"Who Sent You?" Drama as Little Girl Storms Shop with Cash to Buy Unexpected Item, Video Trends

"Who Sent You?" Drama as Little Girl Storms Shop with Cash to Buy Unexpected Item, Video Trends

  • A trending video of a little girl who was sent on an errand by her father has gone viral on social media
  • In the video, the girl was questioned by some concerned women who wanted to know who her father was
  • Social media users reacted massively to the post, with many criticising the father of the child

A video circulating on social media has caused outrage after it was shared on the popular TikTok app.

The video shared by @cruisezaddy showed a beautiful little girl who was sent on an inappropriate errand by her father.

Little girl visits shop to buy unexpected item for her father
Little girl storms shop to buy unexpected item Photo credit: @cruiseblogger/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Concerned women question little girl at shop

The clip captured the interaction between the girl and a group of concerned women who questioned her about the errand.

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They asked who sent her to buy a cigar, and she confidently responded that it was her father. The women criticised her dad and gave her a message for him. Viewers were left shocked by the father's actions.

Reactions trail video of little girl sent to buy

This viral video has ignited a broader conversation about parental responsibility and the impact of a parent's actions on their children.

Many viewers expressed their concern for the young girl's well-being.

@sprichE$$1000,000 said:

“Some people are not meant to be fathers.”

@Victoria223 reacted:

“This is so disheartening.”

@TomTom of Lagos said:

“The father couldn't wait to start using his investment.”

Watch the video below:

Little girl's dramatic crying scene trends

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a little girl earned praise on TikTok after displaying her top-notch acting skills.

A trending video on the app showed the talented kid crying effortlessly after she was promised sweets. At one point in the video, she acted so overwhelmed and fell to the ground while crying uncontrollably.

Eyewitnesses at the scene had to appeal to her to get up from the floor, as she was already so consumed with the acting. Her beautiful display earned her sweets and a whopping sum of N2,000 from a young man who was so pleased with her acting prowess.

Source: Legit.ng

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