8 best liver cleansing foods

8 best liver cleansing foods

liver cleansing foods
10 best liver cleansing foods

Do you eat healthy food every day? Does your body have the remains of all sorts of tasty, but insalubrious products? And most importantly, where are they gathered? Of course, in the liver. This is our kind of filter. Most of the harmful substances and toxins that enter the body, settle there. So, liver cleansing foods list, which is below, is very important.

But liver is a vital organ, the state of health of which depends on the overall tone of the body and its ability to resist viruses and bacteria. And the good condition of your liver means healthy hair, skin, nails. It is said that the liver rarely hurts because it has too small nerve endings. But if it does not hurt, it does not mean that you have nothing to worry about, because too many factors of the modern diet and environment influence our health.

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10 best liver cleansing foods

The liver cleanses the body, but will it cleanse itself? Quite common expression ‘liver cleansing’ has no pleasant associations, even though it's not so scary. Healthy people do not need to use any special preparations. You can add the right foods that remove toxins from the liver and improve its condition due to your diet. Liver cleansing diet menu or liver cleansing diet plan can be created using these products.

So, how to help your liver?

1. Fruit

fresh fruit
10 best liver cleansing foods

It is desirable to eat fresh fruit. Useful fiber and the ability to flush toxins, as well as a loading dose of vitamins, become the essential benefits to the liver and the whole organism. The most useful ones are apples (for liver cleansing), limes and lemons (stimulation of the liver), avocado (contains antioxidant glutathione, which blocks the effects of different carcinogens), grapefruit (high content of vitamin C and antioxidants).

2. Vegetables

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Fresh vegetables
10 best liver cleansing foods

Fresh vegetables affect the liver in the same way as the fruit. If you want to clean liver, the best ones are carrots and cabbage (they have a lot of beta-carotene and flavonoids that improve the overall functioning of the liver), tomatoes and cucumbers (flushes toxins), broccoli and cauliflower (contain high amounts of glucosinolates - sulfur compounds that contribute to getting rid of carcinogens and toxins).

3. Oils

Extra virgin olive oil
10 best liver cleansing foods

Extra virgin olive oil, followed by corn, linseed, and sunflower are considered perfect for the liver. Option for the brave ones - a few spoonfuls of oil on an empty stomach, but for the good of the liver it is reasonable enough to add oils in the diet. The oils have the choleretic and firming effect.

4. Cereal products

Cereal products
10 best liver cleansing foods

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Whole grains are not only useful for the intestines. You can get an overall improvement of metabolism with the help of their beneficial effects on the liver. Brown rice, oats, and bran work best.

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5. Nuts

Nuts for liver
10 best liver cleansing foods

Nuts are considered quite heavy food for the liver, but with the exception of walnuts. A large content of arginine contributes to the rapid decrease in the number of toxins. For the relief of poisoning states, doctors often use a medicine, the composition of which has an arginine, as in walnuts. This amino acid is found there in its purest form. Furthermore, walnuts are rich in fatty acids that are necessary for maintaining normal liver function.

6. Leafy green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables
10 best liver cleansing foods

Leafy green vegetables are essential for the liver. Arugula, spinach, chicory perfectly neutralize heavy metals that can accumulate in the liver and damage its cells. The compounds, which are contained in the green, regulate the flow of bile, especially, the output of pollutants. Garlic is simply magical spice for liver because it contains allicin and selenium - trace elements, which are actively involved in cleansing the liver.

7. Fish, meat, dairy products

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Fish, meat, dairy products
10 best liver cleansing foods

Foods, which are high in protein, too, are desirable to be included in the diet, but the choice should be approached carefully. The seafood and fish can contain high levels of mercury, which is absolutely unacceptable for healthy liver function. Fish, which has low mercury content - a trout, cod, perch, carp. Lovers of meat should better give preference to low-fat dietary - turkey and veal. The most useful ones are dairy yogurt and not too fat cottage cheese.

8. Sweets

Sweets for liver
10 best liver cleansing foods

Are sweets really useful for the liver? Yes, one sweet brings undoubted benefits – it is honey. Experts advise using a teaspoon two or three times a day in 30-40 minutes before meals. Glucose, fructose, honey, and other components activate bile production processes and restore damaged liver cells.

Take care of your liver and it will work for a long time! It helps your organism to stay effective and functioning, so you should better help it too by adding some healthy products in your diet.

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