"He Burnt My House, Shop": Rich Lady who Refused to Move into Fiance's Small House Cries Out

"He Burnt My House, Shop": Rich Lady who Refused to Move into Fiance's Small House Cries Out

  • A woman has publicly accused her ex-fiancé named Jeff of being involved in the burning of her house and shop
  • This suspicion arose after Jeff called her and reminded her of the threats he had made towards her
  • Netizens sympathized with her in the comment section for her loss while many prayed never to meet such a man

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A Nigerian woman with the handle @chichi18061991 on the X app has shared her painful story after falling in love with an engineer at a construction site.

His compliments and admiration caught her attention and she decided to give him a chance since she was single at the time.

Lady cries out after fiance burnt her shop
Lady cries out after fiance burnt her shop Photo credit: @chichi18061991/X.
Source: Twitter

Disagreement over whose house to live In

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As their relationship progressed, Chichi completed her 4-bedroom bungalow and moved in.

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In December 2019, Jeff proposed, but a disagreement over living arrangements caused their engagement to end.

While she was open to living in her house, Jeff insisted on staying in his one-bedroom apartment as a tenant.

Suspicions arise after threats and a tragic fire incident

After the breakup, Jeff's anger escalated, and he made calls to Chichi, reminding her of the threats he had previously made.

This led her to suspect his involvement in a tragic fire that burnt down her house and shop.

Despite the challenges she faced, she remained determined to rebuild and overcome this difficult situation.

In her words;

“This picture. This was in 2018, I was running my bar/restaurant, had my own car, started building my own house (was roofing it at the time I took this picture).

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"Then I met Jeff, he was my engineer. A cute one Whenever I went to my site, he’d always look for a way to deviate from the real issues to start telling me how humble I was and how beautiful I looked. He’d always say we were going to make a beautiful couple lol.
"Initially, I would always try to shove it off but somehow I eventually gave in. I was very much single at the time though. So I thought I should give him a chance.
"Everything was going well, the house was completed, I moved in, fast forward to 2019 December he proposed, I accepted.
"We had issues with whose house we’d live in after marriage. Mine or his. Lol. He was living in a 1 bedroom apartment as a tenant at the time but I had my own house “a 4bed bungalow” where we wouldn’t bother about paying rent But he said he’d never move in with me and of course, i would never leave my house to go start paying rent for Christ’s sake.

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"I called off the engagement since we weren’t agreeing with each other. He didn’t see it coming though. A week after I called off the engagement, he called me on phone and said I quote “I will deal with you for disgracing me like this”. I was like how on earth is calling off an engagement a disgrace? How? He said he had said what he said. I didn’t take his threat seriously though. I went about my business.
"On the 15th of June 2020, (a day I’d never forget) I had travelled out of town to celebrate my birthday that was coming up on the 18th of June. Very early morning of 15th June 2020, I got a call from a man who lived opposite my house that my house was burning, I screamed “how?” I cried and begged him to help me do something, call the fire service or something the fire service guys arrived after my house had completely burnt down."

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"At about 4 pm the same day, I picked a call from an unknown number, it was Jeff, my ex’s voice, he said “I told you I’d deal with you” and he hung up. I was shocked, confused and speechless at the same time. The following day, I hurriedly made my way back to my base, I went to the police and wrote a petition against my ex, I told them it was him who burnt my house. he was brought in for questioning but I had nothing to prove he was the anonymous caller.
"But I was sure it was him but I couldn’t prove it. He was set free cos I had no case against him. A week later, my bar/restaurant also got burnt down lol it happened like magic. Nobody knew where the fire came from. Everything happened very fast. I went into depression.
"Until this day, I still believe strongly it was done by my ex. But of course, I have no proof lmao. I couldn’t deal with the whole thing, I sold my car, and moved to Lagos so I could stay very far away from that devil.”

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Reactions as lady shares her experience with ex-boyfriend

@JustKingss said:

“So sorry that you went through all this.”

@EbereOgochukwu said:

“Similar experience, mine was demolished. And someone is asking me to love again. Impossible.”

@Chief_Ajiji said;

“There are ways to teach such person a lesson. Of course, he will not have evidence against you too.”

@marvelwonderz reacted:

“I was reading this hoping it'll be a fictional story but unfortunately it isn't. This is a tough one sorry about that. This is an eye opener never to ignore threats no matter to little they are.”

@KelzTbg commented:

“Sorry about that but maybe you didn't get the right contacts that could tell you that Hidden numbers can be traced and the said number that called you could have led to the end of the disaster stopping in your house Nevertheless, everything happens for a reason they say. Grow stronger and better. He'll never see or attain that height.”

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“Omooo babe. This one shock me. So sorry about that incident.”

@Wizarab10 commented:

“This is tough. Sorry about that.”

@engrrYK said:

“So sorry you had to go through this. The Lord will restore all that is lost.”

@doskytric reacted:

“That Jeff needs serious mending. Anyways so sorry.”

@FavIked said:

“Omo you've really been through hell, thank God you don't look like what you've been through. This is too much for one person.”

See her tweet below:

Man locks girlfriend out for paying him surprise visit

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a Nigerian man, @sauceprince_takingover, made an example of his girlfriend after she flew into Ilorin from Lagos to his place without telling him beforehand.

Without welcoming her, the young man enquired what she was doing at his place and slammed her for not calling or texting before coming. Brandishing the door's key, he directed her to return to her mother's house as he won't open the door.

"You just carry bag from Lagos dey come Ilorin. Na even flight she carry. Na flight. Oga, they no dey do like that," he fired at the lady. All appeals by the lady were brushed aside as he continued to video her before returning inside. Inside, he continued to criticise her for paying him a surprise visit. According to him, things are not done that way. His video caused a stir on TikTok.

Source: Legit.ng

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