"I Hated and Despised My Height": Tall Nigerian Lady Pours out Her Heart, Shares Cute Photos

"I Hated and Despised My Height": Tall Nigerian Lady Pours out Her Heart, Shares Cute Photos

  • A tall Nigerian lady has opened up about the stigmatization she endured in the past due to her height
  • The young lady recalled how she was ridiculed in secondary school and called funny names by her classmates
  • After praying to God and wishing for a reduction in height, the young lady shared what became the turning point for her

Okafor Lilian, a Nigerian lady with a towering figure, has inspired people by showing how she overcame her height stigmatisation problem.

The palm oil seller said her height earned her funny names in secondary school as her classmates ridiculed her.

Tall Nigerian lady says she hated and despised her height, shares why
Okafor Lilian said she begged God to stop her legs from growing. Photo Credit: Okafor Lilian
Source: Facebook

Even her school principal usually described her differently.

"I was always rídículéd in secondary school because of my height. I was always made fun of how slim and tall that I am.

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"My name was almost uséléss in school because, I was always referred to as "the tallest" "osisi ogwugwu" "poll wire" "iroko tree" and "dogowa in Hausa"
"Apart from my classmates, my principal would call me "that slim tallest one" anytime he needed to be specific about me."

Lilian prayed for height reduction

The young lady added that she was also ridiculed in her neighbourhood and would cry and pray to God to reduce her height.

She shared how she slept in a folded manner and changed her positioning when taking pictures in a bid to reduce her height. In her words:

"Because of that, whenever I want to sleep, instead of laying straight with my legs, I'll fold them, cry and pray to God to reduce my height and never let me grow again. My legs would húrt in the morning.

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"Whenever I want to take group pictures or with someone, I'd always bend, so that I and the person will be at the same height."

How Lilian overcame her height problem

Lilian recalled hating and despising her height until her elder sister spoke highly of her physique.

"But then, my elder sister changed the narrative and my perspective. She told me I looked so beautiful and outstanding with my height. She told me to feel beautiful in my own skin and own it!
"Gradually, I'd stand in the mirror, make poses only I could see, from there, I started appreciating my stature."

Lilian's lengthy Facebook post was greeted with mixed reactions.

In a viral video, another lady stole the show in a marketplace due to her height.

Okafor Lilian's story sparked conversations

Osa So Gie said:

"You’re very beautiful my love ❤️.
"I think I’m as tall as you are and I soo love my height.

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"Gotten used to those name calling and it doesn’t get an inch to me."

Akachukwu Adibe said:

"Why will anyone be feeling bad about being tall?
"It's even shorter people that should be feeling bad around you..."

Chi Ukwu Ka Dibia said:

"You fine shaa.
"I mara mma, kwuru chim n'ala, ma too ogologo dika achara e ji ama ji."

Uloma Joy said:

"I'm tall but I've never for once prayed to God to reduce it, I was always receiving complement cus of my height."

Omang Favour Epiada said:

"This is just the story of my life you penned down here."

William Anderson said:

"I am also very tall but nobody fit insult me about it, i get evil mouth if you tell me anything I dont like my response will make you cry or hate me forever, in this life try get bad mouth."

Tall lady shares her challenge with doors

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a tall lady had opened up about her challenge with doors.

According to her, she always hits her head on people's doors whenever she visits, and this is gradually becoming a problem for her.

The intriguing video also showed her dancing and whining her waist sweetly in the presence of a friend.

Source: Legit.ng

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