"Who is Responsible for These Accents?" Kids in Primary School Speak with Funny "British" Accent

"Who is Responsible for These Accents?" Kids in Primary School Speak with Funny "British" Accent

  • A humorous video featuring Nigerian children adopting exaggerated British accents became a source of laughter on TikTok
  • The youngsters were seen standing side by side, evidently struggling to maintain the accent
  • Despite the lighthearted tone, the video served a significant purpose, conveying a poignant message about Easter

In a delightful display that captured the hearts of TikTok users, a group of Nigerian children stood in a row, each attempting to speak with a comical British accent.

The video quickly became a viral sensation, as viewers found amusement in the children’s earnest efforts to mimic the accent, which seemed to be a playful challenge for them.

The kids spoke about the Easter in British accent
The kids were so happy to speak in British accent. Photo credit: @cradleland
Source: TikTok

As shown by @cradleland, their discomfort was palpable, yet it added to the charm of the performance, drawing smiles and laughter from an international audience.

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The scene unfolded with each child taking a turn in front of the camera, their expressions oscillating between concentration and mirth.

While their British accents may not have been flawless, the sincerity behind their words resonated with viewers.

Watch the video below:

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

Fatima said:

“When you learn the accent before the language.”

Gladys mungo wrote:

“That's how am also forcing my relationship.”

User9392939229299292 commented:

“Dyu have a baable? if you dant then gawon."

Kaks DJ:

"Do you have a babble "is from Texas.”


“Hurpy Heasturrr Horldiday.”

Nabaweesi Mar:

“I have realised that school admits pupils of the same dental formula.”

Tee Far:

“Who is responsible for these accents.”

Jucky Javixs686:

“Just teach them corruption already.”


“Now l see why cool kids wear braces.”

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“Hii ni Tanzania ama Uganda coz this can't be Kenya at all.”

Dị Vyrus:

“So after studying locally, they still have to use a foreign accent??”


“By the time I got to the third child I couldn't breathe.”

Cradleland Kasangati:

“Breath dear breath a happy Easter.”


“What happened to their Dentals. Ate bonna.”

Nigerian kids speak clean Queen english

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a group of Nigerian children have become viral sensations on TikTok after they participated in the British accent challenge, a popular trend on the social media platform.

The challenge involves speaking English with a British accent and using typical British phrases and slang.

The children, who are all students of the same school, recorded a video of themselves introducing their names, ages, and hobbies in a flawless British accent.

Source: Legit.ng

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