (Pol. Sci.)4040

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6. Faculty of Engineering

The cut-off mark for those interested in pursuing any engineering course is as follows:

ProgrammeUTMEDirect Entry
Chemical Engineering4545
Civil Engineering4545
Electrical Engineering4545
Electrical Engineering4845
Electrical Engineering4545

7. Faculty of Law

Law is one of the most competitive programmes in Nigeria. The programme's cut-off mark is always high.

ProgrammeUTMEDirect Entry

8. Faculty of Management Sciences

The Faculty of Management Sciences deals with academic programmes and research related to various aspects of business, accounting and management.

ProgrammeUTMEDirect Entry
Accounting and Finance5250
Banking & Finance4546
Business Administration5042
Public Administration4542
Office and Informational Mgt.4542

9. Faculty of Pharmacy

Below are the UTME and direct entry DELSU cut-off marks for the pharmacy programme.

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ProgrammeUTMEDirect Entry

10. Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Sciences offers various programmes. The merit cut-off marks include:

ProgrammeUTMEDirect Entry
Animal & Environmental Biology (Zoology)4040
Computer Science5650
Industrial Chemistry4040
Industrial Mathematics4040
Medical Laboratory Science5842
Biochemistry Technology4545
Biological Technology4545
Chemistry Technology4040
Physics & Electronics Technology4040

11. Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences has several programmes, and their cut-off marks are as follows:

ProgrammeUTMEDirect Entry
Geography & Regional Planning4040
Mass Communication5248
Political Science4542

What is DELSU cut-off mark for computer science?

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Computer Science is one of the most competitive courses at the university. The UTME cut-off mark is 56, while for direct entry is 50.

What is DELSU cut-off mark for mass communication?

To enrol in a mass communication programme, you must achieve a minimum UTME score of 52 points for regular entry or 48 points for direct entry.

What DELSU cut-off mark for medicine?

If you are interested in pursuing a medicine and surgery course, you must attain a minimum UTME score of 70 points and 65 points for direct entry.

What is the cut-off mark for law in DELSU?

Law is one of the most competitive courses. You must score a UTME score of 62 points and, for direct entry, have 60 points.

What is the cut-off mark for nursing in DELSU?

The cut-off mark for Nursing Science at Delta State University admission exercise is 67 for UTME candidates and 62 for Direct Entry (DE) candidates.

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Does DELSU accept 150?

This Abraka university accepts a minimum score of 150 in the JAMB UTME for its admissions cycle.

Does DELSU accept second choice?

Prospective candidates are encouraged to prioritize DELSU as their primary choice when applying to the institution, although exceptions may be considered for those who designate it as their secondary option. Such allowances are subject to individual circumstances and may vary accordingly.

How to calculate DELSU cut-off mark

Unfortunately, there is no way to calculate DELSU cut-off marks directly. These marks are set by the university itself and can vary depending on the specific programme you are applying for.

You can, however, calculate the DELSU aggregate score. For example, if your JAMB score is 150 and your Post-UTME score is 50, then your DELSU aggregate score will be as follows:

DELSU aggregate score = (JAMB score + Post-UTME score) / 2

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DELSU aggregate score =150 + 50 =(200/2) 100

What is DELSU school fees?

Delta State University's school fees vary depending on your program and student category (new or returning student). Current estimates suggest fees range between ₦64,500 and ₦84,500 for new and old students.

The DELSU cut-off mark will help you determine if you are eligible to join the institution. DELSU offers various programmes that those who meet the cut-off mark can apply. You can always contact the administration for further assistance. recently published an article about the University of Calabar cut off mark, courses and requirements. The University of Calabar (UNICAL) is one of the institutions of higher learning in Nigeria, with scholars from every part of the country.

The university is home to over 40,000 students, making it one of the most populous in the country. Check out the University of Calabar courses that prospective students can choose from when applying to the institution of higher learning.


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