Crypto Expert Enlightens Miners about Tapswap Launching as App Goes Viral

Crypto Expert Enlightens Miners about Tapswap Launching as App Goes Viral

In recent days, Tapswap coin mining has taken over the minds of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who hope to use it to cash out. Many Nigerians, young and old, have been seen in viral videos repeatedly tapping away on their phones, mining the Telegram coin bot, hoping to accumulate enough to make a few dollars.

Although Tapswap has yet to officially launch, miners take it very seriously, as there are already over 28 million people in its Telegram community.

Fidelis Ozuawala, a cryptocurrency expert.
Fidelis offered insights on how coin miners make money. Photo credit: Fidelis Ozuawala and X/Tapswap.
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As coin miners await the official launch of Tapswap, Fidelis Ozuawala, a cryptocurrency expert, has taken time to explain what Tapswap is and how money would be made from the popular project.

What Tapswap is all about

According to Fidelis, who runs Waptutors Academy, the idea behind Tapswap is to gather as many people as possible to join the crypto project.

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He said:

"Tapswap is a Telegram mobile in-app game that allows users to earn shares or points by simply tapping their screens and performing simple tasks. This idea is to gather as many users pending the release of their decentralized swapping dex (decentralized exchange)."

Launching Tapswap on an exchange

When asked what it means for Tapswap to be listed on an exchange, Fidelis said it means the coin would now be available for trading.

His words:

"It means it would now be tradeable, you can now send your shares to an exchange and trade for real cash and new investors can now purchase and trade the tokens for profits."

How people would make money from Tapswap

Many people have said Tapswap was a mere waste of time as they wondered how someone would make money by simply tapping on their phone screen. Some have often asked who would pay the coin miners and where the money would come from.

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"It is the Tapswap team. They already made money from various tasks users performed, like joining telegram groups, joining YouTube, etc. These are many sponsorships they took money from. The most money they'll make is listing on an exchange as this would mean over 30 million users will storm that exchange, with more than half of those being new crypto users; it's a win-win for everyone. The exchange gets new users, the Tapswap team get money from the exchange for bringing new users, and the users get a share from huge sponsorship deals Tapswap took earlier on."

But how exactly will Tapswap coin miners make money from the platform after performing the various tasks of tapping? Fidelis answered this question by saying they would eventually exchange their tap tokens for crypto tokens.

His words:

"They will make money by redeeming their points/shares and converting/trading it for crypto tokens like USDT."

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The implication of Tapswap not launching on Solana

Tapswap has said the project would no longer launch on the Solana blockchain as earlier expected.

Fidelis explained the implication of this:

"It will surely launch on another chain. I believe maybe Solana didn't give them the support they needed, or Binance wants them to launch on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to enable them to list on Binance. In all it's going to be in either BSC or Ethereum chain."

What Tapswap miners should expect

A lot of people are expecting to make so much money from the Tapswap project with one Nigerian man boasting he would buy his mother a car after cashing out. Fidelis has said it would be nice for miners to manage their expectations.

His words:

"Anything is possible, as long as he has many tokens and Tapswap makes their listing price worth it."

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Man buys AC with money earned from Notcoin

Meanwhile, a Nigerian youth happily showcased the air conditioner he purchased thanks to earnings from Notcoin.

He posed with the AC and urged crypto enthusiasts to keep tapping to take advantage of Tapswap mining.


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