What is Remita?

What is Remita?

Do you have multiple bank accounts in different banks? Have you ever felt like it is getting more and more complicated to send or receive money these days? Are you tired of carrying large sums of money around with you? If you answered positive to at least one of these questions, Remita is just a thing for you! Don’t know what Remita is? Not a problem. We will tell you exactly what it is and how to use it.

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So what is Remita?

Remita is an innovative way to manage electronic payments, collections, employees payrolls and schedules, which encompasses all the commercial banks. It is very powerful, and it allows people and organizations to process intricate and complex financial operations while being intuitive and simple itself.

Nowadays, many Nigerians, both individuals and organizations, use this convenient platform to process their transactions. Each month, more than ‎₦500 million goes through the Remita system.

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Introduced by the Nigerian Federal Government and implemented by the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria), the system is recognized by all of the Nigerian commercial banks and more than 400 small banks. So far, it has been a revolutionary instrument for electronic payments in Nigeria. It was created by the company called SystemSpecs and has received numerous wins in the category Software of the Year in Nigeria.

Who can use Remita?

who can use it?

Remita can be used by both regular individuals and various organizations.

For personal use, there is Remita Personal. It allows the customer to:

✦ Check their balance in all the banks with a single Remita login;

✦ Perform financial transactions from any bank account to another account in any bank;

✦ Pay one or multiple beneficiaries at once, be it a micro finance bank, a commercial bank, a mobile wallet or a mortgage bank;

✦ Trace their expenses to figure out spending patterns;

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✦ View the progress of any transaction every step of the way, no hidden processes or black boxes;

✦ Use standing orders for routine payments and view all of them regardless of the account they were issued in;

✦ Check all the transactions that come in and out of every available account.


Remita for Corporate users allows them to:

✦ Gather payments through more than one channel. This includes utility bills, subscriptions, fees and more;

✦ Pay salaries to the employees. This function allows adding bonuses or subtracting penalty charges, automating the payroll process and managing available data for the employees;

✦ Pay taxes on time by engaging scheduled payments to the required government organizations;

✦ Send payments to the accounts of vendors, staff, suppliers or other people in mortgage banks, commercial banks, micro finance banks, or mobile wallets.

Remita is accessible 24/7 in any place in the world. You can access the Remita website (www.remita.net) at home, in your office, from your phone, wherever you want. All you need is an Internet browser and Internet connection. You can also download Remita App from your App Store.

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Remita allows you to backup your data and retrieve it in case of emergency or disaster and protects your data with multiple security protocols. You can receive technical support on the website at any time. There is no need to pay for databases, software licenses or servers.

How to use Remita?

How to use Remita?

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If you plan on using Remita often, we recommend creating a Remita account. It is simple and painless, and it will save you time in the future. This will allow you to make a Remita payment at any time.

On the Remita website, select the Sign Up Now button, fill in the form and wait for an e-mail with the login instructions. To activate your account, print the registration form, sign it and take it to your bank. Log in, change your password from the automatically generated one and fill in the rest of your profile. The Welcome menu will tell you everything you want to know about Remita.

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If you do not want to register, you can still use the system to make payment to Remita billers. There are two options for this.

You can go to the website, choose the option ‘Pay a Remita Customer/Biller’, complete the form that appears on the screen and ‘proceed to payment’. This will generate RRR, which you can use through your payment channel of choice.

RRR is Remita Retrieval Reference. It contains all the available information on the transaction, which saves time and reduces the chance of an error. It is not reusable, but it does not have an expiration date, as long as it has not been processed through the Remita system yet.

If you do not know how to generate Remita code yourself, it is very easy, and you can do in on the Remita website or the Biller’s page. Or you can ask the biller to generate it for you.

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If you already have the RRR code, choose the option that says ‘Pay an Electronic Invoice’, enter your code and choose the channel to make your payment. Simple, isn’t it?

So what is Remita? Remita is the future of financial electronic transactions. A comfortable and simple solution to your banking problems. An easy way to manage your finances. Remita is useful for everyone. So go create an account if you don’t have one already and enjoy having all of your accounts in one place.

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