University of Ibadan Master's programme courses and application guide

University of Ibadan Master's programme courses and application guide

University of Ibadan masters programme is a good way to get the highest education in a respected university. The University of Ibadan is open for new applicants, so it's time to find out all the details.

University of Ibadan masters programme courses

University of Ibadan is considered as one of the best educational institutions in Nigeria. The university provides top quality educational programs of the world-class educational standard. The University of Ibadan is among four best higher learning institutions of Africa.

The university has 7000 masters degree students on admission. So, if you are interested in masters degree program of the Ibadan university it is high time to find out the following information about the courses.

Courses available in University of Ibadan

University of Ibadan has earned the respect and highest priority thanks to the excellent level of student’s preparation, knowledge, and skills. The diploma of this university is highly valued in Nigeria and abroad.

University of Ibadan

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Courses offered in University of Ibadan:

  • Distance learning courses
  • Part-time courses
University of Ibadan

The list of the available courses for part-time students:

  1. Basic Medical Science;
  2. Clinical Sciences;
  3. College of Medicine;
  4. Pharmaсy;
  5. Public Health.
  6. Dentistry;

Postgraduate courses

There is separate list special for postgraduate courses. Postgraduate education courses include:

  1. Adult Education;
  2. Library Archival & Information Studies;
  3. Guidance & Counselling;
  4. Educational Management;
University of Ibadan

Postgraduate Courses in Dentistry:

  1. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery;
  2. Child Oral Health;
  3. Oral Pathology / Oral Medicine;
  4. Restorative Dentistry;
  5. Periodontology & Community Dentistry,

Programmes in Faculty of Technology:

  1. Civil Engineering;
  2. Agricultural and Environmental Engineering;
  3. Electrical and Electronics Engineering;
  4. Industrial Training Coordinating Centre;
  5. Food Technology;
  6. Industrial and Production Engineering.

Direct entry courses

Direct entry courses admission do not require any exams and test, but there are some special requirements for these applicants. If you are interested in direct entry courses check the official website for all the details.

University of Ibadan masters

Requirements for admission to Masters Degree Program

For admission to masters programme the student is expected to have graduated from the University of Ibadan or other recognized university, it can be Nigerian university or university of any country of the world.

The Faculty of Postgraduate Committee is responsible for determining admission requirements and finalizing of an admission list.

University of Ibadan

The admission can take place on a temporary basis pending the time the student’s assessment reports are made available by the relevant authorities. The Faculty of Postgraduate Committee is responsible for setting up the panel for the report assessment.

Types of admission for University of Ibadan Nigeria

Masters Degree Program offers different types of courses. There is Part-Time program, Full-Time program and Occasional studded program. For admission into the full-time postgraduate program, the student must satisfy the requirements of the Postgraduate School and be a graduate of any recognized university.

University of Ibadan

The members of the academic staff of the university automatically qualify for part-time masters degree program in the institution. Students who are not members of academic staff must graduate the Postgraduate School. Part-time degree students can also be demanded an evidence of release by employers.

The candidates who are seeking postgraduate admission as Occasional Students should meet the minimum entry requirements of the postgraduate program. These students should also have the recommendations by Faculty Postgraduate Committee.

Application forms

The candidate can download the application form for masters degree program to the official website of the University Of Ibadan. The current cost of the application form is N15,000 for academic programs and N18,000 for professional programs, but the cost may be changed.

The student should pass the test of Proficiency in English Language, it costs N2,500. The candidate can fill and submit the form online. You can pay for the forms with the help of any accredited bank. The candidate is expected to provide all required information to prevent any halt of application or delay of registration.

University of Ibadan

The student is allowed to apply for just one postgraduate degree program. It is required to upload all relevant credentials along with the application form. All the applicants will be informed about the status of admission process by the email. The email address is a mean of communication between the student and the university , so enter actual address.

It is a necessity for an applicant to provide 3 recommendation letters from different faculty members. The University Of Ibadan guarantees no discrimination for students while the admission and studying.

The admission is based only on studying merits. Before the admission, the student is expected to have a minimum of Second Class Upper Division, this rule is also actual for foreign applicants. The applicant needs a minimum of 40% in the English Language Proficiency test for the admission into masters degree program the University of Ibadan

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