Nigerian Man in Disbelief after Fan Who Begged for N100k Divided N400k He Mistakenly Sent Him

Nigerian Man in Disbelief after Fan Who Begged for N100k Divided N400k He Mistakenly Sent Him

  • A Nigerian man has recalled how someone he offered to help with N40k took advantage of his mistake
  • The fan had messaged him, pleading to be assisted with N100k but he could only offer N40k and decided to do a transfer
  • Unfortunately for him, he transferred N400k instead of N40k and could not believe what the fan did next

Lawrence Okoro, a Nigerian man, has narrated his shocking experience with someone who begged him for N100k in 2023.

In a tweet on X, Lawrence explained that the fellow DMed him, seeking a N100k favour.

Man cries out as fan he mistakenly credited with N400k divided his money
Man could not believe how a fan split the 400k he mistakenly sent. The images used here are for illustration purposes and are not related to the story. Photo Credit: Alexander Ford, Bloomberg
Source: Getty Images

Lawrence told him he could only give him N40k but mistakenly sent N400k.

Quite to Lawrence's shock, the fellow returned N300k, taking the complete N100k he had pleaded for. Lawrence wrote:

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"Some time last year, someone came to my DM to seek a favour of N100k.
"I told him I can only give N40k from the N100k.
"He was excited.
"He sent his account details and I mistakenly credited N400k.
"He told me to send my account for refund of the excess, I did and he refunded N300k.
"He sent an epistle to explain how he urgently needs the 100k.
"I was lost in disbelief."

Unlike the beneficiary in Lawerence's story, a man went to a bank and returned the N2.5 million that had been mistakenly sent to his account.

Despite widespread reports, it would seem transfer errors may not be stopping anytime soon as people continue to find unsolicited funds in their accounts.

See his tweet below:

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People blast the fan

@TrulyDearest_ said:

"I believed you made him to return the N60k as you did not include leaving it later for him."

@9jaTownhall said:

"Wow! If you didn't help now the person would think you don't want to forgetting you also have needs and responsibilities."

@UNcreat3D said:

"Black people are too funny, they attach everything with emotion. Your helper can only afford 40k at the moment why not take it and send him the rest money? Instead, you did as u please. You have only thought him how to be mean and care-less of other people's needs. Be thoughtful."

@Godslove0324 said:

"Nigerians sha.
"No matter the challenge, someone decided to help with what he can afford as at that time and u decided to do ur own. Is the giver not having his own challenges?"

@Awoken9ijaYouth said:

"Hmmm my brother! This is scary but we go still push to support those that genuinely need help."

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@AjeboMezie said:

"The point here should be. He’s of good heart to return 300k, what if he had blocked you? Though it’s wrong but don’t blame him."

Man rewarded for returning millions

Meanwhile, previously reported that a man was rewarded with N10 million for returning a huge amount sent to his account by error.

The scalp trader shared on X that the follower messaged him saying he mistakenly withdrew $100k (N100 million) from his stake account into @Mrbankstips's bet account.

He said he checked and indeed confirmed the said whopping sum in his account. The man added that he returned it and was given $10k (N10 million) instantly.


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