Single Dad Emotional as His Daughter Gifts Him Beautiful House after Saving for Years, Photo Emerges

Single Dad Emotional as His Daughter Gifts Him Beautiful House after Saving for Years, Photo Emerges

  • Wilkister Atieno Otieno made her dad proud after building him a cute house on his ancestral land in Kisumu county
  • According to Wilkister, her dad, who is a widower, had done so much to bring them up all alone and she wanted to reward him
  • She revealed that her dad moved to the coastal town when he was still young and got married to his love, who was from Tanzania

A Kisumu man can't keep calm after his Gulf-based daughter, Wilkister, built him a beautiful house.

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Wilkister Atieno Otieno who built a house for her parents (l), the house she built (r). Photo Credit: Wilkister Atieno Otieno.
Source: UGC

Wilkister lost her mum

In an interview with Kenya's news media, Wilkister said that her dad moved to Voi, Kenya as a young man, and while there, he met a beautiful Tanzanian woman and married her.

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"I decided to build the house because I wasn't comfortable with the house we were living in, dad struggled a lot to take care of us since we were little, my mom died when I was 5 years old, dad was the only family I knew while growing up. I have seen all his struggles and it was my prayer since I was little to do what I did," said Wilkister.
"Although he started his life in Voi, I could not afford to buy land and build the house in the coastal town so we decided to go back to Kisumu," she continued.

Wilkister saved the money for 2 years

According to the dedicated daughter, it took her two years to build him a house after saving for it.

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"It is a two-bedroom house; it cost me a lot, and I used up every coin I had. I built the house alone since I am the breadwinner of the family," explained the chef.

Wilkister attributed the success of the project to God and also revealed that her dad was very happy. He said:

"My daughter, you have earned me respect. I will not forget everything you have done for me. God bless you my daughter."

Lady builds her parents a house

In a related report, a lady had built a fine house for her parents.

While she was working as a house help, the lady was able to build a thatched house for them to have a roof over their heads.

When she got a better job as a security officer, she changed the house to a better mud one. The lady said her dream has always been to give her parents a good house.

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Lady gifts her parents posh mansion

Meanwhile, previously reported that a lady had gifted her parents a fine mansion.

The young lady identified as Sugar BSN splashed photos of the big house on X.

Sugar said her parents have spent their lives working and sacrificing for the family hence the befitting gift.

According to her, it has always been her earnest desire to do something very special for her dear parents.


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