Two Sisters Accidentally Swap, Marry Wrong Grooms Due to Blackout During Mass Wedding

Two Sisters Accidentally Swap, Marry Wrong Grooms Due to Blackout During Mass Wedding

  • A power blackout in central India’s state of Madhya Pradesh nearly made two brides get married to the wrong grooms
  • It is reported that power went off just as the event was starting, which forced the bridal team to continue with the rituals in the dark
  • As luck would have it, power was restored just before the rings were exchanged and the mistake was noticed

There was confusion at a wedding in central India’s state of Madhya Pradesh when two sisters momentarily swapped grooms due to a power blackout.

According to The Independent, the mixup of brides occurred when power went off during the tradition of wearing a veil.

Central India’s state of Madhya Pradesh, blackout, mass wedding, two sisters
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The mishap at the wedding not only caught national attention after a local media report but also went viral on social media.

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Details indicate that Rameshlal Railot, who is the father of the brides, organised the mass wedding on the same day.

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The three brides were donned in the same bridal outfits with their faces covered with veils.

Blackout happened at 9 pm

As fate would have it, the town was thrown into a blackout at around 9 pm and it happened that two of the sisters ended up sitting with the wrong grooms.

Nikita, who was set to marry a man called Bhola ended up with Ganesh, who was meant to be her sister Karishma's.

The grooms were not related.

Interestingly, the two brides ended up performing several pre-wedding rituals with the wrong partners before the power came back and the mistake was noticed.

Wedding continued when power came back

Railot's elder brother Sitaram explained that one bride’s hand was given to the wrong groom in the darkness.

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“They did not exchange garlands or wedding vows, but the mixup happened for one of the rituals,” he said.

He complained that the village does not have proper electricity pylons, which is why the area experiences frequent outages.

The good news is that when the power came back, the wedding continued as planned and the wedding vows were exchanged with the correct grooms.

Residents were thankful that the lights came back just in time to prevent the brides from getting hinged to the wrong grooms.

India's power struggles

A statement by the government of Indian states that as of 2018, the country had been supplied with power connections to every village.

The challenge, however, is that many remote parts experience perennial power blackouts and rationing, which negates the gains made by the supply.

That has increased tenfold in the past few weeks as both cities and villages grapple with intermittent power cuts at a time the country is going through a spring heatwave and needs power for cooling.

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