Russia-Ukraine War: UK Ex-ambassador Reveals Putin's Biggest Weakness, How He Can Be Forced Out Of Power

Russia-Ukraine War: UK Ex-ambassador Reveals Putin's Biggest Weakness, How He Can Be Forced Out Of Power

  • President Vladimir Putin of Russia is a leader who hates to be opposed, much more by fellow citizens
  • In line with this, a former British ambassador to Russia, Sir Roderic Lyne, has said that mobile phones can be used to expose Putin's government
  • Moreover, Sir Lyne opined that a mass uprising from Russia can incapacitate Putin, but admitted that this will take a long time to happen

Sir Roderic Lyne, a former British ambassador to Russia, has spoken on some of Vladimir Putin's Achilles heels amid the nation's invasion of Ukraine which has triggered international outcries against his administration.

During a BBC interview on Thursday, March 3, monitored by The Independent, Lyne noted that Putin, as an administrator who is not used to opposition to his policies, will try to shut down parts of the internet if he can and to clamp down on social media.

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President Putin
Sir Lyne said The Russian president hates to be opposed by his people (Photo: @KremlinRussia_E)
Source: Twitter

The former United Kingdom (UK) ambassador to Moscow revealed that Putin's "biggest weakness is the mobile phone" which might be used by some Russians in the diaspora to exposed the truth about the ongoing war to those still residing in the country.

Lyne said:

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“I think Mr Putin is very nervous about losing control and losing his own job.
“His biggest weakness is the mobile phone. He’s going to try to shut down parts of the internet if he can and to clamp down on social media.
“That’s pretty difficult. The KGB that he was brought up in didn’t have to deal with mobile phones.
“Every Russian has a mobile phone. Ukrainians are calling up their friends and relatives in Russia. They’re sending pictures of the truth into Russia."

Speaking further, the former ambassador suggested two ways by which the Putin-led administration can be put to an end.

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He is of the opinion that either a mass uprising or the help of a close insider can be very instrumental in bringing down this government which has attracted to itself global outrage, sanctions, and disgust.

His words as quoted by Daily Mail:

“There are two ways in which Putin can be forced out of power. One would be a mass uprising.
“I don’t think that’s going to happen soon because he will use absolute maximum repression to stop it.
“And the other would be an inside job by people very close to him who come to the conclusion that this dreadful mistake is costing Russia very dearly...this may not happen soon."

Bad news for Putin as international hacking group hacks Russian government sites

Recall that some Russian government websites continued to be down on Saturday, as the country's invasion of Ukraine was on its third day.

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The websites that were dark notably include the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defence.

The exact reasons for the outages were not immediately clear, but the international hacking group Anonymous has claimed that it is attacking the sites.


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