What colour goes with peach for a wedding? Different ideas

What colour goes with peach for a wedding? Different ideas

Peach is inarguably among the best soft colours one might consider for their wedding colour palette. The colour resembles the exterior of a peach, an attribute that perhaps explains its name. For most people, peach is the perfect balance between two other lovely colours, orange and pink, making it ideal for weddings. However, like other colours, you will have to make some additions to complete your wedding palette. What colour goes with peach, and how do you match them up?

what colour of shoes goes with a peach dress
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Choosing the right colours for your wedding might be easier said than done. Making the wrong decisions can easily ruin the overall look and feel of your wedding and even result in bad photos.

What colour goes with peach for a wedding?

Here is a look at some fascinating choices for a peach-themed wedding.


what colour goes good with peach
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Grey and peach are contrasting shades, which make this colour palette an excellent choice for a wedding. Grey is a dull colour, while peach is lively and bright. You can have your maids' dresses in peach and then add a splash of grey on their flower bouquet handles.

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On the gents' side, you could opt to have them wear grey coats or blazers, matched with grey trousers. They can then have peach ties to complete the palette. Grey is a neutral colour, alongside white, brown, and black, making it the perfect complementary choice for bright shades.


what goes with peach colour
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Like grey, gold is also a somewhat neutral shade, an attribute that makes it quite versatile when matching it with other colours. You can have your maids wear gold-coloured belts on top of their peach dresses. Alternatively, have some visible embroidery done in gold to complement the base shade.

Another amazing combination involves flowy dresses paired with sparkling gold-coloured jewels such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. The gentlemen can have gold-coloured pocket squares and watches to match.

Besides its neutrality, gold is widely viewed as a royal and sophisticated colour. Choosing a gold and peach scheme will give you that elegant look for your wedding.

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Navy blue

what colour goes best with peach
Combinations of navy blue and peach. Photo: @williedenescookiecompany
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Navy blue is a shade of blue, while peach is a shade of orange. This means that the two shades are on opposite sides of the colour wheel. The wheel is based on a complementary colour scheme where a particular shade balances out the one on its opposite side.

For gents, go for navy blue suits with peach ties, bowties, or pocket squares. What goes with peach colour dresses for your maids? Feel free to throw in a shade of navy blue using different accessories. These might include watches, earrings, necklaces, bangles, and flower bouquet ribbons.

Additionally, you could have your maids wear navy blue shoes or carry similar-coloured purses or clutch bags with them.

For peach and navy, it is essential to take note of the hue's brightness. For very bright shades of peach, opt for darker shades of navy blue as complementary shades. An overly bright shade of blue will compete with a bright shade of peach, resulting in a not-so-good colour scheme.

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what goes with peach colour
An aqua table marker. Photo: @maidofalltrades
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What colour goes best with peach for summer weddings? The answer is aqua. Peach and aqua form what is perhaps one of the most soothing, romantic and warm wedding palettes.

Like any other shade of blue, aqua complements peach since it's almost directly opposite it on the colour wheel. However, one needs to ensure that you do not have very bright shades of peach when matching it with aqua.

Have the gents wear aqua bowties and peach pocket squares to match the theme. The bridesmaids can have some aqua floral elements on their gowns for that splash of colour. Some people also choose to have this two-colour theme on their wedding cakes.

Beige or off white

what colour goes best with peach
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Peach and beige form a time-tested colour combination that works well for numerous body types, complexions, and age groups. Have the gentlemen in the bridal lineup wear beige blazers and peach bowties.

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The ladies can have peach dresses with beige accessories. Like the gold combination, the neutrality in beige makes it an excellent complementary shade. Since beige is not overly shouting, feel free to use it alongside peach on your wedding cake's icing.

Usurpingly, this colour palette is among the most popular wedding themes during warm months.


what goes with peach colour
A wedding cake with a black layer. Photo:@bramblesky2014
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So far, all options have been quite conventional, nothing too extraordinary. Now, this is where it gets a bit different. If you are feeling a bit adventurous about your wedding planning, why not consider a peach and black colour scheme?

Like darker shades of blue, black balances out the brightness associated with peach shades. When it comes to décor, go for black stripes or checks on a peach background. Have maids carry black clutch bags, while the gents can have black bowties and peach pocket squares.

Like white, beige, and cream, black is widely considered a neutral shade and goes perfectly with almost every other colour. The peach in your palette will bring some warmth to an otherwise boring black colour scheme.

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One might also choose to have their bridesmaid choose black accent pieces to complement their peach gowns. Finally, if you are daring enough, have your baker make your wedding cake with a layer of peach on top of a black one.


what colour goes best with peach
Lavender floral arrangement. Photo: @missmariannecherie
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A blend of peach and lavender creates a beautiful, mild, soft, and warm colour scheme. Have your bridesmaids wear flowy gowns with shades of lavender and peach. If you opt for single-coloured gowns, have the maids accessorize with lavender bouquets and shoes.

For grooms, go for light suits and lavender or peach ties and pocket squares. When using the lavender-peach combination, ensure to have one of them in a darker shade. Having both in bright shades results in very poor contrast, a factor that might ruin the overall look of your wedding theme.

Since these are both warm shades, feel free to incorporate them into your bouquets, décor, cake, and table setups.

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what colour goes good with peach
A nice light green and peach cake. Photo: @pippalucascakes
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The peach and mint combination is among the most popular palette choices for weddings held in warm months. For your maids, have them carry peach bouquets with mint ties to complete the look. The gents can wear light grey suits with bright boutonnieres and ties or bowties.

The maids can also have sequin or beaded flowy gowns complete with some mint floral elements on the front. Finally, for your décor, you can opt for peach napkins on mint linen. The peach and mint combo is the perfect blend of class and timelessness.


what goes with peach colour
An amazing bouquet for a wedding. Photo: @kveraevents
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This colour scheme is for the bold-at-heart and is quite tricky to pull off perfectly. However, when done correctly, it is inarguably one of the most captivating wedding colour schemes. If you are having your wedding during summer or spring, this is among the combinations you should definitely consider.

Feel free to use the combination on all your wedding details. These include the brides' dresses, groomsmen, centrepieces, and the wedding cake. When using this combination, keep in mind that peach should remain the base shade since its gentler.

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Additionally, keep in mind that red and peach are both bright shades, so you will have to choose one in a duller shade than the other. For a bright shade of peach, opt for a darker shade of red and vice versa. Doing this ensures the two do not compete and instead blend in a complementary palette.

How to choose a colour to go with peach

What colour goes good with peach at a wedding? While we have outlined the best colour options to go with peach, choosing the perfect one for your wedding might not be very straightforward. Here are some guidelines to help you get the ideal complementary shade for your peach-themed wedding.

Consider neutrals

Neutral shades are super easy to work with since they can complement pretty much any non-neutral shade. Some of the most common neutrals include navy blue, black, white, beige, grey, and cream. Additionally, metallic shades such as gold, silver, and copper can be used as neutrals.

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Use the colour wheel

what colour goes best with peach
A 12-part color wheel. Photo: @kolpeshtheyardstick
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The colour wheel is a twelve-part circle based on the primary tri-colour wheel of blue, red, and yellow. The twelve-part wheel allows one to achieve colour harmony by choosing shades that balance out when used correctly.

With the aforementioned harmony, your wedding outfits, décor, and centrepieces will always look appropriate. This harmony is based on two primary factors; complementary colours and nature.

Choose colours that complement each other

You rarely see bridesmaids in orange dresses and pink accessories because those two shades would compete, not complement. For your wedding, you need to have secondary shades that complement your primary base colour.

Since peach is based on the orange hue, the best shades are those based on the blue hue since it's the one directly opposite orange. Such options include aqua, navy blue, and dark blue. When choosing your colours based on this criterion, it is essential to consider the overall brightness of the colours involved.

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Nature-based colour schemes

The easiest way to choose a complementary shade for nature-based shades is to take a cue from nature. Fruits, for example, are typically surrounded by green leaves and earth-coloured branches.

This would mean that in a nature-based scheme, one would choose options such as green, shades of nude, and earth tones to go with peach.

What colour of shoes goes with a peach dress?

Here is a look at some shoe colour options to consider for a peach-themed wedding.

Fruity colours

what colour of shoes goes with a peach dress
Vibrant looking wedding shoes. Photo: pixabay.com, @terriC
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A splash of colour will match perfectly with the more laid-back, soft, gentle nature of peach. Feel free to try out lime sandals, raspberry flats, or colourful heels. These shoes will add to the vibrance of your wedding.


Nude shoes are the apparel equivalents of neutrals in the colour wheel. These shoes can be worn with pretty much anything. If your dress is short, consider nude high heels. If, on the other hand, you have a long dress, consider nude flats.

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Metallic colour shoes

Metallic shoes will go perfectly with a wide range of dresses. Feel free to pick your favourite shade of metal. The most common include copper, gold, and silver. With metallic-coloured shoes, you can enhance the look further by wearing matching accessories.

Dark-coloured shoes

If you like to play it safe when it comes to matters fashion, then dark-coloured shoes are your best bet. You will not go wrong with black, brown, or dark blue shoes to complement your gown.

If you are planning a wedding, you have probably wondered 'what colour goes with peach?' Expectedly, peach is among the best base shades to have on your wedding colour scheme. With the tips and suggestions described in this guide, choosing the ideal complementary shade for your peach-themed wedding is now way easier.

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