Video Emerges as Neighbours Carry Old Man's House to a New Location to Keep Him Close to His Kids

Video Emerges as Neighbours Carry Old Man's House to a New Location to Keep Him Close to His Kids

  • Emerging footage has shown neighbours numbering more than 20 carrying an old man's house to a new location
  • It happened that the man's wife was deceased, and his children, who live far away, wanted him nearby
  • The kindhearted folks volunteered to do the relocation job, demonstrating an infectious kind of community love

Netizens have hailed some neighbours in a Philippine village for putting a smile on an old man's face by relocating him closer to his children.

Footage shared on Instagram by @worthfeed showed the neighbours numbering about 20 heaving the 7ft-high structure on a dirt road in Zamboanga del Norte in the Philippines.

Neighbours carry old man's house, Zamboanga del Norte in the Philippines, 7ft-high structure
They heaved the 7ft structure on silts. Photo Credit: @worthfeed
Source: Instagram

According to @worthfeed, the men stopped every ten minutes to take rests as the house is quite heavy.

Why the elderly man had to be relocated

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His children wanted him to live nearby, and the house was too heavy for only his relatives to carry, hence the help from neighbours.

"The grandfather didn’t have anyone to take care of him because his wife was already dead so his children wanted him to live nearby. However, his house was too heavy for his relatives so some of our neighbours volunteered to help,” a local named Rhezelle Araniuez explained.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

@kathleen_gardiner said:

"So what is wrong with our country where the adult children can hardly lift the phone to their elderly parents??? Sad but true!"

@810blitzkrieg said:

"I believe this is called "Bayanihan" in Filipino. It means cooperation and working together in particular among community neighbors. I've seen this in the 80s in Zambales province in Northern Luzon, Philippines. Those who helped transferred the house were fed by the house owners. It was indeed such a fun experience to see it in person."

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@rizonanne said:

"It's called bayanihan, a traditional way of moving a house in the Philippines. Kudos to the people who made it happen."

@_lumbrekenji said:

'This is what we called " bayanihan" but we cant do it anymore to modern houses hahahahhaha."

@jovikara said:

"They will talk about this forever, and then their children will pass it on."

@heartofglass_1 said:

"This is incredible ❤️ My neighbors won't even hold the door open when my hands are full."

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