Meaning of MVP in different areas

Meaning of MVP in different areas

What is MVP and how can we use it in a sentence? You won't believe how many definitions you can find with just three letters in it? In this article, you will find out top 11 different meanings of MVP! Continue reading to know them all! Top 11 meaning of MVP/MPV.

Meaning of MVP in various areas

1. MVP Meaning

The universal MVP meaning is the Most Valuable Person. It's the slang world which can be used regarding any sphere of life. Nevertheless, it's not about your relationships with the person whom you call MVP, but about his/her dominance in any aspects of life, career or education.

1. MVP Meaning

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Therefore, this person should be good at something that helps him to be called MVP. For instance, he can be the best player in a team!

2. Unanimous MVP Meaning

Unanimous MVP is connected with sports industry. It means that some player in the team, season, age qualification, etc. has been unanimously named the most valuable person/player.

It can be done officially, like a sports award where a collegium of judges decides whether a person can be named MVP. Judges are not the only ones who can name a person MVP unanimously. For instance, MVP can be named a person who is chosen by the unanimous view of people that he is an MVP in some game, profession or sports.

3. MPV Cars meaning

Meaning of MVP in various areas

MPV cars are Compact Multi-Purpose vehicles. They are usually the small family cars which can be used for various purposes.

The design of MPV cars can speak for itself. The most obvious example of such cars is Renault Scenic. The MPV design dictates the strict rule – designers must use all space in the car, and it should be in the most useful way. Therefore, even if MPV cars are small, their space is used to the maximum level.

4. Meaning of MVP in Basketball

MVP in basketball is choosing the most valuable player according to the National Basketball Association. It's an annual award given to the basketball players since 1955. The winner of the award receives the Maurice Podoloff Trophy.

According to the rules of NBA, each year a Collegium of judges decides who is going to be the Most Valuable Player of the Year. It's interesting that before the 1980s, the MVP was a voted position by NBA players. Every player who has won this award is eligible for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

5. MPV Blood Test

5. MPV Blood Test

MPV blood test is test to measure the mean platelet volume of blood. It's the calculation of the measurement for the average size of platelets in the blood. Another name for platelets is thrombocytes.

MPV results can show the problems with thrombocytes in blood. The abnormally high level of MPV may refer to the destruction of platelets. Therefore, it can be connected with the following diseases:

  • Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura;
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease;
  • Bernard-Soulier Syndrome.

The abnormally low level of MPV may be connected with thrombocytopenia. It may case the general genetic mutation in the body. The normal range of platelets for MPV test is 7.5-11.5 femtolitre (fl).

6. MVP meaning in gaming

MVP in gaming can be defined as the most valuable player. This term is usually related to the cybersport.

In cybersport as in any other sport, there can be the most valuable player in the team. It's usually the most skilled player who can provide a lot of benefits for the team. At the same time, there are also individual games in the cybersport where players can also be called MVP as they show the dominant position in their sports category.

7. MVP meaning in business

7. MVP meaning in business

MVP in business is a Minimum Viable Product. It's a product that provides enough features to satisfy customers. It's necessary to provide the feedback on the products.

The MVP is necessary for business as it shows if a customer reacts to a product at all. Therefore, it's less expensive for business and provides less risk. If the MVP is successful, then it's possible to develop more complex products and sell them on the market with fewer risks.

The MVP in business is one of the first steps in the product development. It's called probe to see how customers react to the new service. If the results of sales from MVP are positive, then it's possible to expect that the product will get a lot of new features. Nevertheless, it does not always work, and sometimes the advanced versions of MVP can fail in the market.

8. MVP meaning in football

MVP in football is the most valuable player. It's usually a player that clearly shows the best skills compared to other players.

9. Meaning of MVP in music

Meaning of MVP in music is almost the same as in any other category. It means the most valuable player. It can be related to any category of music.

10. MVP lab meaning

The MVP lab meaning may be related to the Most Valuable Primate. This term is connected with veterinary.

11. MVP man meaning

11. MVP man meaning

MVP man meaning is the most valuable person/professional man. It usually describes a person with fantastic skills at his profession.

MVP can describe a lot of interesting things. There are more than 50 definitions of MVP. The most used definition of this acronym is the Most Valuable Person/Player.

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