Queen Elizabeth II: How Nigerian Bishop, Chris Kwakpovwe, Predicted Late Monarch's Death

Queen Elizabeth II: How Nigerian Bishop, Chris Kwakpovwe, Predicted Late Monarch's Death

  • Chris Kwakpovwe, a Nigerian pharmacist and preacher, became popular after he predicted Queen Elizabeth's death in a writeup published in a devotional
  • About three days before the late monarch's death, Bishop Kwakpovwe had prophesied that she would not return to Windsor Castle alive
  • But Chris said even after his prediction came to pass, he is not so interested in being regarded as a man of God

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth ll of England, a Nigerian pharmacist turned preacher, Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe, has not known much rest.

This is because his phone lines have been inundated with calls from all over the world, by readers of the globally renowned, quarterly Christian devotional, 'Our Daily Manna,' concerning his writeup that predicted the death of the British monarch.

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Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe
The cleric said he is not moved about being called a man of God (Photo: Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe)
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Dr. Chris had published a big story in Our Daily Manna on September 4th and September 5th, 2022, about how the Queen of England will not return to Windsor Castle alive, just three days before her death.

The said publication which was meant for September 4th and September 5th daily reading came up before the death of the Queen on Thursday, September 8.

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Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe had written the piece that the Queen will not return to Windsor, except to return there to be buried next to her husband.

Queen Elizabeth 11 had left for Balmoral Scotland on 21st July 2022.

Interestingly, that was about the same time that Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe wrote the message down for publication.

On this, he said:

"Our Daily Manna, is usually prepared 3 months before publication and strange enough, the message for September 4th which spilled into September 5th 2022, has it that the Queen will not return."

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How the prophecy came - Dr. Chris

Without claiming that he had any prior intuition, the cleric clearly stated that the prophecy came from the Holy Spirit.

He said:

"Our DAILY MANNA is 25 years old. But History has it that, Our Daily Manna publication is usually written 3 months ahead but honestly, I didn't know why I wrote that portion. The Holy Spirit did it and led me to write it.
"I am not in the character of prophets who make public predictions. I don't announce predictions (PROPHETIC DIRECTIONS and INSIGHT).
"Everything just goes into Our Daily Manna. The big noise this particular one is generating is because of the personality that it has involved. And it has really brought great attention to Our Daily Manna all over the world.
"It is not out of place that God released His revelations from time to time. In the past, we have witnessed many undisputed revelations which came to pass. The glory can only go to the Holy Spirit."

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How I felt releasing the prophecy while the late monarch was still alive and healthy - Dr. Chris

Of course, being human, the Bishop noted that he was not at ease releasing the prophecy knowing that the Queen was still hale and hearty, but added that he could not at the time doubt the Spirit.

His words:

"...I was worried about how people were going to interpret the story which suggested that the Queen's death was near!
"In the past 25 years that we have been publishing 'Our Daily Manna,' from Asia to America, Africa, and other parts of the world, people have been reading it and calling to say it ministers to them personally. So it is not out of place that God goes into the future, making revelations to us. So I encourage people to read and let God Minister to them through it."

My reaction upon hearing of Queen Elizabeth's death, Dr. Chris

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Speaking on how he felt upon getting the news of the monarch's demise, the preacher noted:

"I was shocked! Like, what is this? I asked myself. I remembered vividly what I had written about the Queen's 775-roomed castle that she would not return to alive.
"May the Queen's soul rest in peace. The British are my people. The Queen was indeed a great Queen. She has come and finished her course and gone home peacefully."

But in all of these, the cleric made it clear that he is not particularly keen on being referred to as a man of God or a prophet.

For him, what is most important and his take from what transpired is that God has the power to foresee the future and reveal it.

According to him:

"I'm not really particular about being referred to as a man of God who prophesies about things to come, rather, I am more particular about people seizing this opportunity of this particular revelation to key into the mystery of God and His ability to reveal the things of the future even now and even today!

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"God has been pulling off many miracles in the past years to our numerous readers across the world. We have heard testimonies of people who placed the booklet on their chests or bodies and received healing. I am just a pharmacist-turned-preacher. It is not in my place to know who will die or who will live, but it is a miracle that God made the revelation 3 months before the Queen's death. And this same God is still available if we key into Him."

Date of King Charles III's death predicted by same man who revealed when Queen Elizabeth II will die

Similarly, a Twitter subscriber, Logan Smith, who predicted the exact death date of late Queen Elizabeth II had also revealed when her successor, King Charles III will die.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday, July 6, Smith specifically projected that King Charles III will die on March 26, 2026.

After the queen's death, Smith became popular as his tweet attracted a lot of reactions part of the reason he was forced to make his Twitter account private.

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