Monalisa Chinda marriage life with her second husband

Monalisa Chinda marriage life with her second husband

Many Nigerian stars have proven that it is possible to enjoy success in show business and also build a happy family. A good example is Monalisa Chinda marriage to her second hubby. From this article, you will learn some interesting information about this beautiful couple.

Monalisa Chinda marriage life with the second husband

How and when did they meet?

  • Monalisa Chinda new husband, Victor Tonye Coker met the actress a long time ago - back in the 80's when she was only 14 years old. Victor, to her, seemed like a grown man at the time. And, as one might imagine, marriage was the last thing on the teenager's mind.
  • He was a good friend of her family and often came to visit them. Monalisa Chinda also regularly visited Victor's house to see his younger sister who happened to be her very close friend.
  • She called him uncle (actually, he is only six years older than she is) and would often ask him what he had bought for her like little kids do.
  • After a while, the relationship between Victor and her family fazed away and of course, Monalisa also grew up and pursued her own passion. This led them to part ways.
  • They met again in November 2015.
  • In December, they came out as a couple to the public.

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Monalisa Chinda

How did he propose?

According to the actress, Victor did not do anything cheesy like going down on one knee and offering a ring. He simply told her that he wanted to get married to her but this came as a surprise to Monalisa.

It's quite difficult to call it a proposal - rather it was a statement of fact. The man approached Monalisa and made his intentions clear. Since she called him 'uncle' even at the time, Victor requested that she stopped doing so.

Monalisa Chinda hubby Victor

Chinda hesitated for a long time after this 'proposal.' She kept her distance from him as she was not sure if he was serious. In addition, she was not planning to get married again. But it turned out that the man was very serious. He soon invited her to meet his family, something he had never done with any girl before.

Monalisa Chinda and her hubby

Monalisa Chinda wedding took place on the 20th of February, 2016. So you see that the couple wasted no time. Even Monalisa was stunned by how fast everything went but somehow, this man came into her life and turned everything around in a good way.

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Monalisa Chinda marriage life

Is Monalisa happy now?

Monalisa loves to talk about how wonderful her husband is to her. In interviews, she reveals that she feels very safe and secure with him. He is a good family man and she describes him as the man of her dreams. Victor loves her daughter as his own and the girl feels very comfortable with her stepfather.

Monalisa Chinda daughter

The star is very happy now. Victor is Monalisa Chinda's second husband. In 2009, she broke up with Segun Dejo-Richard as a result of domestic violence. She had a child with him before the divoree. Let's hope that this time around, the actress has found true happiness.

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