Do You Want Him Back? 5 Ways To Make Your Ex Run Back to You

Do You Want Him Back? 5 Ways To Make Your Ex Run Back to You

  • You most likely opened this article because you have an ex whose memories still trigger your love hormone
  • The recurring thought about the love of your life slipping away from your fingers keeps giving you 'nightmares' and all you want is to have that one person in your arms again
  • Peace Onwubu, a relationship expert, leaked some secrets to about how some couples were able to fall back in love

Oftentimes, relationships unexpectedly hit the rocks, leaving one or two of the parties involved in an emotional mess.

Many find themselves grappling with the inability to move on from their exes and the longing to rekindle the love which was once shared.

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From igniting lost connection to recapturing the heart of your love interest,, in this article, shares five great tips to make your ex run back to you.

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1. Fix your toxic flaws

Did you demean your partner's presence in your life with a constant display of bad attitude?

Joni Mitchell in 1970 said, "You don't know the value of what you've got until it's gone," and this perfectly fits into context.

Many a time, some people in relationships tend to display an awful attitude because they feel their partners would never leave no matter what.

A TikTok user with the handle @obongawan confessed in a video that her partner ended their relationship due to her 'bad character.'

If you still feel the burning desire to rekindle the love lost, a genuine and positive behaviour change can help do the magic.

Accept your mistakes, address your toxic flaws, and be intentional about becoming a better person. Although this isn't fully guaranteed to restore everything lost, it is worth trying out.

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2. Resist the urge to make contact, allow your ex to miss you

This might sound funny, but it has helped restore several broken relationships that seemed impossible to mend.

Intentionally stay away from your ex and allow distance and romantic memories to bring you back together.

Coach Pearl on TikTok revealed that this method effectively restored her relationship, which had earlier hit the rocks.

According to Pearl, she neither texted nor called her ex; instead, she allowed him to miss her presence and their fun times together.

After three months, they were back together with more energy and passion to start afresh and, this time, make their relationship work.

3. Boost yourself to become a person you can be proud of

This crucial tip requires you to take a deep look at yourself and work on developing and bringing out the great qualities inherent in you.

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Remember, as a person progresses, the prerequisite for finding a life partner gradually shifts from physical and lustful desires to the personality traits of the person you would spend your life with.

Nobody wants to have a partner who's only a liability, so identifying and enhancing your positive attributes would be greatly beneficial.

Take your time to build yourself into someone you would be proud of. Discover your lacking points and focus on developing them.

When you are proud of yourself, you will appreciate your abilities, and others, including your ex, will be charmed by the new you.

4. Enhance your looks and improve your sense of fashion

Imagine a person with beauty, brains, and a great sense of style. Sounds irresistible, right?

While physical looks might not be the most important factor in a relationship, it would still be a bomb to have the trio qualities in one person.

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A drastic change in your looks, fashion sense, and style will shock your ex and possibly rekindle that love you both shared.

Changing your appearance would also heighten your confidence and make you see life positively.

You can transform your appearance by braiding your hair for the first time or wearing an outfit you never would have considered.

You can also work on your diet, exercise, and clean your teeth to maintain that beautiful smile.

5. Build a great mentality and improve your emotional intelligence

To sustain any relationship, one needs to master the practice of emotional intelligence, as there would certainly be misunderstandings.

Knowing how to act in different situations is crucial in getting and sustaining a long-lasting relationship.

If your relationship ended because you had temper issues, then you might need to train yourself more and work on handling issues better.

To get your ex back, you need to be mentally in a great place. Otherwise, your relationship would remain as it was the last time.

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Think of where you might have gone wrong or overreacted, and tell yourself to act better next time.

How no-contact method helped couples - Relationship coach, Peace Onwubu

Speaking with, Peace Onwubu, a relationship coach, revealed that her clients who had gotten back into a relationship with their exes are having the greatest time of their lives.

According to Peace, two out of three tried the no-contact method and discovered they couldn't be without each other.

In her words:

"Yes, love cannot be defeated. If you break up and still love your ex, please go back to him. I believe in the soul mate thing.
"Two people I know left each other in May, and they ran back to each other's arms by July. The silence was killing, and the last I heard was they married in August. Another one travelled to his village to apologise to his girl, and they're together now.

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"Do not believe the talk that all exes are enemies. No. Most times, distance could be that spice you need in the relationship."

Lady returns for roadside mechanic who sponsored her

Meanwhile, previously reported that a roadside mechanic, identified as Segun, was overwhelmed with excitement as his girlfriend, whom he sponsored to the United Kingdom, returned after three years.

TikTok content creator Theo Ayoms, who helped with the reunion, shared the heartwarming video online. When interviewed by Theo, the mechanic confirmed that he sponsored Ngozi's master's studies in the United Kingdom, which was supposed to be completed in about a year and a few months.

He was, however, surprised that they lost communication, and one year turned into three years, but he never lost hope.

On his birthday, Ngozi returned with a cake and the desire to fix up their relationship, as well as change his life.

Ngozi also revealed that her boyfriend supported her schooling while in Nigeria, adding that she was now well-to-do abroad, having landed a good job.


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