Unusual Yoruba baby names and meanings

Unusual Yoruba baby names and meanings

Are you looking for a Yoruba name for your baby that is not so common? Maybe you are just curious about unusual Yoruba names you haven’t heard before. Here is a list of Yoruba baby names that are not very common these days and their meanings.

Yoruba baby naming ceremony

Yoruba people usually name their babies with meaning. The name given to a child in Yoruba land is usually based on circumstances surrounding the birth or when the child was born or holidays/festivals/events that were happening at the time of the birth. Also, Yoruba names can reflect the kind of family the child was born into (e.g. royal family). Some Yoruba babies names are also referred to as destiny names known as “oruko amutorunwa” e.g names given to twins or babies born after the twins. That is why there are many unusual Yoruba names. Some can be very hard to pronounce even for a fellow Yoruba person. Check these Yoruba names and meaning.

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Male names and their meanings

Yoruba male names and their meanings
  • Abayomiorunkoje – This name means that God didn’t allow us to be humiliated.
  • Abegunde - This name is given to a baby that is born during the celebration of Egungun festival (Odun Egun/Masquerade festival).
  • Abeo – The one who brings happiness.
  • Ade – Abiade is a name given to a boy given birth to by royal parents. The name is often shortened to Ade.
  • Abidogun – The name means the baby was born before the start of a war.
  • Adebamgbe – The meaning of this name is 'royalty lives with me'.
  • Durojaiye - One who waits for the joy of life.
  • Durosinmi - Wait to rest.
  • Esupofo - This means the devil has been defeated or the devil lost. This name could be as a result of challenges faced by the family or even the pregnancy with the devil losing the battle.
  • Farayioluwa: - It means 'I depend or lean on God'. The name is unisex.
  • Fiyinfolu – It means 'to give honour to God'. The name is also unisex.
  • Idogbe - The name is given to a second baby born after the twins. It is a unisex name.
  • Iranola – Meaning the descendant of a wealthy family.
  • Jimoh - One who is born on a Friday.
  • Jaiyesimi - One who believes in enjoying the life.

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Yoruba baby names and meanings
  • Mobo – Meaning 'I am free'.
  • Modadeola – It means 'I wear the crown of affluence or wealth'.
  • Moduro lori erioluwa – This name means to stand on God promise or wait on God’s promise. It is also another symbolic name given to a baby as a result of long waiting and trusting God prior to conceiving the child.
  • Monjolaoluwa – This name means 'I am enjoying the wealth of God'.
  • Niyilolawa - Meaning that this is 'where wealth is'. This name is unisex.
  • Olumoroti - It means 'it is God I stand with'. This name is a unisex.
  • Sangodele - This name is usually given to babies born into a Sango worshipping family meaning 'Sango has arrived or visited us'. Sango is the Yoruba god of thunder. The name is no longer common because Yoruba traditional worshipping of deities has been largely replaced by Christianity and Islam. And so Yorubas hardly use names with Yoruba deities these days.
  • Sareola – It means 'the pursuit of wealth'.
  • Shakale – Meaning the Almighty.
  • Shoyebi - A word used for wizards who wards off the evil.
  • Tanimola - Nobody knows what lies tomorrow.
  • Tele ola - He has laid the ground for wealth.

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Female names and meaning

Yoruba female babies names and meanings
  • Abebi - We asked for a girl child.
  • Die ko lolaoluwa - God's blessing isn't small.
  • Diekololaoluwalayemi - The wealth of God in my life cannot be measured.
  • Eromidola - My thought has become wealthy.
  • Farayioluwa - It means 'I depend or lean on God'. This name is unisex.
  • Fiyinfolu - Give honour to God. This name is unisex.
  • Feyisetan - A Yoruba term meaning use this as history.
  • Idogbe - The name is given to a second child born after twins. It is a unisex name.
  • Ifejesukristi - The love of Jesus Christ.
  • Ifelewa - The name means 'love is beautiful' or 'beautiful love'.
  • Ilera - A healthy child.
  • Kinfeosioluwa - I may love you more, my Lord.
  • Mofetoluwa - This name means 'I graciously accept God’s will'.
  • Niyilolawa - It means 'the wealth is here'. This name is unisex.
  • Numilekunoluwa - A prayerful name meaning 'clean my tears, oh Lord'.
  • Olumoroti - It means 'I stand with God'. This name is a unisex name.
  • Tujuka – To be cheerful.

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Yoruba baby names

These are some very unusual Yoruba names that babies are given. We hope you found these names interesting.

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