Lady Told She Gave Birth to an Ugly Baby Posts Video of Her Kid, Stirs Massive Reactions Online

Lady Told She Gave Birth to an Ugly Baby Posts Video of Her Kid, Stirs Massive Reactions Online

  • A woman has sparked reactions on social media after she proudly shared a video of her adorable baby girl
  • The clip showed the cute baby when she was younger and her lovely transformation a few years later
  • According to the woman, she was told that her baby is ugly, a statement netizens found fault with

Social media users have reacted to a video of a little kid who was tagged ugly by people.

The kid's mother made this revelation while sharing a clip of her baby girl on TikTok via her handle @kindness273.

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She said her baby was tagged ugly. Photo Credit: TikTok/@kindness273
Source: UGC

In the clip, snaps of the adorable baby as a newborn and toddler first popped up, followed by a scene taken years later.

The kid looked nothing like her previous years as she sported a pink dress in the latter part of the clip.

Netizens had wonderful messages for the kid's mum as they knocked her detractors.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

Diariesofadhy said:

"She’s so beautiful. Whoever said, they’re simply jealous. Love her features."

Mecha Clare said:

"Never listen to anyone in matters regarding ua newborn. babies are all beautiful my dear."

Lalibaby007 said:

"Hmmm, baby is cute from If it is easy, they should go and give birth. That’s how someone said my baby looked like an old man as a new born."

Kipkemei said:

"Don't post them, enjoy your Beautiful time with your kids, otherwise people are not good out there. The beauty of your child lies on your eyes..."

user4495144127961 said:

"She is so cute and beautiful."

Lungie said:

"Lol i always say babies look like aliens when they small.. I always laugh when u looking at my babies pic mara now shuuuu."

Little boy who looks like a girl wows many

Meanwhile, previously reported photos of a little boy who looks like a girl had stunned netizens.

His mother, a single parent, had taken to social media platform TikTok to proudly show off her fine son.

In the clip, the kid sat alone as he played with his face with an infectious smile spread on it. Social media users had a hard time agreeing with his mother that her son is a boy and not actually a girl.

In another video seen on the same TikTok page, the kid looked dapper in nice outfits with his hair in two parts.


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