The Fake Osinbajo Secret Diary by Rudolph 'Dr Damages' Okonkwo

The Fake Osinbajo Secret Diary by Rudolph 'Dr Damages' Okonkwo

Editor's note: Public affairs commentator, Seun Bisuga, writes on the recent political satire written by Rudolph 'Dr Damages' Okonkwo on Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo. The writer noted that Okonkwo's obsession with the vice president is becoming an issue of grave concern to everyone including those who are fans of his satire.

We know that Rudolf Okonkwo who calls himself "Dr. Damages" is obsessed with the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo but the extent of his poetic recklessness is only a reflection of a personal midlife crisis-for there can't be any other reasonable cause for this petulance.

Damage's obsession with the vice president is becoming an issue of grave concern to everyone including those who are fans of his satire.

VP Osinbajo has largely ignored 'Dr Damages' and his articles. Photo credit: @nighealthwatch
Source: Twitter

In his recent piece of dross he titled "The Secret Diary Of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo," Damages deliberately chose to misinform and confuse his audience. He wrote a jumble of different imaginary thoughts while attributing it to the vice president.

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For instance he wrote:

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"To have that decision to fire Lawal Daura questioned, to have it considered for possible reversal, to have some people who think they own the country use it as a basis to question my loyalty to the president, to have them instigate my isolation and emasculation, was all that I needed to pen my resignation."

This is absurd and mischievous to say because the sack of Lawal Daura is one of the best decisions undertaken by the vice president, who was acting president then.

Nigerians, including opposition politicians, lauded the VP for his quick decision and swift action of firing the DSS boss - without recourse to familiarity or political friendship - for invading the National Assembly. The VP’s passion for rule of law and democracy was the reason for his decision. The vice president believes in rule of law and due process.

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There was absolutely no fracas between the vice president and his principal after the sack. The garbage written by Damages was another dry thought borne out of unreasonable imagination as a result of too much marijuana intake.

Rudolph has, on many occasions, attempted to ridicule Osinbajo through his senseless writings, dry parodies and uninteresting satires. They are strewn with wild figments of his rascally imaginations and concocted pieces of garbage that are designed to disparage the erudite VP. Most of them appear in the form of video satires which are often dry and lack fiber of humour or are even reasonable enough for any normal human to digest the message behind it.

He boasts of having a footprint in political satire, which he started during the Jonathan administration, precisely nine years ago. But in contrast, he has reduced himself to a tool being used by some underground players to attack personalities like Osinbajo as his own effort at clout chasing.

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Also, in November 2021, damages wrote a parody letter titled "How To Avoid Being Sued By Osinbajo." He parodied a letter by the VP's lawyer in which the lawyer had addressed the public against broadcasting certain defamatory posts which were obviously maligning the VP.

These and many others are clear proof that Damages is trying by every means possible to get the attention of the vice president. Never in the history of Nigeria has a vice president been called upon to intervene in national issues, and never before has a vice president been very proactive and active like VP Osinbajo.

It has become obvious that Damages has a mental disconnect and cognitive dissonance from reality and the current wave of things in the political environment in Nigeria because a lot of Nigerians know that the Prof. Osinbajo has crossed his constitutional boundary as a vice president to deliver the best he can despite the limit his office can do. The future will be kind to him.

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