Buying Blocks or Moulding My Own Blocks, Which One is Cheaper When Building a House?" Expert Advises

Buying Blocks or Moulding My Own Blocks, Which One is Cheaper When Building a House?" Expert Advises

  • A man eager to build his own house is torn between buying cement and moulding his own blocks and buying blocks from block industries
  • He is particularly concerned about the current high cost of cement in Nigeria and therefore sought expert advice
  • Obi Obianozie, CEO at OB Real Estate, offered advice on whether it is better to mould block or to buy from block industry operators

An anonymous asked:

"Based on the high cost of cement in Nigeria today, is it better to mould my own block or cheaper to buy from block industry operators? I'm about to build my own house and I would like to make the best of the money I have."

With the high cost of cement in the country, there is no doubt that building a new house constitutes a significant financial challenge for some people, especially if they are not properly prepared.

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Currently, a bag of cement sells between N10,000 and N12500 or more in some parts of Nigeria. Buying the number of bags required to complete a house therefore requires a large amount of resources, depending on the size of the house.

Expert advise those who wants to build a house.
The expert insists that buying blocks is not cheaper. Photo credit: OB Real Estate and Getty Images/Joe_Potato.
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Due to the cost of cement, some people are confused about whether they should mould block themselves or buy from block industry operators. But the real question is, which one is cheaper?

Obi Obianozie is the CEO at OB Real Estate, offers insights on the topic. He is knowledgeable on real estate issues and often educates people on social media on choices to make when building or buying a house.

Is it better to buy blocks when building a house in Nigeria?

Buying blocks is a better option if you want to speed up your building project while maintaining secrecy about the construction. Additionally, buying blocks can save you from dealing with various suppliers, such as sand and water vendors, clearing ground for mold preparation, and cement providers, and also minimize the risk of rain damage or theft of materials like cement bags.

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What are the benefits of moulding your own blocks?

Moulding blocks is not only cheaper but also offer the advantage of determining the mixing ratio to ensure strength and durability, unlike pre-bought blocks that may prioritize profit over quality, resulting in weaker structures. Additionally, there are no transportation costs associated with moulding your own blocks.

Which one is cheaper, considering the high cost of cement now?

Molding your own block is significantly better and more cost-effective than purchasing one. However, the only drawback is that it requires a considerable amount of time.

What would be your advice to someone building a house in the current cost of cement?

If they have not yet begun building the foundation of their house, I would advise them to wait until the price of materials decreases. However, if they are currently working on the foundation, I suggest pausing at the dpc level and waiting for prices to drop before proceeding. If they have a deadline and want to plaster the house, I would recommend starting with the outside walls before the rainy season begins. This will help protect the structure from water damage and ensure a successful plastering process.

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Man shows off N5 million house

Earlier, reported that a construction worker had sparked a debate online after showing off a fine two-bedroom bungalow.

While sharing the photo via Twitter, he asked netizens to give him only N5 million to build it for them.

However, some people have argued that N5 million may not be able to build such a house.

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