New Mum Cries out that Her Friend Thinks Her Baby is Hers, Shares Video Proof Online, Many Gush

New Mum Cries out that Her Friend Thinks Her Baby is Hers, Shares Video Proof Online, Many Gush

  • A new mum has elicited emotional reactions on the net over a video of her close friend with her baby
  • She thought her female pal thinks the baby belongs to her and made her newborn child a funny promise
  • Many netizens seemed to love the bestie-child bond and gushed over the video, with some commenting on how the kid was carried

A lady, who recently delivered a baby girl, has generated a buzz with a lovely video of her bestie and her newborn.

According to the new mum, identified as @tiinkvyon, her friend thinks the baby is hers.

Newborn baby, friend, daughter
Her friend is fond of her baby. Photo Credit: @tiinkvyon
Source: TikTok
"POV: My friend thinks my daughter is hers," wording on her TikTok video reads.

In the clip, her friend seemed to be fond of the kid. A scene showed her friend lovingly carrying the baby in her arms without any clothing around her upper body.

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Another scene showed the lady sleeping with the baby in her arms.

Watch the video below:

Many focused on how the baby was carried

Moniquelovekrissy715 said:

"This is so sweet. The feeling of someone genuinely loving your kids is indescribable."

K. McKenzie said:

"The skin to skin my bestie tried shaking my baby’s hand when she first met her."

Dogdog said:

"I need a story about the skin to skin did she ask ? Did you look over and her shirt was off ? Too cute."

Íyasót said:

"Skin to skin is not weird, you don’t HAVE to be the parent. It’s beneficial for baby and that’s love."

theetemptress said:

"My bestfriend did skin to skin with my son ❤️we were 16 & 17 at the time. Now 23 & 24. Still the best God mom ever."

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w love, emma<3 said:

"The skin to skin! she making sure that baby know her."

Jasmine said:

"The skin to skin in the hospital got me hollering."

CECE said:

"I hope you Guys never stray from being Friends This is too Cute."

Lady says her sister has stolen her baby

Meanwhile, previously reported that a lady had sarcastically accused her sister of stealing her baby.

She shared a video on TikTok showing the numerous loved-up and cute moments involving her sister and her son.

It appeared they turned her to their personal photographer as they had fun. The woman lamented that she does not have such a number of videos with her son.

She added that the lad was beginning to think that her little sister is his mother.


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