"My Child Has Been Falling Sick Since They Rubbed Her Powder in School": Mother Raises Alarm

"My Child Has Been Falling Sick Since They Rubbed Her Powder in School": Mother Raises Alarm

  • A mother has withdrawn her two-year-old daughter from her school after witnessing an unpleasant scene
  • The woman said since she registered her child, the little girl has been returning home with powder rubbed on her neck
  • However, she was forced to take action after witnessing a parent laying heavy allegations on the school

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A mother has shared her experience after registering her two-year-old daughter in a school.

She narrated her story to a Twitter user Dexterouz11 who shared details of the experience via the platform.

Mum raises alarm, rubbing powder in school, withdraws two-year-old child
Mum withdraws child from new school Photo Credit: Richard Drury, Himarldey, Showcake
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According to the tweet, the mother had registered her two-year-old in a new school.

After registration, the little girl always returned home with powder on her neck, and she believed teachers applied power on her neck to curb heat.

Mum witnesses ugly scene in daughter's school

However, on a particular day, she visited her daughter's school and witnessed a parent claiming that the powder harmed her daughter.

According to the complainant, her child always falls sick and scratches her neck whenever she comes home from school. The scared woman withdrew her child immediately.

The tweet read:

"My neighbour said she registered her 2 years child in one school N100 away from her house. The child comes home with powder on her neck every day and she thought the teachers do it because there was heat.
"Not until she got to the school and saw a parent fight with the teacher. The parent said her child has been falling sick and scratching neck since she came back with powder from school. She withdrew her child that minute.
"If you are a teacher or caregiver in a school, no go dey do pass yourself. Teach children and leave anything else before u land for prison. Children are delicate and anything wey sup go dey your head."

See tweet below:

Nigerian mum sets trap for teachers eating her child's food in school

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a Nigerian mother identified as @Dcounty93 on Twitter has accused her child's teachers of eating his food.

The woman said she always suspected that someone was eating the food of her two-year-old son whom she usually sends to school with a big flask.

Knowing that her son doesn't eat unripe plantain, she packaged it for him in a flash and sent him to school. Surprisingly, he still came home with an empty flask.

Source: Legit.ng

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