"My Mates Laughed at Me Because I Wore Old Clothes": Successful Baker Recounts Humble Beginning

"My Mates Laughed at Me Because I Wore Old Clothes": Successful Baker Recounts Humble Beginning

When she was in school, Chukwuemeka Cynthia Chioma picked up an interest in entrepreneurship. She did not waste any time before she did something about her passion. As a good baker, she decided to start practising her skills despite not having the finance and shop needed for the business. She started at home and gradually grew to where she is today.

Although she started baking in 2019, it was not until 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, that she took it more seriously.

Nigerian baker makes it despite humble beginning.
Chioma sacrificed a lot to get to where she is today. Photo credit: TikTok/@legitcyndyscakenmore.
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She recounted her humble beginning during an interview with Legit.ng:

"I have actually been baking for a long time, but I took it seriously during covid 19. Then in school, as a student, I was baking and schooling. It was stressful being a home baker."

Chioma rents a shop

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In 2021, she decided to move from being a home baker to a shop owner. She rented a shop even as a student. However, after paying for the shop, she met a serious challenge as she was asked to move out.

She recalled those days:

In 2021, during my final year's first semester in school, I decided to have a shop. I paid already and did some interiors in it. A few days later, I was asked to move out because a tailor who also does baking said she didn’t want me in the plaza. They only refunded my rent, and for every other thing I did, I was asked to leave them behind."

How a friend came through for Chioma

After the painful experience in her first attempt to own a shop, Chioma refused to give up as she continued to search for other opportunities to practice her skills. Luckily, a friend came through for her.

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She told Legit.ng:

"Then a friend of mine named Glory has a small shawarma shop she also uses for baking, but she wasn’t around that period. She asked me to use her shop till she got back. I was grateful, and that was how I had this small shop. I was baking there, doing egg rolls and meat pie, and little by little, I was been known in the school. A few months later, she came back, and I had to leave again. That was how I returned to being a home baker. All these while as a home baker, I had students learning under me but not much."

How self-discipline helped Chioma build her business

Of course, it was tough back in school baking from home, but Chioma already made up her mind to make it. In school, she refused to form an expensive lifestyle as she saved up her money and planned to have a proper shop of her own after graduation. In fact, she was saving every little penny such that her mates laughed at her for not wearing good clothes and making expensive hair.

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She told the story to Legit.ng:

"I could remember while I was in school, I didn’t go out or buy clothes just because I wanted to save up to have my own shop. My friends and coursemates bought hair and party dresses, but I wasn’t moved because I had a goal. I remember when one of my lodge mates mocked me, saying that I’d been stingy to myself. I don’t know how she saw my account balance, and she was angry. She said this to me …. 'Cynthia, see money wey dey your account, but buy better clothes wear you say no, make attachment you say na wool you go dey make. You go die and leave that money for bank people.' I laughed over it, but I was pained."
"The very first time I made an attachment was when I was graduating. I was literally the only girl that wore a skirt at my graduation. Dem laugh me taya but I nor send. So after graduation, I opened up this shop last year in 2022 July. In 2020, I had only three students. I was praying and believing. In 2023 I started posting and creating content with my students practically and all. I made sure I taught them well so they could testify to others. God has been faithful he has blessed me with 14 students this year and 17 online students this year too."

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Chioma becomes a known baker

Although Chioma is from Delta State, her baking shop is located in Imo state. She said her parents were against her decision to base in Imo, but she already knew people and was known there because she studied at Imo State Polytechnic.

She said:

"After school, I decided to open here in Imo state because I have already made name and connections here. My parents were against it and surprised at how I would have the money. But I had to do what’s best for me and make them understand."

Chioma, who studied chemical engineering, has turned into a baker. She expressed her passion for the business:

"Baking is something I enjoy doing. I don’t think I understand the course I studied in school the way I understand baking. I like making something out of nothing. I like making something beautiful, and most of all, I like teaching. I started teaching teenagers in my home church, so it gave me the confidence that I could do it."

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Source: Legit.ng

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